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Youtuber and new mum Grace Victory is reported to be responding to treatment well, after contracting Covid-19 and delivering her first child on Christmas Eve.

Her son was due in February, but it was decided safer for both mother and the baby to deliver him sooner.

Grace was then placed into an induced coma by doctors on Christmas Day, to help her recover.

On 30 December her family shared that she was responding well to treatment, as well as thanking fans and well-wishers.

The statement shared by Grace’s family on her Instagram read, “Grace gave birth on Christmas Eve to a beautiful baby boy, who is currently doing so well, he’s incredible, we love him so much.

“Grace developed Covid-19 two weeks ago and although her symptoms were mild at first, they worsened as the days went on. Which meant they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible, as she was just too unwell to carry on with the pregnancy.

“Grace was admitted into intensive care on Christmas Day due to issues with her breathing and therefore they had to make the decision of placing her into an induced coma, to give her body the rest it needs in order to recover.

“We love her so, so much and we know she’ll come out of this stronger than ever. She has dedicated her whole career to healing people, we now as that you pray, to heal her."

Grace, who is 30 years old, has over 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 224,000 Instagram followers. She has focused her career on body positivity, mental health and holistic healing.

She first announced her pregnancy with her partner Lee in an Instagram post shared on 29 August 2020, with the caption: “THIS IS 30”.

Twitter posts shared by Grace on the 24 December read: "When baby was being born Lee sang 'the first time I saw your face' and that is why I need to marry him. I’m a whole Mum!! I can’t believe it.

"We’re parents, it’s been a wild week but this morning baby boy arrived and is our little Christmas miracle. I am so in love!"

On 30 December, her family shared the following update: “Grace is currently stable and responding well to treatment. We as a family are truly overwhelmed by the amount of love and well wishes sent to our Grace and we want to thank each and every one of you for casting a light of hope our way.

“Let’s get her home.”

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