How to Get Ahead When You Work Part Time

You’ve found the perfect working week to guarantee plenty of family time and still bring in some money.  But how do you keep working your way up the career ladder too?

DO integrate your relationships

‘Everyone has times when you feel you’re doing it all wrong and not managing anything properly at work or at home,’ says Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder and CTO of Mr & Mrs Smith. ‘The important thing to remember is all working mums will feel like this at some point.’

DON'T apologise

Never put the word ‘just’ before ‘part time’ when describing your work patterns.  Instead communicate your commitment to your work in those coffee catch-ups.  Just because you work part-time, doesn’t mean you’re worth any less than the full-timers – just use your spare time with your baby to work on yourself.

DON'T slip under the radar

If you’re worried that those two days at home with your toddler will bridge a gap between yourself and workthen use social media to your advantage.  ‘Using sites like LinkedIn to connect to other people in your industry, join relevant groups or read some industry news can give you a confidence boost during those baby days,’ says Jessica Chivers, mum of two and founder of ‘If you’re feeling out of it, it reminds you that your brain hasn’t turned to mush and you still have a life separate to parenthood.’

DO keep a good work/life balance

You’ve worked hard at home and at work your job so make sure having a baby doesn’t throw a hand grenade into your office life or visa versa.  ‘I get it that working part-time means you’re losing some of the things you love to do with your children but you're also doing something hugely important in terms of keeping the family together by earning,’ says Jessica Chivers.  ‘One of the most important things we can do for our children is read to them every day from a really early age. Another significant thing is to give them undivided attention each day (it only needs to be five or 10 minutes). Children remember this and value it. The key is that it must be total focus on our kids, doing something they want to do with us.’

So if your expectation is to dedicate Sunday afternoons to catching up on that pile of paperwork on the kitchen table, don’t make the reality ending up watching Netflix with your little ones…

What’s your mum mantra when it comes to part time work?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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