14 of our mums’ funniest baby brain moments

by Jane McGuire |
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Every expectant mother will have experienced ‘baby brain’ at one time or another. Despite being something to joke about, scientists have proved its actually a real thing – finding these evolutionary changes help a mother focus fully on the needs of her baby, causing some parts of her brain to shrink.

To reassure you that you’re not the only one suffering with a baby brain, we asked our Mother & Baby mums to share their funniest baby brain moments:


Baby brain

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babybrain keys

Wandering round the house looking for the car keys and my sunglasses – it turns out the keys were in my hand and the sunglasses on my head.

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Putting the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk.

Mum hacks4 of 15

Mum hacks

Talking to someone on my mobile, whilst hunting for my mobile.

Breastfeeding top tips5 of 15

Breastfeeding top tips

Asking my husband frantically ‘where’s the baby?!’ – I was breastfeeding the baby at the time.

New mum shopping list6 of 15

New mum shopping list

Trying to open the front door by pressing the car key button.

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Trying to zoom in on my paperback book like it was my phone or tablet – my daughter is now three and a half so I’m wondering if my baby brain will ever go away!

Mum guilt8 of 15

Mum guilt

Instead of putting my washing in the washing machine I put it in the fridge.

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I tried to put the toaster in the fridge instead of the butter and wondered why it wouldn’t fit. This was yesterday – my boys are six and four!

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baby week 111

I drove away from a petrol station without paying for fuel. Ten minutes later I went back to pay with a very red face.

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Forgetting my PIN number – I’ve had the same one for ten years.

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Putting my phone, remote and purse in the fridge at different times during my pregnancy.

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Taking my five-year-old to school on a Saturday, dressed in uniform with an apple packed for snack time!

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Leaving the baby in the car and not realising until I got into the shop the first time I took her shopping.

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Putting oven gloves on whilst getting yoghurts out of the fridge for my three-year-old.

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