Ask Anna Williamson: “How do I juggle life as a working mum?”

by Aimee Jakes |
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Introducing M&B's agony aunt Anna Williamson who will be answering all your parenting dilemmas.

From battling postnatal depression to feeling lonely to returning back to work after maternity leave - Anna will help guide you through the ups, downs, laughter and tears of being a mum.  Remember, you're doing great!

This week's question: "How do I juggle life as a working mum?"

Going to work with small children can be tricky, especially when the 'G-word' comes to play. Trained therapist Anna Williamson has some advice on how to deal...

Anna Williamson is an author, podcaster, tv presenter and mum of two-year-old son Vincenzo. Check out her podcast Loose Lips with co-host Luisa Zissman, with a new episode coming out every Monday and Thursday.

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