8 Famous Songs Inspired By Being A Parent

by Sarah Gibbons |
Published on

We all know that having a baby changes your priorities. And for songwriters, it's no different. From first-time dad Jay Z to the legendary John Lennon, we've picked out our favourites.

Glory – Jay Z
Hip Hop superstar Jay Z wrote this track as a tribute to his baby daughter Blue Ivy, born in 2012, revealing his joy at becoming a father for the first time.

Beautiful Boy – John Lennon
This passionate song, released in 1980, was written for John Lennon’s son Sean, his child with second wife Yoko Ono.

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
This iconic and uplifting song was penned for Stevie Wonder’s daughter Aisha in 1976.

All I Need – Christina Aguilera
Christina may be a powerful songstress, but she’s also a doting mum to six-year-old Max, as her track ‘All I Need’ from album Bionic reveals.

Flowers for Zoe - Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz’s inspiration for this lullaby, released as part of his 1991 Mama Said album, was his daughter Zoe Kravitz.

Lenny Kravitz

Blue – Beyoncé
Simply titled ‘Blue’, pop diva Beyoncé sung about her love of her little one, as part of her latest album, titled Beyoncé.

Kooks – David Bowie
Kooks was a tribute to David Bowie’s newborn son Zowie, appearing on his 1971 album Hunky Dory. The Kooks reportedly named themselves after it!

David Bowie

Sail to the Moon Radiohead
This lullaby-like piano ballad, released in 2003, was written for lead singer Thom Yorke’s son Noah and featured on the Hail to the Thief album.

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