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In the hot seat this month and straight from Mother&Baby contributor Sophie Knight’s shopping basket, Sophie discovers the latest innovation from Graco, the SnugTurn System.

Buying a car seat is one of the biggest purchases you'll make as a new parent, and with so many varieties available to buy it can seem an overwhelming task. To help you choose the best car seat for you and your new baby, we're taking a closer look at the newest offering from Graco.

What makes this car seat system stand out from others on the market? It’s not just the impressive safety features or the game-changing rotation of the car seat, but it’s all this coming at a super reasonable price, making it extremely good value for money. We’d expect a much higher price point for all the features you can find in the SnugTurn System.

The SnugTurn System features one of our favourite innovations from modern car seat manufacturers - a rotating base. The SnugTurn i-Size R129 base, £140, rotates 360 degrees, is compatible with ISOFIX, and easy-to-see colour-coded indicators to help you instantly check whether the seat is fitted correctly. The ability to rotate your car seat makes putting your child in and taking them out so much easier - it's an innovation we didn't realise we needed, but now we can't live without. If you've only ever used a static car seat for your child, you won't comprehend how much of a life-changer this design is - but once you've tried it, you'll never go back to a car seat without rotation.

The SnugTurn is packed with all the safety features you need in a car seat to ensure peace of mind while travelling with your new baby: there's an integrated anti-rebound bar to absorb energy in the event of a crash; it's undergone extensive side-impact testing, and gives you the ability to keep your child rear-facing for longer.

SnugLite i-Size R129 car seat, £90

The SnugLite car seat - suitable for your baby from birth to around 12 months old - can rotate 180 degrees towards either door, meaning it's easy to get your baby in or out without contorting your body like you're in a yoga session.

On a side note, having a rotating car seat is especially handy if you've given birth via C-section; with less bending and manoeuvring, this design is much easier to manage while your scar is healing.

This baby car seat weighs just 3.3kg, so it's pretty lightweight to carry out of the car; it's also compatible with the Near2Me DLX pushchair as a travel system.

SnugGo i-Size R129 2-in-1 convertible car seat, £170

The SnugGo car seat is ideal for your child's next stage, suitable from birth to around four years old. This car seat can rotate 360 degrees thanks to the SnugTurn base, making it even easier to get set for travelling in the car with a wriggly toddler. Rotating the seat is a smooth movement, too, and you can move it with just one hand, from forward or rear-facing to either door.

Just like the SnugLite, the SnugGo is jam-packed with safety features; including a two-step forward-facing safety check and interchangeable TrueShield side impact protection pod; in the event of a collision, this 'pod' works to reduce the impact of a crash and protects your child from head to hips.

The plush fabric seat covers aren’t just soft to the touch, but also machine washable – an absolute necessity for baby car seats, especially when the toddler years come with plenty of in-car snacks.

Graco SnugLite car seatGraco

SnugGo i-Size R129 2-in-1 convertible car seatGraco

SnugTurn i-Size R129 baseGraco

Find out more about Graco's SnugTurn car seat system and their wide range of other products, including a variety of car seats, travel systems, pushchairs, and much more.

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