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While kids play with their siblings, or during toddler playdates, diverse and multicultural toys can teach our little ones lots of important life lessons, such as being kind, sharing, taking turns, patience and about educational topics.

It is never too early to introduce your child to an inclusive set of toys, as it can also help with personal development, and break boundaries during playtime. For example, cooking playsets are not just for girls, and cars and footballs are not just for boys. A child should be free and comfortable when choosing a toy to play with. After all, encouraging your child to have a strong sense of self-worth alongside their identity is key.

Playing with a range of educational toys does not only add value into their lives, but boosts their imaginations, creativity and gives them knowledge in reading and their surroundings. This is very important in a child's life and teaches them how to be aware of different ethnicities, disabilities, genders, cultures and personalities.

Best at a glance:

Best overall diverse and multicultural toy: Fisher-Price Little People Community Heroes - Buy on Amazon
Best toy for the human race: Miniland Family Diversity blocks - Buy on Amazon
Best toy for creativity: Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Vitiligo  - Buy on Amazon

For parents, looking for more multicultural and diverse toys, helps to promote race equality, empathy, tolerance, acceptance and respect amongst your children. And, as they grow up, it will enlighten them to identity, body positivity, inclusivity and will end up becoming a life-long trait.

Now, if you are looking for a way to introduce your little ones to a new toy collection, then we have chosen our favourite diverse toddler and baby toys to get you started.

Best diverse and multicultural toy for families

diverse and multicultural toys The Finger Family by Fabula ToysNotOnTheHighStreet

This set of creative finger puppets is made for playing alone as well as group play. Your child will learn that each family member is different and with that comes their own unique personality, beliefs, religions and physical appearances. The beautifully crafted characters of the Fabula family are of mixed cultures and also represent those with disabilities, which is a great way to encourage kindess and compassion.

One reviewer said: "Lovely set of finger puppets, perfect for creative and make believe play for children and adults alike. Good quality and well made, I like that the range of characters has some modern diversity covered which is somewhat inclusive. Comes with a small drawstring cloth bag for storing together."


  • There is a collection of 10 tricot puppets designed to educate and entertain your little ones from aged 0-5 years.
  • The Finger Family puppets make for an excellent gift.


  • Not much left in stock.
<strong>Package Dimensions</strong>:‎22.8 x 20.7 x 8.4 cm; 100 Grams
<strong>Number of pieces:</strong>10
<strong>Assembly Required:</strong>No
<strong>Batteries Required:</strong>No
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>‎Cotton Blend
<strong>Material Composition:</strong><br>‎100% Cotton Tricot
<strong>Material Care Instructions:</strong>‎Machine Washable

Best diverse and multicultural toy for creativity

This wooden made jigsaw puzzle comes with 8 diverse multiculture figures, which promotes cultural understanding and inclusivity, encouraging an exciting and informative experience for toddlers of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Carefully painted and designed with big, easy-to-hold pieces that are safe for children to use.

One reviewer said: "I love how inclusive this jigsaw puzzle is, my twins loved this. They play with this when they are bored and want to do something together. Thuis is great for them and if you want your kids to understand equality, then this is it"


  • Ideal for early years or Montessori toy.
  • Helps your child with problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.


  • Not suitable for under 2 year olds.
<strong>Product Dimensions:</strong>21 x 30 x 2 cm <br>
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>‎24 months - 10 years 
<strong>Educational Objective(s):</strong>Problem Solving Skill, Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination <br>Number of pieces 
<strong>Number of pieces :</strong>25
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>Wood

Best diverse and multicultural toy for a dollhouse

Made with natural wood, these easily bent dolls are great for sharing and for using your imaginative skills. These intriguing dolls promote a short theater play, while teaching your child about family generations and culture. Ideal for playtime and family interaction in any setting. The doll set contains grandparents, mother, father, son, daughter and two little babies, which can be used for academic purposes.

One reviewer said: "These little figures are cute and will fit well into the old dolls house we have. My grandchildren are going to be very happy when they find out what we have bought for them, they love coming over and spwnding time with us, now we can all play together."


  • The small wooden dolls can move to sitting, standing, and other bending positions.
  • They have extremely cute clothes.


