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With a house full of little (and grown up) kids and their friends, who have come by for a playdate (patiently waiting for something to eat), which includes your other half working shifts, and your busy schedule, it’s fair to say a ninja air fryer is a must-have product.

Most of us opt for a Ninja air fryer because it uses less fat, lowers calories, can be a safer way of cooking, may preserve nutrients and also because it reduces acrylamide (the compound found most in deep fried food).

An air fryer is also great for even baking for a family of four, which can be super handy if you're are only making a few shortbrerad biscuits, or a small and delicious cake.

Here, we have selected the best ones for you:

This large capacity air fryer cooks two meals, two ways, and finishes at the same time, amazing right? You will be able to mix and match cooking functions, meal times and temperature levels across two sets of drawers to achieve that scrumptious meal.

One review said: "Great airfryer! Bought this in combination with our 15in1 and it's a dream team to own! They compliment each other so well, we stopped using our oven! Large drawers, easy to clean, what's not to love?"

This will help cook your meal in one pot in 15 minutes! (excluding pre-heating time). In a rush and need to make something quick, this amazing ninja air fryer can make delicious 3-part meals at the comfort of your own home. From heating to cook sweet grains, crunchy vegetables, and the perfect proteins – all at once.

One review said: "This product is expectionally good for meals, chips, meat, fish, vegetables and dehydration of my vegetables leaving them green. I will recommend this product."

The kids have come home from school, or maybe you are having some guests come over for lunch? take mealtimes to another level, with this large capacity air fryer that cooks in two ways.

One review said: "Bought this after seeing many reviews. Managed to get a discount as well.I already have another brand with shelves so I use both. Love all the different cooking options and still working my way through them.I’m 70 and find these great for my husband and myself. Cooked a small chicken yesterday turned out brilliant. Recommended."

With this, you will be able to see how quickly it cooks your meals and lock in the juices, crisps and gives it a golden finish (while you relax!). With layer mains and sides on the 2-tier rack to cook at the same time, you can cook from frozen and is perfect for large families.

One review said: "I’ve been a chef for the last 35years and I have bought some seriously great pieces of professional kitchen equipment in my career, at home I have everything from a thermo mixer to bamix blenders, and I can tell you now that I bought my Ninja Foodi MAX back in July and I can’t stop using it, it’s that good… I haven’t used my oven not even once in that time and hands down it’s the Best piece of kitchen equipment."

A lover of fries or chicken? Why not opt for this product, where you'll be able to prepare your meals in two ways, allowing them to both finish at the same time, giving you the peace of mind that you so truly deserve.

One review said: "I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with its performance and versatility, I replaced my year old air fryer I purchased from Costco (only single drawer) because I wasn't using it as much as I would like. I know this might sound counter productive, but when cooking dinner if I had 2 items that needed to be cooked in the oven/air fryer, having one drawer I'd use the Oven. Now I have 2 drawers the oven is getting less use."

This air fryer produces steamy air to quickly create those delicious mains, sides & snacks. With up to 75% less fat using this product, you'll be left feeling ike a pro.

One review said: "I bought the smaller Ninja air fryer, and it's wonderful. Takes a bit of getting used to which temp, how long etc, but had a perfect puff pastry pie last week!!! Once I found that you can use foil and metal bases it was whoosh.......I use paper liners mostly too. The basket is in the dishwasher right now. For a 78yr OLD lady on her own it's the best."

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