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Whether you believe in astrology or not, chances are you’ve succumbed to the odd zodiacpersonalitytest a few times and have been left agog at the uncanny results. It might only be just a bit of fun, but how do they get it so accurate though? We wanted to know if astrology could come through once again and let us know what kind of mothers we are according to our star sign.

According to the stars, our personality isn’t only governed by our zodiac but also the positioning of the moon, sun, and planets at the time of our birth. In reality, there are thousands of possible personality outcomes for each sign and this would explain why there aren’t billions of us walking around the earth with just 12 different personalities. However, given that the zodiac sign is the dominant factor in one’s personality, here is a list of what kind of mother you are according to your star sign.

What kind of mum are you according to your star sign?


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The Aquarius Mother (21 January-19 February)

The Aquarius mother is a very independent woman with a lot of friends. They love to keep up-to-date on current events and top-up their general knowledge tank and this is something they also love to pass on to their children. They over-analyse and philosophise about everything. The child of an Aquarius mother will be well-informed about issues like politics and history but they have little interest in idle gossip. They like to teach their children as much as possible and have quite advanced opinions and original ideas. They are classed as forward-thinkers and like to teach their children to cleverly win arguments and debates and they’re also known for giving their children a lot of freedom.

#mumgoals: Children’s sponge-like brains will soak up all the facts and knowledge that the Aquarius mother has to offer. And it’s a lot!

#mumproblems: Being an Air sign, Aquarius aren’t the most stable of signs; they don’t really like to discipline their children and tend to say ‘yes’ to everything. It could get rather rowdy!

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The Pisces Mother (20 February-20 March)

As far as creativity goes, you’d be hard-pressed to get a more imaginative mother than a Pisces one. Pisces have a strong romantic side and can be airy-fairy. They are tender and affectionate mothers who can bring out and nurture their kids’ artsy, musical and creative sides. They are also super-sensitive mothers who can immediately sense if something is up with their child. In tune with their spiritual side, some might view the Pisces mother as a tad eccentric which is exacerbated by the fact that they are inclined to make all their decisions based on their emotions rather than rationality.

#mumgoals: With an imagination to rival that of their kids’, children will love playtime with their Pisces mama and never get bored.

#mumproblems: Pisces mothers don’t really give emphasis to practicality or logic in situations. They also tend to be forgetful so a mum calendar is a must.

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The Aries Mother (21 March-20 April)

Another creative mama with a lust for life and a seemingly endless supply of energy, the Aries mother can keep up with her kids in sports and games as well as making sure their every need is met. She loves to entertain her children and makes sure that they are always on time to their engagements and extracurricular activities. Children of an Aries mother will always have food within reach (even if they aren’t hungry). Although a very stable and reliable mother, she’s known to be a control freak who doesn’t give her children much freedom and doesn’t like it when things aren’t going her way – that’s why she makes sure that they always are.

#mumgoals: A mother who has as much energy as the children, ticks everything off her to-do list and still manages to look well-kempt is #mumgoals indeed.

#mumproblems: Aries mothers have been described as impatient, authoritarian, hard-headed, know-it-alls who don’t listen to reason… but that’s only because they want the best for their children and only they know exactly what that is.

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The Taurus Mother (21 April–21 May)

According to the zodiac, Taurus make one of the best mothers. As an Earth sign, Taurus are extremely grounded and can provide children with much-needed stability. They are nurturing and their top priority is always and will always and forever be their children’s wellbeing (even when their children are no longer children and are well into adulthood). They live for taking care of their kids and will go full-on ape if anyone so much as looks at their kid the wrong way. Taurus mothers ensure that their children’s every basic need is met but they are not known for giving their children much freedom; it’s a cruel world out there and (extremely over-protective) mama knows best.

#mumgoals: Exceptionally patient, loving and kind, what’s not to love?

#mumproblems: Can be authoritarian, may be pressuring, and always likes to be rewarded for being such a good mum. Cuddles, anyone?

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The Gemini Mother (22 May–21 June)

The Gemini is the child of the zodiac. They love to play with the kids, are very creative and never miss the opportunity to party. They are intellectuals who are very good at debating and love a good natter. Busy-bodies with ants in their pants, Gemini mamas are always open to trying new things which can sometimes conflict with a child’s much-needed routine. Known to contradict herself, she is never predictable; whatever new thing the Gemini mother is introducing to her brood this week, she’s guaranteed to make it as fun as possible.

#mumgoals: This mother hasn’t lost her sense of fun, is open-minded and certainly never boring.

#mumproblems: Sometimes Gemini mums forget who is the child and who the parent, and might be wanting in important parenting traits like stability or consistency.

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The Cancer Mother (22 June–22 July)

We don’t usually like to use the word “hysterical” to describe a woman, but if we’re talking about a Cancer mama and her children, the word is particularly fitting. If she could wrap her children in bubble wrap till adulthood, she would, and she may have a full-on breakdown if her children are in any sort of discomfort. One of the most family-oriented star signs, the Cancer mother lives for her family. Exceedingly loving and sentimental, Cancer women tend to “mother” everyone, not only their own litter. Great at domesticity and excellent cooks with impeccable taste, their house and children will always look dashing – but she can worry for England.

