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From the adorable homeware to the trusty leggings, we’re a sucker for a Primark bargain, and when it comes to buying clothes for our growing tots, Primark offer the coolest outfits at affordable prices.

That’s why we are so excited for the lovely Stacey Solomon's latest Primark range. So what can we expect from Stacey’s new collection and where did some of her inspirations come from?

“When I was designing this collection with Primark, the main focus was practicality. When I'm dressing the kids in summer, I'm trying to cover them up but keep them cool at the same time. So we made swim shorts and swim tops because I'm forever trying to find a t-shirt that goes with their swim shorts that doesn't get weighed down with water that also protects them from the sun and that’s comfortable. So swimwear is one of the main focuses.

“There’s also a lot of towelling material in there as well because during the summer all they want to do is be soaking wet and running through sprinklers or have the hose on or whatever. So finding clothes that are functional as well was really important.


“We also made some sliders and hats and some sunglasses. I feel really passionately that they all wear hats and sunglasses because it makes my job easier, and I'll worry less when they got hat on and glasses as I do worry about their eyes, so I wanted to make fun accessories that they actually want to wear as well”

We also love that this summer collection has the addition of a weaning range. Full of different sized plates, cutlery and bowls for your entire weaning journey, the products are made using a combination of bamboo and silicone to give a real luxury feel while being dishwasher friendly and practical for parents.

“When I'm weaning, sometimes if the bowl was too big, I know this is gonna sound silly, but I'd fill it up. And then I ended up just giving these massive portions that they don't eat. With these little bowls, I just feel like I'm actually putting the right amount in. I also like the sectional plates too. I can split things up and Rose enjoys mixing them up together. I love watching her try and put food back in the right trays!

“When we were talking about designing drinking cups, I just wanted anything that doesn’t spill, cos that’s an absolute nightmare. Also, I didn't want it to be something that was hard to clean either, so I love the straw. And I love the fact that the cap comes over.”


When it comes to weaning products, Stacey realises that the cups, bowls, plates and cutlery spend most their time covered in different, messy foods, or on the floor, or in the dishwasher, so she was keen to create an affordable yet hardwearing range to help all parents and little eaters.

“I do feel like there was so much on the market when it comes to weaning, but what was on the market, was really inaccessible. Especially for stuff that, let's be honest, you're going to put it in the dishwasher or it's going to be covered in spaghetti bolognese! Who has that kind of money to pick out a whole drawer full of expensive plates? So we did just really want to make something accessible that was still just as aesthetically pleasing.”

Being accessible is something very close to Stacey’s heart, and the fact that Primark is so affordable is very important to her.

“I have a lot of friends who feel really guilty about not being able to afford high-end stuff and stuff that’s maybe made in the UK, and they feel they have to shop in shops where the price point is more accessible, so knowing they’ve got the opportunity of it being accessible but also being conscious is a really important thing.”

Stacey is a huge fan of Primark herself, especially when it comes to shopping for her four children, Leighton, Zachary, Rex and little Rose.

“I have shopped there my whole life, it’s always been accessible to me, it’s one of the only places that’s always been accessible to me - even growing up as a kid and as a family in terms of what we could buy.”

And as we’re all increasingly conscious about our carbon footprint, especially as parents, we all want to do our best to make more environmentally friendly choices and thanks to Primark, they’ve made it a whole lot easier with their Primark Care’s initiative.

And as we’re all increasingly conscious about our carbon footprint, especially as parents, we all want to do our best to make more environmentally friendly choices and thanks to Primark, they’ve made it a whole lot easier with their Primark Care’s initiative.

“For the whole collection to be a part of the Primark Cares initiative was really important. Knowing that Primark are making such an effort for it to not only be accessible at a price point but also, to be as sustainable as they possibly can be, and making improvements every single day is really exciting for me.”

stacey with kids primark

“With this collection, to try and use recycled materials or when it comes to plastic, recycled plastics or plastics which can be recycled feels like the least we can do. If it’s there and it’s available then I don’t want to not be using it.”

The whole range is full of fun, pastel colours which scream summer! We wondered where Stacey found her inspiration for the latest range.

“I think I've always been inspired by colour. The pastels and oranges and the pinks and the blues and the greens, I've just tried to get a little bit of colour in all of it. But also, I love soft neutral tones that anyone can wear as well. The inspiration was all about making something comfortable, really easy to wear and it doesn't matter who's wearing it.”

After having only boys for so many years, how is Stacey finding having a baby girl to dress every day?

“I really thought she’d be in a ballgown every day with bows in her hair, but they just get in the way. She’s trying to crawl at the moment and I put her in a dress and I was watching her thinking actually, I bet that dress is really frustrating to try and crawl in. So when she starts standing up and walking, I can't wait to get all the dresses out. Also she’s still got no bloomin’ hair so I can’t put any headbands or bows in!”

If you follow Stacey on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt got some house envy since she moved into her Pickle Cottage. From her impressive renovations to those little finishing touches, Stacey has become a bit of a go to when it comes to inspiring interiors, and we wondered if she’s ever been tempted to release her own Primark homeware range.

“That would be the dream one day. There would definitely be some fake plants with a load of eucalyptus and things like that. I love natural oak and wood - Pickle Cottage is full of it. There'd be candles - I love a candle! I’d love to do cookware, dinnerware and tableware and soft furnishings. Oh my gosh, I'll do everything. I would absolutely love it.”

We love that once again, her kids came along for the shoot, but we can’t help but wonder, are her older kids getting a little too cool to be coming to work with mum these days?

“It's so funny because Rex will go along with whatever we're doing for the day. But the older boys, they don't really come with me on anything. There's not much there that they're that interested in, but they loved this cos they know they're gonna get some new clothes. And I also ask the old boys when I’m making stuff, would you wear that? What would you want that to be like?

“Zach, particularly enjoys seeing it come to together because I often show him the process. He sees it going from a piece of paper to the final product and he loves it. I didn't know if he'd want to do it with me again cos he's 14, but he does. So as long as they're happy, I'll bring them with me and they do it and they enjoy it.”

Speaking of Zachary, we can’t help but love the way Stacey’s eldest has taken to life as a big brother to his younger siblings, and Stacey couldn’t agree more.

“He’s such a special boy Zachary. I think because me and Zach almost grew up together, he's very ahead of his years and before his time, and he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks - he goes in his own direction. He's lovely. And he also loves his younger siblings so much, so if it makes them happy, he's like ‘oh cool i’ll do it.’ Honestly, I'm so lucky to have Zachary.”

“I know I joke about him being my favourite child, but really….haha!” Stacey jokes.

Stacey Solomon's Primark range is available to shop in store from May 30, 2022

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