The 10 best hot water bottles for your family this winter

Hot water bottles

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With energy prices rocketing and the weather plummeting, there has never been a better time to purchase a hot water bottle. They will keep you feeling warm without the expense of turning on your heating. With that being said, we have scoured the internet to find the best hot water that the family can enjoy.

Please note: Children under the age of four should not have direct contact with a hot water bottle. However, you can use them to warm their bed or cot then remove it before they snuggle down for bed.

Once upon a time, these rubber water bottles were solely used for warming winter beds. They have since evolved and are now recommended as an alternative to or alongside traditional medicines. Even if you are pregnant it is safe to use one for short periods. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust recommends the heat vessel in the early stages of labour. The trust advises expectant mummies to put a covered hot water bottle on areas that ache, such as your lower back, underneath your bump or between your thighs to help to ease the pain. This isn't just for pregnancy - it is also the case for anyone suffering from body aches and pains.

So, whether you are looking for a cost-effective way to keep your family warm or a fantastic gift for a mother-to-be, we have found the best hot water bottles for every member of your family from school-aged children to mum and dad.

Best hot water bottles

Writer's choice

This luxury Rebecca sheepskin hot water bottle has been made from traditional rubber and 100 per cent sheepskin. If you are looking for a gift, push present or a treat for yourself, then look no further. This hot water bottle is soft, soothing and the perfect item to snuggle up to on a cold night. It arrives in a lovely box, making it very easy to present as a gift. 

Not suitable for children

Mother&Baby writer, Hannah James, said: "The quality of this water bottle is unmatched. As soon as I got it out of the box I couldn't stop touching it. It is so warm and soft. It feels like a warm hug. A hint of a chill or a long day - it's the first thing to come out. The sheepskin cover protects your skin from being burnt."


  • Soft
  • Premium quality


  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Not suitable for children
2000ml Hot Water Bottle Capacity

Best water bottle for kids

If you are looking for a super sweet hot water bottle to keep your little one warm, this Helen Moore Children's Pocket Pal is perfect. We love that it has a small pocket with a cute linen toy. This comforting hot water bottle is a great way to keep the cold away. This water bottle is available in three colours.

**Mother&Baby writer, Hannah James said: "**This is such a sweet hot water bottle. It is a gorgeous gift as it includes a sweet little teddy. It has been a great comfort to my little one when he is feeling under the weather or in need of comfort."


  • Toy included
  • Sweet design and soft
  • Suitable for children


  • Price

Best for older children
Heated Cuddly Sloth
Price: £20.99

Filled with cereals and lavender, this is no ordinary hot water bottle. Not only is it the cutest sloth we have ever seen but it is soft and weighty making it the perfect spooning partner. Unlike a traditional hot water bottle, you can pop this sloth in the microwave for a few minutes to heat it up.

Not suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory problems

Review: "Arrived promptly and in good condition. Product was of a good quality and well presented."


  • Made from 100 per cent organic materials


  • Some excess moisture may form during the first few applications
  • Not suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory problems

Best for the whole family
Warmies 13'' Fully Heatable Cuddly Toy

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $27.91
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Walmart$29.49View offer

If waiting for the kettle to boil doesn't float your boat, this is another speedy option. Another one that heats up in the microwave, we love how cute this 'hot water bottle' is. Perfect for the whole family and as a good cuddly you when not being used for heat purposes. With 16 animals to choose from, each is filed with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower. Look forward to a menagerie of these in your home.

M&B writer, Eleanor Weaver, said: "Everyone in my family has one of these (even dad!) with extras often being gifted around Christmas time. It's a great size though it can be a tight squeeze in smaller microwaves. Warming up nicely in less than two minutes without getting too hot, each is lovely and cuddly too with long-lasting heat and a lovely lavender scent."


  • Soft and cuddly - double as a toy when not heated
  • No water so no risk of scalding
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Contains fragrances that may cause allergies

Best for pregnancy
Revitale Extra Long Hot Water Bottle
Price: $12.49 (was £24.99)

When you are pregnant, those aches and pains come in an abundance and even those areas you didn't even know could hurt begin to ache. A hot water bottle is a fantastic way to ease the pain without resorting to any medication. This extra long hot water bottle will have your whole body covered, tackling larger areas.

Review: "I decided to get one of these as I suffer from really bad lower back/leg pain from slipped discs causing nerve pain. This helps with pain a huge amount as it wraps around my back/leg, it's really flexible, just the right length and has a lovely soft cover. Would definitely recommend."


  • Stays warm for hours


  • Faux fur cover moults

Best for dad

Is there anything worse than 'man flu'? Well as mums we know the answer is a resounding yes. However, most men would often beg to differ. This is the best remedy for a dad who is feeling run down and in need of some TLC (or a pity party).

Review: "Excellent for holding hot water. Good size and stays warm for a good few hours."


  • Novelty cover


  • There is no real treatment for 'man flu'

Best faux fur water bottle

This is the larger hot water bottle designed by Helen Moore. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the cute little teddy that the smaller version does but it is a really sweet mother and child gift. This is faux fur making it a great option for vegans.

**Mother&Baby writer, Hannah James said: "**My son was delighted when he saw that we had matching hot water bottles. This hot water bottle is so soft and also cruelty-free. It is of such high quality. I love using it when I have cramps as it eases the pain."


  • Suitable for vegans
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Premium quality and softness


  • Price

Best wearable hot water bottle

Hot water bottles can be a fantastic alternative to painkillers or in addition to medication. This wearable hot water bottle is perfect for body pains as it has an adjustable length and can be worn around the back, shoulders and waist. It can also be filled with cold water and used as a cold compress.

Review: "The strap fits secure and snug, there is plenty of room if you're a larger build too. It's perfect for my working in a cold corner shop. I love it"


  • Practical
  • Wearable


  • Small in size

Best for Percy Pig lovers

You can now get the iconic Percy Pig hot water bottle and we are obsessed. The M&S iconic pig first hit the supermarkets as a sweet in 1992 but has since expanded into more food, home and lifestyle products - and now, this cute hot water bottle.

Review : "I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she’s delighted with it."


  • Fantastic for M&S fans
  • Super cute


  • Small size

Best hot water bottle gift set

Give the gift of a brilliant nights sleep with this faux fur water bottle and matching eye mask. We love this as a gift for fellow mums, granny, or anyone who's after a little TLC.

**Review: "This item is very well made. It is a good quality hot water bottle. I love cuddling it."


  • Good quality


  • Dressing gown pictured is sold separately

The best hot water bottle safety advice

Using a hot water bottle may seem simple, but there is some safety guidance to follow:

• Use a cover and ensure that none of the rubber bottle is exposed

• Hot water should be filled by a responsible adult and never a child

• Do not lay on top of a hot water bottle

• Do not use if you are allergic to latex

• Use warm, cooled-down kettle water to fill

• Replace it every three years

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