  • Suitable for over 2 year olds.
<strong>Product Dimensions:</strong>‎22 x 13 x 3.4 cm; 258.55 Grams
<strong>Number of pieces:</strong>8
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>Wood
<strong>Age:</strong>3 years

Best diverse and multicultural toy for barbie doll fans

diverse and multicultural toys
Price: $22.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$30.00View offer

The cleverly made BarbieFashionistas doll comes with a wheelchair, and tells children that as humans, we are not the same. It will also help them to understand that a persons wheelchair is part of his or her body space, should be treated with respect, asnd should not be leant on unless given permission. The Pink heart shaped sunglasses, strioed midi dress, white sneakers and wavy hair is perfect for babrbie fans and ideal for a doll house.

One reviewer: "My Grand daughter wanted this for Christmas. She loved the inclusivity of this Barbie, and wanted a Barbie that had physical challenges. This ticks the box. When she was younger she never understood why people were different, but this helps her."


  • Her long brunette hair is crimped for a trendy look.
  • She wears a rainbow-striped dress with white sneakers.


  • The working brakes sold seperately.
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>Plastic
<strong>Item weight:</strong>‎0.44 Grams
<strong>Number of pieces:</strong>3
<strong>Age range (description):</strong>Kid

Best diverse and multicultural toy for playdates

This beautiful and modern collection of soft dolls reflects cultural diversity. With a mixture of skin tones and colourful clothes, children will adore and cherish these beautiful dolls, as they embolden different ethnicities.

One reviewer said: "This doll is bigger than I thought, perfect for my son and his sensory diet, I was more than pleased with the value and quality of the product. What a clever and fun way to introduce kids to culture and being kind"


  • Represent children of many backgrounds
  • Beautiful modern clothing.


  • Machine wash only
<strong>Material: </strong>Fabric
<strong>Age Range:</strong>Suitable from birth

Best diverse and multicultural toy for imagination

The little people figure pack comes with 5 everyday heroes from your community: a teacher, mail delivery worker, firefight, medical professional and a waste management worker. A great way to explain to your little one what you love about your own job, teaching them the value, focusing on the positive and possibilities. A fun way in building hope and inspiration.

One reviewer said: "My Grandson loves these figure as he had some handed down from his cousins, I thought I would get him a new set of his own, he is 4 but plays with them on his trucks. He likes them so much that I got him a second set. one for home and one set for Nanna's! One even looks like me!"


  • For toddlers and preschool kids ages 1-5 years.
  • Figures sized just right for small hands to grasp and move, helping to strengthen fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play.


  • Each sold separately and subject to availability.
<strong>Product Dimensions:</strong>‎5.08 x 5.08 x 7.62 cm; 226.8 Grams
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>6 years old
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>Plastic
<strong>Batteries Required: </strong>No

Best diverse and multicultural toy for special features

This stunning Bibi doll is a great way for children with Down Syndrome to relate to, and also for other children to play with too. It comes with special features, and an adorable beautiful smile, a pink spot designed dress and golden blonde hair. it also makes them to understand that a person with Down syndrome has many qualities and attributes.

One reviewer said: "My little face lit up seeing a baby dolly just like her, she hasn't let go of her baby and to see my girl recognise and choose her dolly from a line up of dollies is priceless. I love inclusion. and will always support it"


  • Comes dressed in a cute spotty dress and has a beautiful smile.
  • Her legs and arms move, as does her head.


  • Not a lot ledft in stock.
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>‎3 years and up
<strong>Number of pieces:</strong>1
<strong>Assembly Required:</strong>No
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>‎Vinyl
<strong>Age: </strong>3 years and upwards

Best diverse and multicultural toy for confidence

diverse and multicultural toys
Price: $32.98
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Walmart$30.62View offer

Barbie doll is classy chic, rocking a maxi dress that is decorated with colorful stripes, curly afro hair and white sneakers. She has vitiligo in noticeable areas, but wears them with confidence. For your little one, this will help them to understand skin colour, and those who have Vitiligo will remind them of who they were before the diagnosis, and to feel comfortable in and outside.

One reviewer said: "I absolutely adore this doll. I have vitiligo and it was very noticeable before I did a treatment for it. In middle school and high school I was bullied very badly due to it and I was so unhappy. I felt different. It wasn't as well known back then as it is now. It warms my heart to know it is now being embraced and you shouldn't feel ashamed due to it."


  • Barbie doll has a more petite body than the original and has vitiligo areas on her face, neck and hands.
  • She wears a colorful striped dress with white sneakers.


