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Breakfast in bed feels like a luxury reserved for special occasions, whether that’s Mother’s Day or your birthday when your kids, under the watchful eye of an elder sibling or co-parent, will beam with pride as they deliver their attempt at breakfast to you.

We think brekkie in the comfort of your duvet should become a regular thing, and even if not, having a breakfast tray ready for these special moments will provide a level surface to eat from that beats balancing a plate on your lap. It’ll save you from any accidental spillages of jam, orange juice, or ketchup on the bedding that’ll undo the magic when you realise there’s more housework to be done.

So without further ado, here’s our pick of the best breakfast trays that’ll give you that B&B experience in your own home. Plus, they make for a super easy present suggestion to the kids if they’re not sure what Mum needs.


Breakfast in bed trays

Habitat Tiffany Walnut Breakfast Tray1 of 9

Habitat Tiffany Walnut Breakfast Tray

This gorgeous walnut breakfast tray from Habitat is made of solid wood and nice and sturdy to support your breakfast or morning cuppa. With folding legs too, it's easy to store away when not in use or for using as a carry tray.
Review: “Lovely sturdy breakfast tray, highly delighted with the quality and construction.”

Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table2 of 9

Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table

This bamboo breakfast tray comes with legs that fold away giving you the versatility to use this tray in whatever way you wish. Made to accommodate tableware up to 10 inches in diameter and with comfortable carry handles, you’ll be able to easily carry breakfast to bed for a little moment of TLC. And don’t worry about the legs snagging your duvet cover; the feet are rounded to keep your bed protected.
Review: “Have found this table tray really useful to use in bed & on sofa. Much easier than trying to balance a normal tray. Appears to be of good quality and sturdy so far.”

Personalised Rustic Wooden Tray3 of 9

Personalised Rustic Wooden Tray

We love this rustic tray which you can personalise with text and a choice of font to make breakfast extra special. It doesn't have legs but does have high sides and carry handles to prevent any spillages on the move. Plus, when not carrying breakfast, you can use it for afternoon tea or display homemade cakes - it's that cute!
Review: "Really pleased with my personalised tray. Amazing customer service when I required the item in a hurry for a lockdown birthday breakfast.”

Dunelm White Wooden Breakfast Tray4 of 9

Dunelm White Wooden Breakfast Tray

With a classic and chic white finish that'll suit most home decors, this breakfast tray with foldable legs is perfect for enjoying a bit of brekkie in bed. It's a fantastic pick for price and quality.
Review: “My daughter’s 18th birthday was fast approaching and I tried to source a tray from the White Company which was sold out and came across this while searching Google for a substitute. It was really good value for money and added that special touch to my daughter’s day. She was pleasantly surprised by breakfast in bed.”

Aidapt Folding Wooden Bed Tray5 of 9

Aidapt Folding Wooden Bed Tray

This functional bed tray is super handy with folding legs so you can use it as a bed tray, lap tray, or for carrying food into the garden. The top is laminated, too, so you know any spillages can be easily wiped clean off.
Review: “My teenage daughter recently had a serious operation and couldn't get out of bed so I bought this table for her so she can place her Chrome book on there or use it as a breakfast table. Now she sometimes uses it as a table for her online classes.”

Relaxdays Bamboo Wooden Breakfast in Bed Tray6 of 9

Relaxdays Bamboo Wooden Breakfast in Bed Tray

In a natural brown bamboo wood, this breakfast tray is sturdy, reliable, and can be used for a myriad of purposes, not just breakfast based. Depending on the size of your dishes, this tray can fit approximately one large and one small plate, plus two glasses or cups. Breakfast, sorted!
Review: “Fantastic tray, very sturdy and enough room to hold a large plate, glass and mug with room to spare. I'm using it as a mini desk as well, when I'm in bed, and the tray has plenty of room for my iPad, mug, glass, notepads and pens. The legs fold down easily and can be used as a table-top tray as well, I store it under my bed. Fantastic price for such a great product!”

The White Company Kubu Breakfast In Bed Tray7 of 9
CREDIT: The White Company

Kubu Breakfast In Bed Tray

For a touch of luxury this handmade basket-woven breakfast tray will really make breakfast in bed more exciting and romantic. There are also pockets on each side ideal for storing magazines and newspapers and the handles make it easy to manoeuvre.
Review: “Lovely item, great for breakfast in bed! Do be careful with the item because it is handmade rattan there are a few areas which are rough and I have removed some of the material which hasn’t gone through the threads fully. But overall beautiful tray."

Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs8 of 9

Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs

Made of natural Moso bamboo, this bed tray provides a stylish and elegant touch to your home whilst still being sturdy and durable. It has folding legs, carry handles, and whilst it's easy to clean, it is recommended to use bamboo oil occasionally to extend its life to the max.
Review: “Great buy, sturdy and well built. A wonderful addition to my morning breakfast routine!”

Malvern Wooden Tray9 of 9

Malvern Wooden Tray

Another stylish option, we love the colour scheme of the contrasting grey and brown that'll make your breakfast in bed feel extra luxurious. However, it's worth noting that the legs don't fold so you'll need to keep this in mind for storage.
Review: “Bed wooden tray great quality and price. Bought it for and ill friend and they liked it.”

Do I need a breakfast tray?

It might not come to mind as something you need, but we definitely think it’s a lovely extra to have in the home. You can use it for working from home in bed or on the sofa, supporting your laptop or tablet, and, of course, eating breakfast or dinner. Plus, you can find really affordable options that make it a fab gift idea for kids struggling with present ideas, or even something to treat yourself to when you’re looking to find a space to eat or work where there’s a little more peace and quiet. We also think it’ll come in handy if any children get sick and need to stay entertained and hydrated in bed.

If you really think you don’t need one, it might be a great idea instead for grandparents or disabled family members who could use the added stability and support whilst remaining comfortably in bed.

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