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Whether you’re a parent, stepparent, grandparent, auntie, or uncle in some capacity, you’ll be looking for ways to save money when on the road with your family. We’ve teamed up with the SKODA KAMIQ team to bring some of the best money saving tips, from thinking about your carload to checking tyre pressures, here are the top 7 tips on how to keep costs low with the SKODA KAMIQ.

1. Keep start-stop buttons activated

If you’re a city driver or get stuck in a lock of traffic during your drives, it is wise to keep the start-stop system in your car activated. This not only keeps fuel consumption low, but it also ensures a longer lifespan of your vehicle. A lot of new cars on the market have a start/stop system. This function means that the car will detect, based on sensors, when the car is stationary, and when the driver reaches 0mph and the brake pedal is depressed, the transmission is automatically set to neutral. When the brake is then released the engine restarts and the vehicle accelerates as normal, just like in the SKODA KAMIQ.

2. Use air conditioning wisely

We love using the A/C in the car and it’s come in handy when we’ve been pregnant or in that post-partum life where sweat has its own tap. However, make sure you don’t you’re your A/C turned on all the time. Some cars like the SKODA KAMIQ do have more energy efficient air conditioning systems, however it’s something to bear in mind. You should also think about how you use your heated window, seat, mirrors, too, and try and not keep them on permanently.

3. Declutter your boot

Another instance is to consider how much stuff you have lying around the car. Whether in the back seat or the boot, decluttering your space and removing a few kilograms here and then can save on fuel consumption. This also goes for things like top boxes and bike carriers – if you’re not using them regularly remove them and store away

4. Check tyre pressure

Most cars nowadays, just as with the SKODA KAMIQ, will alert you when tyres need a top up of air. SKODA cars have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring system to ensure any minor pressure loss is alerted. Even the smallest amount of pressure lost from a tyre can make a significant different to fuel consumption

5. Don’t sit and have your car on idle to warm up

For any car engine to generate enough power quickly and more efficiently, it’s best to start your vehicle and then set off immediately. It is known that only a properly warmed up car can achieve optimum fuel consumption levels. A car in idle mode, waiting to warm up, sets up the car for optimum driving slowly and therefore waste fuel. Obviously don’t start driving your car if you haven’t got clear vision of windscreen, so during the colder months when everything is frozen over, ensure to use a de-icer spray and ice scraper to clear up any screens and windows. SKODA offer a Simply Clever features whereby every one of their vehicles in this range will include an ice scraper in the fuel cap and an umbrella in the passenger side door.

6. Drive consistently

Do the speed limits and remain at consistent speeds. For example, did you know that driving at 80mph rather than 70mph can use up to 25% more petrol. So, keep speeds consistent and within the legal limit, for money saving and lifesaving reasons.

7. Don’t drive with a low or empty fuel tank

Driving with a small amount of fuel in our engine can cause damage to your car’s fuel pump. When fuel is low the pump must work harder and more excessively meaning it can be prone to potentially sucking up bits of dirt in the process. Stick to a half or three-quarter full tank and your car will run much more efficiently.

Other money saving tips

Service plans: Buying a service plan with SKODA means not only is your car serviced with the experts required to keep your car in top shape, but you can also save money by spreading the cost when you purchase on one of their service plans. For example, you can pay as little as £19 a month for a 2-service plan deal.

Finance deals with Skoda: SKODA gives customers the option to save hundreds of pounds on one of their PCP deals. You can browse offers on SKODA’s website and add in your deposit, payment plan duration and estimated annual mileage to find an offer that suits you.

SKODA KAMIQ specifications

There are four SKODA KAMIQ models to choose from, the SE, SE Drive, SE L Executive and Monte Carlo – each with varied price points. While each of these having different configurations, here are some other features which are useful to know about the SKODA KAMIQ range as a whole:

  • Multifunctional steering wheel

  • Wireless Smartlink

  • Rear view camera (optional)

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Virtual cockpit (optional on SE and SE Drive)

  • Front centre armrest

  • Two rear USB ports

  • Electric driver’s seat (optional on the Monte Carlo and SE L Executive – pictured above)

  • Seven-speed DSG gearbox

  • Umbrella storage in driver's door (including umbrella)

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