The best children’s riding hats to keep them safe

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If you're keen to get your little one into horse riding, you obviously have to consider safety first, which is why we've found the best children's riding hats to help keep them safe.

Normally, if your child is attending lessons they will be provided with a horse riding hat. But if you want more peace of mind knowing they're safe or if horse riding is a regular hobby, you might want to invest in the best horse riding hats for them.

Best children's riding hats at a glance:

Best children's riding hats overall: Uvex Onyxx Princess Kids' Riding Helmet, £74.95
Best unisex children's riding hats: Covalliero Helmet, £32.39
Best glittery children's riding hats: Horze Arix Crystal Helmet, £84.99
Best traditional children's riding hats: CPX-3000 Junior Riding Hat Black, £74.99

Regardless of whether your child is taking a few lessons or horse rides as a hobby, a children's riding helmet is a requirement in order to keep them safe. According the British Horse Society and rule 49 of the highway code, "children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet with complies with regulations." However children of Sikh religion are exempted while they are wearing a turban, although riding hats are still encouraged.

Here are the best children's riding hats for your little one.

Best children's riding hats overall

Best children's riding hats Uvex Onyxx Princess Kids' Riding HelmetHorze

The Uvex Onyxx Princess Kids' Riding Helmet has Inmould technology, meaning it's lightweight while having the highest impact resistance. It can be adjusted to the head and height width of your little one, and even has a Fast Adapting System to continuously be tailored to your little one's head shape. It also has a washable inner lining.


  • Sophisticated ventilation ducts
  • Washable inner lining
  • Lightweight with highest impact resistance


  • No other colour choices
Shock proof:Yes
  • Washable inner lining
  • Sophisticated ventilation ducts
  • Monomatic comfort lock
  • Fast adapting system

Best unisex children's riding hats

The Covalliero Helmet is a slim shape that's also shock proof. It's designed with a sophisticated ventilation system, helping with temperature control while wearing it. It's easy to adjust and comes in different sizes too.

One customer review said: "My daughter has been riding for some time and always wears her hat. This hat is comfortable, fits well, looks good and does not cause pain during prolonged use. My daughter does not even get massive hair indents. The chin strap is not restricting and is quite comfortable. The hat complies with the relevant safety requirements and comes well packaged."


  • Shock proof
  • Slim shape


  • More suited to older children
Shock proof:Yes
Ventilation system:Yes
  • Disc system for one handed adjustment
  • Shock-proof
  • Ventilation system
  • 3 point fastening system
  • slim shape

Best glittery children's riding hats

Best children's riding hats Horze Arix Crystal HelmetHorze

Designed with a removable liner that can be washed, the Horze Arix Crystal Helmet features an attractive crystal panel that's also glittery. It has plenty of ventilation slots to offer comfort and air flow to their head too.

One parent review said: "Well made with attention to detail, comfortable does not press the head, soft inside. JUST PERFECT!"


  • Super high impact strength
  • Removable, washable liner


  • Some mentioned they found it a bit bulky
Shock proof:Yes
Ventilation system:Yes
  • Super high impact strength
  • Crystal, glitter detailing
  • Wide visor
  • Optimal ventilation with foam padding
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Adjustable

Best traditional children's riding hats

Best children's riding hats CPX-3000 Junior Riding Hat BlackDecathlon

Easy to adjust and anatomically designed with foam padding for increased comfort, the CPX-3000 Junior Riding Hat Black is ideal for children. It has impact protection and has a lifespan of five years.

One parent said: "Lovely looking hat, great fit and my daughter loves it."


  • Anatomic design
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • Should be replaced after 5 years
Shock proof:Yes
  • 10 x sizes to choose from
  • Three point harness

Best children's riding hats with colour choice

Best children's riding hats Horze Wendy Kids' Riding HelmetHorze

With three colour choices to choose from, the Horze Wendy Kids' Riding Helmet comes with a horse decal feature at the back of the helmet. It has soft foam lining that can also be removed to wash, and offers protection in the event of a fall. There's also plenty of ventilation slots for comfort and air flow.


  • Three colour choices
Shock proof:Yes
Ventillation: Yes
  • Horse graphic
  • 3 point fitting system
  • Ventilation at front and back

Best lightweight children's riding hats

Best children's riding hats X-AIR Plus Junior Riding Hat BlackDecathlon

The X-AIR Plus Junior Riding Hat Black is lightweight, with comfort padding and breathable mesh inset panels to allow for ventilation. It also has a quick release buckle, and a four point heatformed harness. It's best to double check measurements too to ensure you're getting the right size for your little one.


  • Lightweight
  • Four point padded nubuck harness


  • Some mentioned it comes up a little bit smaller
Shock proof:Yes
  • Lightweight
  • Crown comfort padding
  • Breathable mesh panel inserts
  • Four point heatformed synthetic suiede harness and lining
  • Quick release buckle

Children's horse riding helmet fitting guide

It's important to ensure your child's helmet fits correctly which is why your child should have their head measured and their har fitted properly when buying to make sure it is the best shape.

While it is recommended go to a reputable shop to have a new hat fitted by somebody who has had appropriate training, sometimes this is not always possible.

Here's a handy guide from Champion to walk you through what to do...

Things to think about

Riding hat standards: The British Horse Society say: "All hats sold in Europe must be CE marked, i.e. declaring compliance with the regulations as stated in the European Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment."

• Quality Assurance: Check there is a Quality Assurance Mark displayed. This provides visible evidence of "the helmet’s quality, safety and performance as defined in the specification" and shows the helmets are independently and regularly batch tested.

Buying new: It's important to buy a new helmet as it's impossible to see if the helmet might have been damanged, making it less protective to your child.

Pick a horse riding helmet only: Cycling (and motorcycle!) helmets are unsuitable and unsafe for horse riding

How to care for children's riding hat

When looked after in the correct way, a good horse riding hat can last for several years - in fact, a helmet’s maximum lifespan is five years. Be sure to keep the hat out of direct sunlight and to let it dry naturally when it gets wet. The horse riding helmet should be replaced after any falls as it can be difficult to see if and where the hat is damaged.

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