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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, is our cleaning guru whose Instagram we're always checking out for hacks and inspiration. When she’s not sharing pics of her beautiful boys Ronnie and Lennie, it’s hard to find an Instagram story that doesn’t include one of her fashionable bottles that don't just do the job but look the part and fit perfectly with her home aesthetic.

Whether you're a member of the Hinch Army or not, we can all agree these look much better than you're regular cleaning bottles and are an environmentally friendly option worth buying into.


We've taken this tip from our Queen of Clean to show you how you can organise everything with these fashionable Mrs Hinch-inspired bottles. From washing up liquid to cleaning solutions, baby lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and even your balsamic oil - you'll have your organisation on point and your home looking as trendy as ever. The small details make all the difference!

What spray bottle does Mrs Hinch use?

Mrs Hinch's bottles come from Kath & Kin, formerly Shabby2Chic Boutique, an independent small business that makes personalised, organisational items that are focused on family and being ecologically responsible. Checking out their Instagram, it’s great to see their favourites with other celebs too, including Jac Jossa, Rochelle Humes, and Stacey Solomon.

How to make your own Mrs Hinch bottle

Luckily, it’s super simple – you don’t need to be a crafting expert to make this one!

All you need is a bottle and matching vinyl stickers to add to your bottles, personalised to you or their contents. The great thing as well is, if you’re not a fan of the iconic Mrs Hinch typography or grey tones, you can try a different font and colour combination more suited to your interior style.

Shop the Mrs Hinch bottles

We’ve listed where you can buy some great Mrs Hinch-inspired bottles, others a little different in style with font variations if you're looking for something to suit your own home decor, plus everything you need to make your own or use to customise items or bottles you already own!

If you're a part of the #HinchArmy, or are already wise to the wonders of Zoflora, this is the spray bottle for you. Inspired by the Mrs Hinch spray bottles, you can personalise the rose gold text with your name above the Zoflora font as a little treat to yourself or a fellow fan of Mrs Hinch.

Review: "Lovely size, and the letters are unique and pretty. Makes using Zoflora literally anywhere you like easy. I did my car seats and everything when I got this. Perfect."

These Mrs Hinch-inspired glass jars with cork lids are minimalist and chic, perfect for storing anything from your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover, to pasta, rice, sugar, or flour. With these jars you can personalise the size, with 500ml, 1 litre jars available, the colour of font (there's 20 to choose from), and the text. You can even adjust the font if you're looking for something a little different.

Review: "I love them. They came packaged really well and do look amazing. I could only post one picture so I chose to post one with them filled so everyone can see how stunning they look. I definitely recommend them. Thank you so much."

If Mrs Hinch can organise her oils and sauces, you can too without the judgement of being too extra. With a choice of 250ml or 500ml bottles, you can decide exactly what's written on your bottle in either black or white. The bottles themselves are square in shape, similar to your typical supermarket oil bottle, and come with stainless steel tips for easy pouring. They're not dishwasher safe and will need to be washed carefully by hand, so we'd recommend using these for the condiments that don't get used in a hurry.

Review: "Love my bottles, they look lovely in my kitchen."

These spray bottles are similar to the previous ones on our list, but these offer even more flexibility when it comes to customisation for your home. You can choose to have a black or white bottle colour, choose from a list of 11 font colours, and personalise the text with the wording you'd like and style. There's extra swirly or more minimalist font choices - it's completely up to you.

Review: "Absolutely love my spray bottles! They fit my space perfectly. Thank you so much!"

These bestselling reusable pump dispensers give you all the options for personalisation with a whopping 34 text colours to choose between, a choice of five font styles, and customisable font too. You can even choose to have no personalisation if you're looking for something a little plainer. We really are spoilt for choice.

Review: "The personalised bottles are absolutely beautiful! Exactly how I wanted them, they are simple yet make a bathroom look stunning! Glad I bought them for my new bathroom. They were dispatched a lot earlier than I expected which was a lovely surprise. I would highly recommend this small business!!"

Another bestseller we couldn't miss from our list, this small business on Etsy has over 2,500 reviews giving an average of five out of five stars - certainly impressive. With these bottles you can choose the wording and font colour to match your home decor, with six colour available but the option to request any other matte colour of choice.

