Would You Spend This Much On Your Baby?

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Next time your partner whinges about that must-have baby gro with the hefty price tag, try name checking some of these celebrity baby gifts

A big perk of living in celeb land is the amount of luxe goods you can surround yourself with.  And for some famous parents, this definitely extends to their little ones.

We recently reported that Emily Blunt had been shopping ready for the arrival of her baby, but this wasn’t just any casual shop.  She is said to have spent a massive $35,000 dollars (just over £21,000) in her spending spree, making sure no expense was spared in the run up to the birth of her first child.

And celebrities certainly don’t stop spending.

1. The Kimye Car Collection

We start with non-other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye.

Over the Christmas period, Kim posted a photo on Instagram of little and large black Lamborghini cars, with the caption ‘like father like daughter’.  It is only fair that if daddy is getting a new car, baby North should also be treated too, right?

2.  The Beckham’s Go Art Deco

The Beckham’s wanted to show their daughter Harper, two, how important she was with a typical symbol of love – a heart.  But for a couple as rich as David and Victoria, this wasn’t just a fluffy cushion or chocolate heart-shaped lolly.  The couple reportedly graced their daughter with a 7ft artwork by Damien Hirst titled Daddy’s Girl.

The commissioned piece looked similar to a recent painting by the artist which sold for £600,000. Wonder if there’s a crayon scribbled drawing for the nursery on display next to it?

3. Sandra Bullock’s Little Prince

Harper Beckham isn’t the only celeb tot to own her own coveted art piece. Sandra Bullock’s son Louis, three, owns a $14,000 (UK £8,500) Andy Warhol painting – a gift from Sandy’s agents for his first birthday. The ‘Peaches’ print was won by the actress’ agents at the amFAR Inspiration Gala a few years ago and given to little Louis.

4. Mariah Carey’s Double Indulgence

Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon made sure their twins Monroe and Moroccan, two, had an incredible first birthday party. Held in Paris (we’re already jealous), we heard the guests munched on French pastries while playing with all the toys the twins had been given, including a miniature piano, rocking horse, doll house, mini Ferrari and more.

Mariah Carey posted this snapshot of her daughter Monroe, three, taking the wheel with the caption, ‘Capt. Roe!.’ [Instagram]

5. Elton John’s Real Estate Spend

Possibly the most extravagant parental gesture of all, Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish bought their baby son Zachary his own £1.3million apartment when he was born. Adjacent to his dads’ LA pad, the Mail Online reported that Zachary lived there with his own team of nannies.

6. The Annual Blue Ivy Birthday Bash

And to finish, we take a look one of music’s most successful couples, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  Their daughter may only have recently turned two years old, but she certainly hasn’t been left out of the loop when it comes to receiving gifts from her parents.

The Mail Online reported that Blue Ivy was given a £50,000, diamond-encrusted Barbie doll to celebrate her first birthday and had an exclusive party which saw the parents paying £60,000 on flowers and £1,500 on a cake.  Not to mention the special goodie bags each guest was given which included everything from engraved gold pens to highly in demand concert tickets.

Tumbler | I Am Beyonce

So how do you top that? Well, when Blue turned two on 7 January this year, the pair rented out Jungle Island in Miami for the day so their daughter could enjoy the wildlife in true celeb style.

It has also been said that Beyoncé and Blue welcomed the New Year with an Evian water bath, a spa treatment worth a whopping £6,000.

Have you ever splashed out on something extravagant for your child? Let us know in the comments box below.

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