The top “mumisms” we swore we’d never say

by Louella Berryman |
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We all know those sayings: "don't eat cheese before bed" and "I'm not made of money", but until you become a mum you never really relate to having to say them.

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Your parents might have said them to you when you were growing up, but you didn't fully realise how relateable they were until now.

Sometimes you don't have time to think of a clever response to your little ones constant questions, or a reason why they should eat their greens, and you fall back on an old favourite.

When you're stressed out, lacking in time and (let's be honest) effort, an old fashioned come back is sometimes the best.

Research by children's snack brand Petite Filous found that these sayings were some of the top "mumisms" parents find themselves saying in the UK in 2020 so far.

The top 12 "mumisms" we got from our parents


Our top 12 "Mumisms"

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"Do you think I'm made of money?"

This one often comes out when the subject of new toys comes up.

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"If you don't eat your crusts your hair won't grow curly"

It might be a myth, but if it helps your little one eat their crusts it's worth a go.

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"Don't put your coat on inside, you won't feel the benefit"

Is this even true? Either way it means your little one won't overheat inside.

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"If the wind changes your face will stay like that"

This is a classic response to pulling a silly face.

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"Money doesn't grow on trees"

Another common response to the constant requests for new toys!

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"If you run with scissors you'll poke someone's eye out"

This one does ring true - running with scissors is never a good idea!

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"Eat your carrots and you'll be able to see in the dark"

Anything that gets them to eat their vegetables, right?

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"If you go out with wet hair you'll catch a cold!"

No-one likes that cold wet hair feeling, but somehow kids are immune!

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"If you watch too much TV your eyes will turn sqaure"

OK, this is an old wives tale, but why can't they tear their eyes away from Peppa Pig?

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"Because I said no, that's why"

Sometimes the only answer is no.

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"Shut the door, were you born in a barn?"

This is a classic for whirlwind children crashing through the house without a care in the world, or for your peace and quiet...

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"Don't eat that, you'll ruin your dinner"

Why are children always hungry just before dinner time? Sigh.

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