Cool off with the best ice lolly moulds for kids

ice lolly moulds for kids

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When the weather heats up, it's a good idea to grab some of the best ice lolly moulds for kids, as there is nothing children love more than a sweet treat to cool down with when the summer's in full swing. Plus, you can get them involved in the making process too.

By using your own ice lolly mould you can also control how much sugar intake your kiddies are getting by making these delicious snacks at home. Not only can you choose what goes into these cool treats, but you can make it a fun activity to do with your child, particularly if they already enjoy cooking with you or using things like a kids cooking set.

Editor's choice:
Best ice lolly moulds for teething: Fred And Flo Baby Ice Lolly Moulds - Buy now from Tesco
Best ice lolly moulds for babies: Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles Frozen Purees Moulds - Buy now from AmazonBest easy to use ice lolly moulds: HI-GEAR Ice Lolly Set - Buy now from Go Outdoors
Best durable ice lolly moulds: Fabulous Ice Lolly Moulds and Stand - Buy now from Lakeland

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to making ice lollies? No problem. We've found you a fabulous range of the best ice lolly moulds for kids to try. Warning - they're all very cute, and you will want to buy them all.

The best ice lolly moulds for kids 2023

Best ice lolly moulds for teething

Designed for teething babes, these Fred & Flo ice lolly moulds are the ideal size for little hands to hold. Simply blend together their favourite fruits and vegetables and pop them into the freezer to set.

One reviewer said: "These work so well, my son adores a cool snack any time in the year and are especially great for teething. The rounded shape of the handle makes it easy for little fingers to hold."
Another customer wrote: "Well made. Perfect size for baby to hold. I used baby puree in these."
Read our Fred & Flo Baby Ice Lolly Moulds review


  • Easy hold handles
  • Small size so fits nicely unto the freezer


  • Don't leave in direct sunlight

Editor's pick

This option from Lamapee comes with five unique ice lolly mould shapes and fun designs that will encourage your kids to try lollies you've made together from fruit.

One reviewer commented: "The moulds are just perfect, we have already done one batch and my son is extremely happy. I really like the fact that they are silicone and you can easily wash them and it's ready easy to take out the frozen lolly. The bottom is sturdy but flexible. Didn't spill any of the juice when getting them in the freezer."


  • Reusable sticks
  • BPA free


  • Not the biggest option available

Best ice lolly moulds for babies

ice lolly moulds for kids
Price: $9.99

These are brilliant ice lolly moulds for kids and little ones over six months as they can enjoy a cooling treat on a sizzling day. We can't recommend them enough to soothe a baby that is teething.

One reviewer said: "These are really good for a teething baby. With our little one, the best thing was putting breast milk in to them and then they are easy enough to hold, so she can feed herself and control how much she has. She really liked it and cannot get enough, it has the two things she wants most at the moment, cold and milk."


  • Microwave safe
  • Comfortable handles


  • Some parents have reported that it is difficult to remove once frozen

Best affordable ice lolly moulds

ice lolly moulds for kids
Price: $10.65

We can't believe how much of a bargain these fun umbrella-shaped ice lolly moulds are. Imagine how much you'll save as well just using these moulds over and over again. Simply rinse under cold tap and twist to release lolly when frozen.

One reviewer said: "Fun and engaging for kids to make lollies. Not too bit either - capacity is 75ml. You need to press the cones firmly into the stand before filling them (sometimes they click into place) to stop the cones from popping up when you place it in the freezer."


  • Great size
  • Colourful design


  • If you fill just above the line then the lids do freeze onto the lolly

Bes ice lolly moulds with lids

ice lolly moulds for kids

Rrp: $18.99

Price: $16.99

One of the best ice lolly moulds for kids; not only do we love the bright colours, but the size of these are great! It means they won’t take too much space in your freezer.

One reviewer said, "These are amazing! My daughter would eat 3 or 4 lollies a day if I let her, more in the summer. I ordered these to cut packaging waste, and have made easy lollies just using squash & water. She loves them and can now have pretty much as many as she likes as I don’t see it as any different to having a drink of squash. I wasn’t confident that they wouldn’t leak so I stick them in a plastic jug on a shelf in the freezer. So much better than the traditional lolly moulds."


  • 10 in a pack
  • Anti-leak lids


  • Can be too cold to hold, especially with little hands

Best easy to use ice lolly moulds

Some fantastic ice lolly moulds for kids that you can take these with you anywhere and are perfect for a picnic. They have built-in straws on the base to catch the drips - just be sure to eat them before they melt!


  • Stylish colours
  • All connected so easy to store


  • Not practical if they melt quickly

How cute are these ice lollies? The adorable bunny ear design is simple but effective and easy to use - just pour juice or yoghurt into the mould and leave them to set.

One reviewer said, "Such a good size for small children, I bought two, one to keep here for our tiny grandchildren and one for them as an Easter gift."
Another reviewer said: "These are easy for the little ones to use and they fit into their hands really well - the perfect size."


  • Decent size
  • Food grade material


  • The ears could mean the moulds break easier

Best durable ice lolly moulds

If you're worried about the ice lolly moulds falling in your fridge and making mess, you should give these Lakeland Fabulous Ice Lolly moulds a go as they come with their very own stand to keep them secure.

One reviewer said: "Quite impressed with these moulds. Great size and easy to use. Run under hot water for a minute or so to release. The only thing that I think could do with improvement is the length of the handle part of the 'stick', needs to be a bit longer as adults like ice lollies too! Would have been 5 stars if the handles were a bit longer."


  • Detachable from the base so you can make as many as you need
  • Little "cup" bit on the base captures the drips


  • Sticks could be longer

How to use ice lolly moulds?

Before you begin you should give the moulds a thorough clean with some warm, soapy water and make sure that they're dry before you use them, then blend together your favourite ingredients (why not try our delicious Banana Chocodip Ice Lolly recipe?). All you need to next is pour the ingredients into the ice cream moulds until they're almost at the the top and give them a gentle little tap onto the side to get rid of any air bubbles, then pop the stick and any lids they may come with onto the top. Carefully give the outside a wipe with some kitchen roll or a tea towel to get rid of any drips or water drops which could freeze and make them trickier to release. Make sure you place them on a flat, even surface in the freezer to prevent the liquid from seeping through and creating a mess.

If you're having trouble getting them out of the moulds once they have set, leave them on the side for one to two minutes, until they become loose or run them under some warm water for 30 seconds or so.

What can I use as an ice lolly mould?

When researching the definition of an ice lolly mould, you will not come out with one clear answer because you can get creative with the shapes and objects used to make this sweet treat. From ice cube trays to plastic cups and food storage containers, there are dozens of household items can help you and the kids create this delicious activity.

Our definition of an ice lolly mould is a fun container filled with water, yoghurt, fruit or juice, which is frozen and enjoyed during a hot summer's day.

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