What will the royal baby be called? The predictions for Harry and Meghan’s first child

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Ever since the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were expecting a baby, there has been a lot of speculation about the gender and the all-important name.

The couple has stayed tight-lipped on the gender. According to a survey by luxury baby toiletries brand Baby Kingdom Collection who asked 1,000 people what sex they thought the baby would be – an overwhelming 62% said it was going to be a girl.

The royal family tend to stick to a similar style and the name is not usually announced until a few days after the birth - presumably, so it can be signed off.

But Meghan and Harry are often pitted as more radical, so, will they go traditional, sticking with royal names? Perhaps a Victorian-inspired name as a nod to their heritage? Or will they shock the nation with a modern feminist take on baby names?

Whether they have a baby boy or a girl, everyone will be waiting in anticipation to find out the moniker of this special royal heir. With Meghan due to give birth in Spring, the royal baby products are probably already purchased and now the predictions for the name are in...

10 royal baby name predictions:


Royal baby name predictions

Albert1 of 10

1) Albert

Albert is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning 'noble' and 'bright'.

When betting ended on Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child, Albert was tipped as the bookie's favourite but the couple plumped for Louis instead. Is this year Albert's year?

The name Albert has a royal history - Queen Victoria's husband, Albert, was also her first cousin. He was introduced to Victoria by their cousin Leopold, King of the Belgians.

Alice2 of 10

2) Alice

Alice is tipped to be a favourite. Although perhaps not the first royal name that jumps to mind, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother – and The Queen’s mother-in-law – was known as Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Perhaps a nice way to honour the baby’s grandfather, who is 97. The name Alice is of German origin meaning ‘noble’ so is perfectly fitting for a royal baby.

Princess Alice of Battenberg died in 1969 at Buckingham Palace at the age of 84. The name Alice became very popular in 1865 when Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland was published.

Alexander3 of 10

3) Alexander

Another name steeped in royal history - Alexander, meaning defender of the people, is the male version of Alexandra – the Queen's middle name.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also chose this moniker as the middle name for their first born George but it could still take centre stage this time.

Alexandra4 of 10

4) Alexandra

If the royal baby turns out to be a girl, it makes sense that the feminine version of Alexander is also a favourite.

As we said, Alexandra is the Queen's middle name so would be a way to honour her majesty and the babies grandmother.

Alfred5 of 10

5) Alfred

Alfred is an Old English name meaning 'elf' or 'magical counsel'.

King Alfred, successfully defended England against the Vikings and therefore went down in history as a mighty medieval warrior. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also called their son Alfred with the nickname Alfie.

Diana6 of 10

6) Diana

It is not surprising that the name of Prince Harry and William's mother is a favourite. Harry has spoken candidly about how the loss of his mother affected his mental health and this would be the perfect way to honour her memory.

Diana also has an interesting meaning, it comes from the Latin 'divinus' meaning 'divine'. This has historical and royal significance, as in the past, monarchs were in power because of the Divine Right of Kings. Diana also occurs in Roman mythology, she is the goddess of the moon and hunting.

Arthur7 of 10

7) Arthur

Arthur has strong royal connotations - it immediately makes you think of King Arthur and knights of the round table. William and Prince Charles also have Arthur as a middle name.

Mary8 of 10

8) Mary

Mary has been a popular name in the UK for centuries but has fallen out of favour in recent years. It has several potential and interesting meanings 'sea of bitterness', 'rebelliousness' and 'wished for child'.

But, this Christian name is also steeped in royal history. Mary has been the name of two queens of England and Mary Queen of Scots. Mary I was the first woman to rule England and she was nicknamed 'Bloody Mary'. It is also one of the Queen's middle names.

Philip9 of 10

9) Philip

Philip is thought to mean 'dear', 'loved' and 'loving'. Of course, it has royal connections and is the name of The Duke of Edinburgh.

Victoria10 of 10

10) Victoria

Victoria means 'victory' or 'conqueror' in Latin. The name was popular across Europe but it didn't really exist in England until the Queen, who was named after her German mother, began her long rule of Britain.

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