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Jenni Falconer

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Busy TV and radio presenter Jenni, mum to 3-year-old Ella, talks health, fitness, toddler tantrums and more

I had a great pregnancy. I loved having a bump and wore stretchy rather than baggy clothes as I found they offered more support and comfort. I had a bit of morning sickness for the first couple of months and was constantly exhausted, but beyond that the only discomfort was restless leg syndrome and a frequent stitch in my ribcage.

The change in my body took some getting used to. Not because I didn't like it but because I didn't recognise my body when I looked in the mirror. After giving birth, it felt like ages until I was back to a pre-pregnancy look again - but in hindsight it was actually fairly quick. There is definitely some truth in the phrase 'nine months on, nine months off'.

I worked out during my pregnancy. I went to the gym and did weights twice a week, and did plenty of cardio including lots of walking. I just made sure I was never out of breath. By the end of the pregnancy, I was desperate to go for a run or a fast walk but my body was resisting. I was so slow.

“It’s an exciting and magical time when you get to know a little person who will be in your life forever.”

You're never fully prepared for motherhood. My husband James and I came home the evening Ella was born, looked at our new baby and then at each other and said 'what now?!' It was an education, we’re learning as we go and raising a little girl who we are incredibly proud of. It’s an exciting and magical time when you get to know a little person who will be in your life forever.

Ella is just gorgeous: kind, caring, funny and incredibly loving. She is full of character and extremely headstrong, going from cheeky to cute within seconds. She is also keen to learn, wanting to practise writing all the time and already asking 'why?' to everything.

It’s tricky juggling work and being a mum and sadly we don't have family nearby. Mum comes to help regularly though and is invaluable. We have resisted a nanny but we do use babysitters occasionally and Ella is now at nursery a few hours a week.

Every child is different and you can't compare yours to someone else's. You know your baby better than anyone else does so trust your own judgement but take advice. I’m supporting the B.A.B.Y. campaign, a collection of top tips by mums for mums.

“You know your baby better than anyone else does so trust your own judgement but take advice.”

There’s no manual that comes with a child. It’s easy to get stresses and we’ve all been there. Tantrums are usually short-lived: you just have to be calm and in turn, calm them down. It's part and parcel of growing up. Some parents are better at smiling their way through it than others.

If we were to have another baby, we'd be as thrilled with a girl or a boy. Even my husband has learnt to enjoy a good dolls' tea party and is not against having another daughter despite being already outnumbered two to one!

Jenni is working on SMA Nutrition’s B.A.B.Y campaign to find the best pieces of advice for new mums. Visit from the 23rd March to view the winning pieces of advice.

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