To Celebrate Tom Fletcher’s Bump-To-Birth Project, Here Are 5 Of The Best Time-Lapse Pregnancy Videos For You To Get Misty-Eyed Over

by Emmeline Saunders |
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We’ve all heard about the magic of pregnancy – the special glow, those moments of quiet bonding with your bump, the sudden appearance of all those empty seats on the bus – but the reality isn’t always like that, is it?

Often we’re so tired from growing a tiny human inside us that those nine months can fly by in a haze of aches, pains and ginger biscuits. But what if you could cram your 40 weeksinto a minute or two of special memories?

That’s exactly what McFly’s Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have done with their journey into parenthood. Tom wrote a song to celebrate the birth of his son, Buzz Michelangelo, and set it to a time-lapse video of Giovanna’s pregnancy.

We thought it was such a sweet way to mark their transition from couple to family that we tracked down five more of the best time-lapse pregnancy videos around – and we’re now eyeing up our own high-tech camera investment.

What do you think – would you like your pregnancy recorded for posterity? Let us know in the comments section below.

1. Nine months in 94 seconds

Notching up more than three million views was this gorgeous black and white stop-motion video showing an Australian couple and their little boy expecting a new addition to their family. Baby Cooper Lee Alexander was born six days late to proud mum Tamara Gollan and her partner – but you can watch the whole pregnancy condensed into 94 exciting seconds.

2. Speedy delivery for snowboarding fans

As a professional photographer and snowboarding fanatic, you’d expect Armands Alps to do something a little out of the ordinary to document his wife’s pregnancy. Sure enough, last July this adorable video appeared online showing the whole of their journey from BFP pregnancy test to the arrival of their chubby-cheeked son. We’re particularly impressed by their ability to build a cot in seconds – why can’t IKEA make their furniture that easy to construct?

3. It starts with a kiss

How cute is this 90-second offering? It starts with the man kissing his partner’s stomach, then quickly shows her progressing from first trimester to third. They even move house before – incredibly – the man kisses her stomach again and a baby magically appears in their arms. If only if were that easy...

4. 1,000 pictures tell one amazing story

Photographer and director Tomer Grencel wanted to capture every special moment of his wife’s pregnancy, from the very day they found out the happy news to when their little bundle of joy arrived. He took 1,000 photos and edited every single one before putting them together in the video. Look out for the bit where she’s due to give birth – Tomer draws a handle on her bump for her to ‘flush’, then pops into frame to cart her off to hospital on a trolley!

5. Up, up and away

This quirky take on a pregnancy video shows a woman inhaling the air from a balloon and her bump expanding. Baby Althea Elicona was born on September 11th 2011 weighing 7lb 6 oz – no worse for wear after her mum’s balloon antics.

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