Review: "Bought as a birthday present for my wife, she absolutely loves them! She is Mrs Hinch mad! And these made her day. Will be using BrownOwlGifts again in future 👍🏻🙂"

While these are very different in design, they're still Mrs Hinch-inspired for helping you to organise and store your products in your home to match your decor. These 500ml matte black personalised pump bottles are the perfect storage accessory for your bathroom toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath soak, shower gel, etc. if you're after a different style that's modern and minimalist.

These eco-friendly, clear, stylish bottles are ideal for organising your cleaning products, using as a plant spray, or disinfectant. We also appreciate that you'll be able to see through and know when you need to buy more of your favourite cleaning product to top up. You can choose for your spray bottle to be made of PET plastic or recycled glass, and can personalise the optional black stamped label, though it's worth noting that the typed letters are uppercase, and the use of punctuation isn't an option.

These pump bottles are super fun and cute for storing your baby's products with the animal motif. You can pick from a tiger, elephant, and zebra or a mix of each when buying two or more bottles. While the font stays the same, you can customise the text and font colour - we really like the idea of adding your little one's name for a lovely personal touch.

We love the pink hue of these spray bottle from TweedsideDesignCo that are stylish while adding a fun pop of colour to the home. Perfect for storing glass cleaner, anti-bacterial sprays, plant water, and more, you can choose the text you'll have on your bottle's label and either the classic or script font style. If you're looking for spray bottle that's a little more aligned with Mrs Hinch, script font is the way to go!

Another colourful option (we couldn't resist) these sage green bottles add a fresh and natural touch with the bamboo and white pump top. While they're recommended for the bathroom, we think these would work well in the kitchen too for washing up liquid or hand soap. You get a choice of font colours, font styles, and you can personalise the text with whatever you like.

We're a big fan of this amber spray bottle, available in recycled plastic or PET glass and with a personalisable label up to 25 characters. It's chic with an eco-friendly ambience thanks to the natural colouring, choice of materials, and reusable nature.

If you're looking to make your own spray bottles, this set of three makes a great choice of base bottle. They're made of glass, BPA-free, reusable, recyclable, and not to mention stylish and of great quality. You can use them for all sorts around the home and have been recommended by Hinchers who have been inspired by Mrs Hinch's organisation.

Review: "I bought these glass spray bottles as the Hinch bug took over and I needed new ones to match my house. So I got clear ones but the fact these were glass makes it even better. The product arrived super fast and when it came they were better quality than I was expecting. Thick glass with both spray tops and sealable tops perfect for storing my diluted Zoflora in. Will definitely be purchasing more and even passing on the company details to family members who have the Hinch bug too."

If you prefer the style of Mrs Hinch's bathroom pump bottles, these 500ml dispenser bottles made of while PET plastic are a great replication. Although this is a pack of five, you can order just the one or even 25 if you're inspired to create personalised bottles for family and friends too.

Review: "These look so much better on my kitchen worktop than the antibacterial soap bottle dispensers from well known brands and mismatched hand lotion. I bought a couple of self-adhesive labels on Amazon to identify which is which and I just need to buy refills in future. The plastic is nice and firm. They look expensive, neat and work very well. So pleased with them."

So you've got your bottles, now you need your labels! Available in a choice of sizes, colours, and fonts in keeping with the Mrs Hinch style, you can decide exactly the text you want on your labels. All labels come with transfer vinyl included for easy application and a set of application instructions which reviewers found clear and simple to understand.

Review: "Exactly what I wanted and ordered! Look so fresh on my storage jars! Makes everything look super neat!"

These printed, waterproof, matte vinyl labels have been pre-designed for a set list of cleaning items that you can get the full collection of, and you can also choose to create custom labels for whatever you need. Request small, medium, large, or long labels with your personalised text.

Review: "I am addicted to these labels!! I love the quality and design ❤️ Thank you."

Dymo Omega Home Embossing Label Maker
Price: $23.99

Want to make your own labels at home? You can emboss your own labels using the Dymo label maker that's been recommended by Mrs Hinch herself. There are 49 characters to choose between to print the text you need on 9mm wide tape, available to order in four different colours if you're looking for a bit of variation. It's easy to use, convenient, and guaranteed to keep your organisation on point.

As shared by Mrs Hinch on her Instagram stories:


What does Mrs Hinch put in her cleaning bottles?

As well as having bottles dedicated to lotions and oils, she has her trusty cleaning bottle to hand which she fills with a cleaning solution to tackle surfaces in the home. This can include a washing-up liquid and water solution, or a Zoflora and water solution which can clean most things and once diluted is safe to use in a home bustling with children.

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