  • Only 5 left in stock
<strong>Product Dimensions:</strong>1.5 x 3 x 10.5 inches
<strong>Item Weight:</strong>2.82 ounces
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>36 months - 6 years

Best diverse and multicultural toy for human race

diverse and multicultural toys
Price: $12.99

This picture book about diversity promotes acceptance, tolerance, and kindness for all. It shows that irrespective of our own unique qualities and race, we are all an essential part of a bigger picture and should be treated equally.

One reviewer said: "We’ve had this book a while, since lock down I think? But we always come back to it! My little boy is five and he struggles with concentration and focus but he likes the rhyming and looking for the right picture, perfect for us."


  • Celebrates the differences in all of us. 
  •  A fun and educational search book that focuses on diversity and acceptance. 


  • Only suitable for 3-8 year olds.
<strong>Dimensions</strong>: 21.59 x 0.2 x 21.59 cm
<strong>Reading age:</strong><strong>‎ </strong>3 - 5 years
<strong>Language: </strong>English
<strong>Paperback</strong>: 32 pages

Best for kindness

Get ready to have a tea party with Kacy! This 18-inch doll has sparkly dark-brown eyes that open and close, and her long and silky hair is easy to comb and style. Kacy has a removable prosthetic leg, but that doesn’t stop her from living life and doing the things that she loves doing. Made with beautiful heart designs for a a unique look, she even has a cuddly soft body and can move her neck, arms, and legs making it easy for when your little one wants to dress her up.

One reviewer said: "I am very happy to see a beautiful doll that is different, this doll represents all of the special children that are often not represented in a toy, it teaches my daughter to have compassion and that not everyone was made the same, and that's the beauty in this doll, the hair is so soft, almost feels like real hair! Her beautiful eyes open and close when she lays down, her prosthetic leg also comes off and on."


  • This doll represents all of the special children that are often not represented in a toy.
  • The quality is great and you can get some more outfit to change it up.


  • Not much left in stock.
<strong>Age: </strong>3 years old
<strong>Height: </strong>18-inch Doll
<strong>Features: </strong>Kacy has a cuddly soft body with plastic arms and legs that rotate to easily change outfits.

Best diverse and multicultural toy for Design

This gorgeous looking albino girl doll, scented with vanilla, comes with an all vinyl body and sleepy eyes, great for those bedtime snuggles. Her hair can be easily styled and braided, comes in an African print leaf looking outfit iand is hand washable at 30 degrees. Albinism is a herited condition, which can lead to light skin, hair and eyes - something that happens when someone has less melanin in their body. So, this unique doll will teach your child inclusion.

One reviewer said: "I recently just purchased this for my niece and her eyes lit up knowing a doll looked just like her, it was a lovely thing to see. She never quite understood her skin colour, but now she is so comfortable in her appearance"


  • Comes in a beautiful african dress.
  • Unique features.


  • Not much left in stock.
<strong>Outifts: </strong>Hand washable at 30 degrees.
<strong>Features: </strong>Albino girl doll, scented with vanilla, all vinyl body with sleepy eyes.
<strong>Age: </strong>Toddler

Best diverse and multicultural toy for religion

The crochet hijab doll with a matching prayer mat is made from 100% premium cotton. It comes in two sizes: large (28cm/11in.) and medium (22cm/9in.) and are gorgeously dressed in a pink gown and brown hijab. A hijab is a headscarf worn by Muslim women, which covers up the head and neck, but leaves the face open. They come in different colours and shapes and are often matched with womens outfits. This is a great toy for 4 years old and above and will teach them about different religions.

One reviewer said: "Great communication, very friendly. Tailored order for me and delivery was on time. Quality is outstanding! My daughters love their dolls and I will most certainly buy more for my little sister, who really loves playing with and adores them."


  • The dolls are very goodf quality.
  • Handmade with cotton.


  • Running out of stock quite quickly.
<strong>Made: </strong>Handmade
<strong>Height:</strong>11 inches

Best diverse and multicultural toy for fun

The 33 pieces of Miniland family diversity blocks, feature 1 roulette, 2 sheets, 16 cards and a brochure. A brilliant game with a wheel to construct and create different kinds of family members. Suitable from 3 to 6 year olds, this mind-blowing toy helps with understanding the different kinds of family that one can have in modern society and encourages a respect for diversity.

