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As the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect parents up and down the country, baby gear experts Graco joined forces with Mother&Baby to do some research with mums, to find out how it’s affecting those with very young children.

It’s no secret that having a family can be expensive, with the cost of all the accessories, clothes, food and of course childcare, to factor into the family’s budget. With mums often on maternity leave, and not getting their full pay, family finances can be stretched even further, as the results of this survey have revealed.

Family Matters campaign

From the 340 mums who responded, worryingly 80% of those were left more worried about money once they were expecting or had a newborn, with the top financial concerns being household bills, childcare costs and feeding the family.

The survey also found that worries about finances were affecting the mental health of 59% of the mums, with sadly more than a third admitting to it affecting their relationship with their partner.

Many mums also changed their lifestyle, with around half now saving money by buying second hand clothes, and around 53% of them also found themselves cutting back on their days out, with 46% not taking holidays. The cutbacks didn’t stop there unfortunately, with 12% of mums admitting they’ve returned to work earlier than planned after maternity leave, with a massive 60% reducing their food bill, with 12% deciding not to extend their family due to the cost.

With this in mind, Graco is launching a campaign called Family Matters. Starting on the 17th June and running until the 23rd June. During this week-long campaign the Graco Instagram account will be used to give new parents guidance and information provided by parenting experts. Here at Mother&Baby we will be supporting the campaign by hosting an Instagram Live with Rachel Harris, @accountant_she, an accountant and tax expert, who will be guiding viewers through the benefits available to new parents.

Affordable products

As part of the Family Matters campaign, Graco have dropped the price of some of their most popular products, including the award-winning Sweet2Sleep cot, which is now just £80, saving £40 on last year’s price. If you want to co-sleep with your baby, but are worried about having them in the same bed, then the Sweet2Sleep bedside cot could be the perfect solution for you.

The cot's design with a drop-down side, means that your baby is within easy reach once the cot is placed next to the parents' bed, making you feel super close to your child without the worry of squashing them.

Graco’s Turn2Me i-Size R129 spin car seat is now retailing at just £160. This car seat is suitable from birth to approximately four-years-old, and is a favourite amongst parents with its 360 swivel feature.

The car seat also comes with an ISOFIX installation, making it very easy for busy parents to simply click into place, leaving them with peace of mind that it has been installed correctly.

Last, but by no means least, Graco has an incredible value travel system. The Near2Me 3-in1 travel system at just £379.98 is a real bargain for what you get. When it comes to travel systems, they can regularly cost more than £1000, however this model shows that they don't need to cost the earth. This travel system includes a Near2Me pushchair, Near2Me carrycot, SnugEssentials i-Size infant car seat and the Graco ISOFAMILY R129 car seat base, meaning that you'll be ready to tackle any type of day out with your new arrival.

The pushchair and carrycot offers a bassinet and seat option for babies and toddlers, while the car seat is suitable from birth to approximately 12 months and the ISOFIX base gives you peace of mind when it comes to securing the car seat in the car.

If you're affected by the cost-of-living crisis be sure to follow Mother&Baby and Graco on Instagram to make sure you're not missing out on vital information around maternity benefits, and other guidance which will help you with your new arrival.

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