Looking For More Support To Get Your Business Idea Off The Ground? Some New Government Funding Could Help…

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We met Minister for Women Nicky Morgan to talk about the government’s £1million funding to help small start-ups get access to fast broadband, as well as find out how a course in London is helping mums get their businesses up and running

Arriving at the Google Campus for Mums, based a stone’s throw from the city of London's main financial district, the immediate possibilities of running an online business and looking after kids becomes apparent.

Why? Because a large group of mums (and some dads) were listening to a lecture on marketing your business, while simultaneously jigging babies on their laps and taking notes. So far, so normal when it comes to multi-tasking parents.

But they were also there to hear Minister for Women, Nicky Morgan, explain how budding mum entrepreneurs are set to benefit from £1million of funding from the government to help get them set up with superfast broadband for their business. She explained,

‘This fund will give women the practical help needed to get their businesses online and take advantage of superfast broadband,’ said Nicky.

‘This will include online mentors, business clubs and training courses so that women all over the country can benefit from the kind of help Campus for Mums is giving.’

The funding will be delivered through local authorities, which is part of a larger nationwide broadband rollout. Your local broadband project will be invited to submit a bid to the £1million fund, so contact

Nicky sees the new funding as part of a bigger scheme, making it easier for mums to get the help and support they need to go back to – and stay – in work. Whether that’s with their own business, or someone else’s.

‘Next year, the introduction of Tax Free Childcare will mean that many self-employed parents will have access to support with childcare costs.

‘There’s also the newly launched GREAT ambition website, which provides new and existing businesses with access to support to help them with their project.’

Google’s Campus for Mums is a new initiative that was set up last year by the global search engine. They provide a nine-week course giving information and advice to mums on maternity leave who want to start their own business, including advice on marketing your product and pitching to investors.

Anna Gordon and Becky Cunningham were just two of the mums we met while at the campus. They’re mums to Jack, 15 weeks and Clara, 17 weeks, and first met at an NCT class. They decided to join forces to invent their own nursing bra and signed up to the Google Campus for Mums course to get ideas, network, find out how pitches work and make contact with a possible mentor.

For more information on the Google Campus for Mums, visit campuslondon.com.

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