One reviewer said: "Got this for grandchildren as a gift for Christmas.Thuis game can also be played with older children, make figures to play with younger children, such a great way to all play"


  • Contains 33 piece, 1 roulette, 2 sheets, 16 cards, brochure 
  • Family diversity blocks, a game with a wheel to build deferent


  • Recommended for 3 to 6 years age child
<strong>Measures: </strong>17 cm length 
<strong>Pieces: </strong>33 piece, 1 roulette, 2 sheets, 16 cards, brochure
<strong>Age: </strong> 3 to 6 years age child
<strong>Number of players:</strong>8
<strong>Material Type(s): </strong>‎Plastic

Best diverse and multicultural toy for imagination

Ken doll inspires playdates and comes with a manual wheelchair and ramp, so he can easily get in and out of the Barbie Dreamhouse (that your little one has put on her christmas list). The ken doll also expresses his own fashion sense and wears blue shorts and a tie dye sleeveless -shirt, teaching children that the world is full of possibilities.

One reviewer said: "My granddaughter asked for this specific Ken character probably because her Mum uses a wheelchair so quite rightly thinks of this inclusive toy as normal as all the other characters!"


  • He wears a white top with blue and yellow tie-dye print, black shorts, white sneakers and silvery sunglasses.
  • Ken doll comes with a wheelchair that has rolling wheels and a working brake, plus a ramp.


  • Only suitable for over 3 year olds.
<strong>Age: </strong>Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
<strong>Height:</strong>15 inches/ 38cm.
<strong>Important:</strong>To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

Best diverse and multicultural toy for sensory

diverse and multicultural toys
Price: $24.99

These plush baby dolls are super cute, soft and the perfect size for toddlers and even older children. With a mix of skin tones and happy faces, cut little hats and little pinafores, this is for sure going to bring your little one comfort. a great way to help with learning skills likem planning and sharing, problem solving and creativity.

One reviewer said: "This item comes vacuum packed and when I opened it at firstI, They looked wrinkled I left it for a few days and then I used a steamer to really fluff it up. All the babies are cute. I’m now happy and overall the toy looks much better."


  • Very soft fabric that is comfortable for children.
  • Diversity sofyt toys that will teach your little one love and kindness.


  • They come vacuum packed.
<strong>Package Dimensions:</strong>27.7 x 26.5 x 6.4 cm; 420 Grams
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>3 years and up
<strong>Number of pieces:</strong>6
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>plush

Best diverse and multicultural toy for fashion

diverse and multicultural toys

Rrp: $7.99

Price: $5.49
Alternative retailers
Target$5.49View offer
Walmart$8.46View offer

The adorable Chelsea doll with scoliosis, which is a curvature in the spine, comes dressed in lemon coloured pink dress and a removable brace. With golden looking and brunette hair this doll will give your little one more ways to spark great adventures. Scoliosis is twisting and curvature of the spine, and is first noticed by a change in appearance of the back.

One reviewer said: "Wow, we were so excited to find a “scoliosis” doll! Even though my daughter didn’t have to wear a brace, she had scoliosis surgery and 100% related to and appreciated this little doll and are donating another one to the hospital where a lot of kids wear back braces. You can snap and unsnap the brace to remove it, and the doll’s back is actually curved!! Huge kudos to Mattel for representing a fairly common osteo issue that is not often seen in media, let alone in a doll!"


  • Young children are able to learn about others with disabilities and accept them.
  • This doll is very cute and incredibly special for its representation of scoliosis in children. 


  • Not much left in stock.
<strong>Product Dimensions:</strong>‎3.17 x 6.35 x 14.2 cm; 18 Grams
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>3 years and up
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>‎Plastic
<strong>Assembly Required</strong>No

Best diverse and multicultural toy for scent

This doll is hearing impaired and includes a hearing aid, and if your kid loves having tea parties with their toys, then this baby doll made of high-quality soft vinyl is perfect. With arms and legs that can fully rotate allowing the doll to sit, stand or lie down will have your child creating chilhood memories.

One reviewer said: "My son loves this baby. He calls him See Saw. I have found it difficult to find a doll for my children that are anatomically correct. This is our 3rd Miniland Baby Doll. They smell very nice, the scent is not over powering for my sensitive nose, but might be for some. The scent doesn't smell artificial. I wish I had reason to purchase all the dolls!"


  • Suitable for children with special needs.
  • Made of soft vinyl, resilient and flexible.


