Best children’s desk that will help them to concentrate at home

Homework at desk

by Eleanor Weaver |

Giving up the dining table or even your own desk to hordes of homework seems like a simple enough plan. Until it needs tidying away, that is. Commence the battle against the growing homework piles that seem to scatter across the house. In a bid to reclaim your home and give your kids a proper space to work from, why not get them their own children's desk?

Not only will it provide a dedicated space for all those school supplies, but it is also sure to help your kids concentrate and learn while at home. They probably find it just as infuriating not having a grown-up desk of their own. Not to mention, siblings and parents distracting them when they just want to get the chore of homework over and done with.

We’ve brought together some fantastic children's desks that’ll be loved and appreciated by kids and parents alike.

At what age do they need a children's desk?

While it's not a necessity, you can set children up with their own desk, even from 18 months old. This can provide a space for them to play, craft, and even snack at - talk about versatile!

However, a children's desk will prove even more beneficial when your kids head to school and should provide practical space for them to work at. Giving a child their own desk will not only help them concentrate and stay motivated, but it will also promote independence and encourage good posture and sitting habits.

Ideally, you should look for desks that are a minimum of 80cm - 120cm in width to give them sufficient surface area. But, of course, this will be dependent on the space you have in your home. If you want their desk to last them throughout the school years, from Primary to Secondary, the larger the size, the better. Our writer still has her homework desk in her family home from over 15 years ago - and it's still being used to this day!

Our selection of the best children's desks comes in a range of sizes and budgets to suit all families.

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