#mumgoals: A Cancer mother can swim even when thrown in the parenting deep end. This is what she was born to do.

#mumproblems: Her love for her kids may be suffocating or smothering but she doesn’t see it like that. She’s just healthily obsessed with them, okay?

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The Leo Mother (23 July–22 August)

Born leaders with a lot of confidence, creativity and pizzazz, Leos are hands-on parents with an appetite for life and can make for very entertaining mothers. They love to have fun but work as hard as they play and make sure their kids do too by keeping them to a strict regime. Even though they are known to be self-centered and egotistic, they are very affectionate with their loved ones and always make sure their kids are spotless and dressed immaculately. They want the best for their children, whether it be the best school, clothes, friends or toys and they’ll go out of their way to make sure their kids get it.

#mumgoals: Leos are very loving, creative and generous mothers who take the task of parenting very personally.

#mumproblems: They tend to be over-dramatic and irresponsible, focusing more on appearances while perhaps neglecting important inner-self issues.

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The Virgo Mother (23 August–23 September)

Cleanliness is one of the main defining factors of a Virgo mother. She always seems to be cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house and is exceptionally practical when it comes to these things. Virgos are very organized, intellectual and caring and show their love by providing high-class domestic services to their family. A Virgo’s child will always have its basic needs met; meals that include all of the necessary food groups will be prepared every day, daily vitamins will be laid out with breakfast, the bathwater will be just the right temperature, and the bed will be adorned with freshly washed and ironed linen and fluffed-up pillows. A bit of a hypochondriac with obsessive compulsive tendencies, the Virgo mama may worry and overthink herself into the ground if she’s not careful.

#mumgoals: Her domestic talents and nurturing personality will continue to be appreciated even as the child enters adulthood and they might never want to leave home – which suits the Virgo mother just fine.

#mumproblems: While busy taking care of and micromanaging their child’s every basic need, they might unwillingly abandon the psychological or spiritual aspect of their child’s wellbeing.

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The Libra Mother (24 September–23 October)

The symbol of the Libra are the scales of justice and the Libra mother makes sure to instill this quality in her children. She is outgoing, polite and friendly with everyone and teaches her kids good manners, gracefulness and gratitude. The Libra mama’s kids are always well-dressed, and she encourages them to travel and study, live their life to the fullest, and go out and have experiences ¬– just don’t ask her for ideas as she’s notoriously indecisive. Libras love having a family and someone they can dedicate their life to as it gives them the purpose they so need (plus, they hate being alone). They don’t like to worry about the future and are happiest just living for the now and spending quality time with their family.

#mumgoals: Great at conversation, these mums love to raise peacemakers who can also smile, charm and wink their way out of confrontation just like they do.

#mumproblems: Libras tend to be vain and their taste for the high-class can make them seem a little snobbish. A carefree child might want to go out in pyjamas but Libra mama would not be too pleased about that. What will people say?

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The Scorpio Mother (24 October–22 November)

The Scorpio woman is extremely clever and intuitive. She can notice things that might go undetected by others and that is why she is particularly wary of the world and will instill this trait in her children also. She’ll teach them to watch their backs and to be alert. Scorpio mothers are affectionate to their children and love to educate them about the ways of the world. They are patient and love spending time with their kids and are always more than willing and able to cater to their needs and take them wherever they want to go.

#mumgoals: One of the strongest and most capable mothers out there, you can’t get between a mama Scorpio and her babies.

#mumproblems: She might end up making her kids a bit too wary of the world and can be controlling and a little too suspicious at times.

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The Sagittarius Mother (23 November–21 December)

The positive-thinking, adventurous mama Sagittarius is one optimistic woman who can always look on the bright side and find the silver lining in the most trying situations. She loves to be spontaneous and show her kids all the amazing things the world has to offer. If she loses her patience (which might happen quite often because Sag’s are pretty impulsive) she forgets about it fairly quickly and is back to being her happy-go-lucky self. The Sagittarius mother likes to make independent children who will be able to go out and discover the world so she gives them a lot of (perhaps too much?) freedom.

#mumgoals: A child’s sense of adventure will be cultivated to the max with this fun-loving mother.

#mumproblems: In addition to her kids’ independence, she also greatly values her own so having an audience every time she uses the bathroom will prove to be a bit of a shock to the system for this mother.

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The Capricorn Mother (22 December–20 January)

Spreadsheets with meals, activities, and homework, to-do lists with check boxes, and chore charts with reward schemes are this mother’s forte. The Capricorn mother is quite the disciplinarian and has her kids adhere to a strict schedule. These mothers have high expectations of their kids and might be a little pressuring – kids need a routine and the Capricorn mother will make sure they have one. They are nurturing with their children’s basic needs and are very clear about what they tolerate and don’t. They love their children to bits but there’s none of this “my children are my friends” business; Capricorns are the clear parent.

#mumgoals: Everything that needs to be done will be done and she’ll make it seem effortless.

#mumproblems: Not your typical “fun mum”, a Capricorn mama can end up stressing herself and the kids out if she doesn’t consciously let go a little.

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