Holly Willoughby – her children, husband and her gender predictor theory

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Not only is Holly Willoughby one of the UK's favourite TV presenters but she's also a mum-of-three and author with a stylish wardrobe that is regularly coveted by many of us.

Who is Holly Willoughby?

Born in Brighton, Holly Willoughby is a British TV presenter who despite modeling from the age of 14, first appeared on mainstream TV in 2000 as a children's presenter for shows such as Xchange and CBBC's version of the BBC talent show Fame Academy. Holly is most known for regularly presenting ITV's This Morning and Dancing on Ice. She was also a team captain on Celebrity Juice for 12 years before she announced she was leaving the show.

Holly Willoughby's husband

Holly met her husband TV producer Dan Baldwin (co-founder of production company Hungry Bear Media) when he was one of the producers of her TV show Ministry of Mayhem. The couple married on the 4th of August 2007.

Holly Willoughby's children

Together with her husband, Holly has three children: Harry (2009), Belle (2011) and Chester ( 2014). Holly is very protective of her kids' identity, rarely posting photos of them online apart from than from the back of their heads.

Holly previously told Hello!: “All I ever wanted to do was to be a mum. It wasn’t like when I was at school I thought, 'Oh, I’m going to be this big career girl'. Being a mummy is definitely my most favourite job of all, without a shadow of a doubt."

Holly Willoughby on giving birth

Childbirth isn’t everyone’s favourite experience, but Holly said she’s a fan. ‘I actually really like giving birth,’ Holly told The Times Weekend magazine. ‘I know, I’m a weirdo but I really like it. Knowing you’re about to meet your baby, it’s just a really lovely time. It’s the best day ever.’

Holly Willoughby shares tip to help your baby get to sleep

Holly has previously admitted she found night time as a parent, a real struggle. Luckily for us, Holly shared her experience in her book, Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me. Apparently, it's all down to the 'floppy arm' trick.

Those moments when you're unsure if your teeny-one is asleep enough that you're able to lay them down in their cot without them waking? No one wants to accidentally wake up a baby, especially when it's been a working-effort since 7pm. Holly recommends trying something called the floppy arm trick. All you do is pick up your baby's arm and if it proceeds to drop down heavily, they’re ready for the cot. If it’s not flopping, that means you should wait a bit longer. Interesting. Very interesting.

Holly Willoughby voted best UK celebrity role model for mums

In a 2014 poll of the UK’s best celebrity role models, Holly came out on top by securing 38 per cent of the vote.  The presenter beat the Duchess of Cambridge to the top spot, who had 29 per cent of the vote. Mum of six Angelina Jolie was voted the third-best role model with 17 per cent of the vote.

The poll, conducted by breastfeeding experts Lansinoh, was also put to women from seven other countries across the world. Jennifer Garner scored the role of best celeb role model in the US, with 26 per cent of the votes, followed by Jessica Alba who had 23 per cent.

Holly Willoughby can predict your baby's gender

There’s a number of different ways to predict whether you’re having a baby boy, or a girl. From our Chinese Gender Predictor Tool, to a number of old wives’ tales, they’ve all got a 50/50 chance of being right, and are a great way to keep everyone guessing during your pregnancy. That said, This Morning star Holly unlocked a secret to being right every time.

No, it’s not asking your sonographer at your 20-week-scan, it’s the way your hands look on your bump.

After Serena Williams tweeted a photo of her beautiful pregnancy photoshoot for Vanity Fair, Holly quickly guessed the tennis superstar was expecting a girl, and she was right. Serena gave birth to her daughter named Olympia just two months later. Holding her hands either side of her stomach, Holly demonstrated her ‘theory’, saying if your hands go in at the bump, it’s a boy:

If your hands go out like Holly is demonstrating below, it’s a girl.

She was urging viewers to 'try it - it's always right'. Since her previous predictions, Holly predicted the gender of one of This Morning's cameramen's baby. As she predicted, the couple had a baby boy, and she called the gender from using the same method of judgment, and the hands went in.

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