  • Has a vanilla scent, maybe not be suitable if you have allergies.
<strong>Material: </strong>100% vinyl
<strong>Height: </strong>38cm
<strong>Age: </strong>Suitable for 10 months+
<strong>Features: </strong>Anatomically correct, hearing aid, glasses, soft, flexible

Best diverse and multicultural toy for language

Has your child ever wondered in awe what people were talking about in their mother tongue? Well, this interesting baby doll speaks English, Finnish, French, Italian, Russian and German and says 24 phrases in 6 languages, amazing right? This 18 inch doll comes with shiny long dark brown black curly hair that you can brush, and will promote language and friendship.

One reviewer said: "I was looking for a doll for my 3 year old daughter that could speak the right sentences. Some reviews said that the doll only speaks a few words or phrases. The doll is very beautiful and makes a high-quality impression. She speaks 24 different sentences per language. You can adjust the language on your back using a small slider. There is English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Finnish. And the doll's hair is really great."


  • Her eyes close when she lies down.
  • An exciting asnd educational toy that helps your child to develop an ear for 6 different languages.


  •  Only suitable for 3 to 5 year old girls and boys.
<strong>Package Dimensions:</strong>46.9 x 25.2 x 14.2 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
<strong>Manufacturer recommended age:</strong>‎3 years and up
<strong>Material Type(s):</strong>‎Plastic

Best diverse and multicultural toy for building

Dena is a fun, clever and creative toy, suitable for babies and above. Made of food-grade platinum silicone, the same quality material as dummies, teethers and baking moulds. this wooden toy willl teach your child different shades of skin tones and motor skills.

One reviewer said: "A lovely sand friendly way for kids to understand colours and race, I love this and will be passing onto my future kids. at the moment my nephews come to mine on the weekends and have fun playing with them"


  • Can be used by babies, pre-schoolers and beyond in many diverse ways.
  • It can be used in the freezer, oven and is dishwasher safe.


  • Only a few left in stock.
<strong>Dimensions:</strong>7.3 cm x 13.6 cm x 4.5 cm
<strong>Weight: </strong>0.59 kg
<strong>Material:</strong>100% platinum-based silicone
<strong>Recommended age:</strong>Toddler
<strong>Includes:</strong>12 pieces Dëna kids.
<strong>Wash:</strong>Dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

Best diverse and multicultural toy for football

This wooden football skittles set is beautifully handmade from rubber wood, making it safe for children to use. This traditional game is popular and can be used in the garden or in the comfort of your own home. Great for rainy and sunny weather, this will teach your kids team work and respect.

One reviewer said: "planning on buying this for my sons birthday soon, he is a massive football fan and this is just perfect. He saw it at a friends house and really iked it and he is in for a surprise".


  • Each skittle is 15.2 cm high.
  • Great for adults and children.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
<strong>Contents:</strong>6 skittles + 3 balls + bag
<strong>Product Size</strong>: Each skittle is 15.2 cm high
<strong>Age:</strong>Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Best diverse and multicultural toy for adventure

The very nice wood dress up toy will encourage exercise and hand muscles, in order to develop fine motor skills of children. With different outfits to choose from: classy, sporty and casual set of clothes, your child will discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.

One reviewer said: "Colourful, nicely made pieces and stored in its own box. Enables children in imaginary play and designing characters. Bought as a Christmas present for my little fashion designer, my daughter."


  • Wooden puzzle box with compartments for easy storage.
  • Made of high-quality smooth wood material.


  • Only suitable for 3 to 6 year olds.
<strong>Product size: </strong>31.4*14.5*2.7CM
<strong>Product weight:</strong>0.7KG
<strong>Material: </strong>Wood
<strong>Age: </strong>3 years and upwards

Remember, children are introduced to a world of diversity, and that includes playing with diverse and multicultural toys like this. Although, your little one may not have built friendships with or know people from diverse and cultutal backgrounds, toys is a great way for parents to talk about diversity positively.

kids shape their self-confidence and self-image by playing with toys that look just like them. But, as parents, we also need to encourage and introduce them to play with toys that look resemble other kids.

In today’s world, your little one will one day play, live, and ultimately work, in a diverse environment, so these toys will help offer a lifetime of kind-heartedness and understanding, and is a great way to also encourage sharing, imagination, their own initiative, and forming social awareness.

Mummy to a little girl, Adejumoke Ilori is Commercial Content Writer for Mother&Baby. With a BA hon in Creative Writing, she has worked for digital platforms, where she has empowered women from the inside and out, by sharing real life stories based on relationships, loving yourself and mummyhood.

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