The best robot vacuum cleaners for busy parents

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We get it. When you already have a hoover, why on earth would you need a robot vacuum cleaner?

Well as a mum, your daily to-do list is pretty long and if you're anything like us, hoovering often falls to the bottom of it, repeatedly. And we get it! There is enough for you to be getting on with as it is (keeping a small person both alive and entertained to start with), without having to remember to run a vacuum around your home every so often. And well, it's not exactly fun is, it?

We're all for making your life as easy and manageable as possible. And that's exactly why a robot vacuum cleaner is an amazing tool for mums just like you. Sure, they can be pricey but we reckon they're well worth the cost. And trust us, these little guys are seriously impressive.

So whether you're ready to buy or you need a bit more convincing, check out the best robot cleaners you can buy today...

The best robot vacuum cleaners

With the ability to connect to your smart devices, the Neato can be controlled via your phone, smartwatch, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Neato Chatbot for Facebook. The shape allows for deep corner cleaning, and it's packed with all the mod-cons you need, from laser navigation to multi-floor cleaning and automated charging.

Cat and dog owners take heed. Neato has designed a brush combination specifically for the task of collecting up animal hair, in addition to the regular cleaning vacuum duties. This deep cleaning power can be controlled over Wi-Fi with a smart device or via an Amazon Alexa device. You can place virtual no-go lines to make sure that certain areas of your house, like around dog bowls, are not ventured into. The charge is significant too, boasting 120 minutes of cleaning time (and yes, it'll self-charge too).

iRobot Roomba E5158
Price: £399

A great offering from the brand that started it all. The Roomba E5158 has up to 75 minutes run time from a single charge. There's a really useful scheduling feature so you could set the timer for when you're at work, so you will always return to a clean house. It has clever sensors to detect dust for concentrated cleaning and bagless, which makes it quick and mess-free to empty it.

You can use Alexa or Google Home Voice commands to direct cleaning with this smart robot vac and with the free app you can customise, schedule and monitor cleaning sessions. The Ecovac includes anti-drop u0026 anti-collision sensors, 100-minute life charge and durable protective bumpers while it works its way around your home.


Muzili Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Following a perfect back-and-forth path meaning it won't ignore any dead zone when cleaning, the Muzili has a 3-point cleaning system which combines side brushes, rolling brush and powerful suction to pick up all the dirt in its path. The slim 2.7 inch body can get to all those hard to reach places like under bed, sofa and furniture. It's also equipped with an advanced water tank system, which can mop the floor after cleaning.

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