Flower girl gifts to say thank you for being part of your big day

Flower girl gifts

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We have rounded up our favourite gifts for flower girls to help make your never-ending list of jobs easier in the wedding planning process.

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The lockdown roadmap has finally given us an idea of when weddings can resume in an unrestricted way over the summer, hooray! With so many brides not daring to plan (in case things change again for the fifteenth time), we're happy to report that things are starting to look up and the wedding planning can resume.

Help! Where do I start?

It can be tricky to find a gift or theme that suits the wide range of ages that you might be buying for, so we have tried to include options to suit older ones as well as mega teeny flower girls. The good news is the gift is completely up to you, as there are no set rules to follow. Some brides opt for gifts they can give at the start of the meal to help keep little ones entertained, whilst others wait for the speeches to present the gift to the child.

What do I spend?

The budget can be getting a bit stretched by this point, so we have scoured the internet for some absolute gems that are reasonably priced, as well as slightly more expensive options to suit all budgets. It is entirely up to you, they won’t be expecting anything!

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If you have baby or toddler flower girls, this stacking rainbow would be an excellent thank you gift. The rainbow has become such a symbol of hope during the pandemic, so it is sure to bring luck to the big day.

The rainbow was also shortlisted at the 2021 Mother u0026 Baby Awards. It was tested by mum, Nicola Beal, who said, “Rainbows have become an important symbol over recent months and this product is not only eye-catching, with its bold and bright colours, but is a great reminder of the meaning attributed to such a simple shape.”

The Flower Girl by Laura Godwin
Price: $9.99

We love Laura Godwin’s sweet story from the flower girl’s point of view. The suggested reading age is 4 to 8 years, but it could be read aloud to younger children. Writing a sweet message inside would make it the perfect keepsake. The rhyming verse is also sure to keep them hooked and no doubt requesting it every bedtime!

This beautiful little pouch would be the ideal gift for all ages and could be given to them on the morning of the wedding with some little bits inside for the day ahead. We love that it can be personalised with their initials too. There are also other beautiful options for the whole bridal party, so you could get all the presents in one fell swoop!

Lottie Dolls Royal Flower Girl Doll
Price: £22.99

Inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding, this beautiful flower girl doll would be perfect for your own beautiful flower girl. Recommended for ages three and over, it could be given before the speeches, so the girls had something to play with. There are lots of Lottie Dolls to collect, so it could be the start of their collection and a gift you always buy them for their birthday.

For younger flower girls, this would make a great alternative to the Lottie Doll. Suitable from birth with supervision, this soft doll can be personalised with your flower girl's name, up to a maximum of nine characters. The other great feature is the possibility to machine wash it, if they ever put it down, so their parents will love you.

This cute necklace by Hurley Burley Junior would make a fabulous gift for the flower girls. You could even give it to them in the morning, so they get to wear it with their pretty dresses on your wedding day. The front can be engraved with up to 12 characters and you can pick either a 35cm, 41cm or 46cm chain depending on their age and style of dress.

We love the idea of planting a tree as a keepsake from the wedding that will flower year-after-year for your girls. You might have to expand the present to include a little toy so that they are slightly more interested on the day, but this is a clear winner for the parents who get a pretty tree to keep!

This dainty little backpack is a sweet gift for little flower girls that can be filled with sweets, colouring books and little toys. You could present it to them at the start of the day to keep them entertained throughout or wait and give it to them for the speeches. Personalisation can be added up to a maximum of nine characters to make it even more special. We love that it will remind them of the wedding every time they use it!

Who doesn’t want a light-up scooter? This is the wow factor gift that could be saved for after the speeches. For ages three and over, not only do the wheels light up and flash, but the whole deck lights up too! You could decorate it with wedding streamers, so their princess vibe continues long into the evening. Be prepared for the bridesmaids to be jealous though.

Beinou Unicorn Dream Catcher
Price: £10.88

A dream catcher would make a lovely keepsake for your flower girls and would go perfectly with the flower girl book. Available with purple or pink feathers, you could easily match it to your colour scheme too. They are also light to pack and won’t take up much room if your wedding is far away from home. We love that it would suit a wide range of ages.

We adore the idea of a flower press like this one from Zoe Gibbons Studio. Their first press could be from their flower girl bouquet as a wonderful keepsake. The press can be engraved on the front with any words you want and there are six designs to choose from, so each flower girl could have a slightly different one.

Thank You Flower Girl Teddy Bear Gift
Price: £9.99

This handsome little chap holding a pink flower girl heart by Amore would be a lovely gift for small flower girls. At 20cm high, it won’t take up too much room before the big day and can be shipped next-day with Prime delivery. This bear would be cherished for years to come and won’t break the wedding budget.

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