‘Double Whammy’: Granny-To-Be Jade Jagger Announces She’s Pregnant, Too

by Hannah Fox |
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Designer Jade Jagger and her daughter Assisi are both expecting babies this year

Jade Jagger, 42, was already excited at the prospect of becoming a grandmother for the first time this year, when it was announced in November that her 21-year-old daughter, Assisi, was expecting her first baby.

But now she’s got another reason to celebrate as she's just announced on her Instagram page that she is also six months pregnant.

The jewellery designer posted a picture showing her posing in a black vest top and shorts with a noticeable bump.

She said: ‘Happy to announce this granny is going to become a mummy I'm 6 months pregnant xx double whammy this year.’

Jade is married to Adrian Fillary, a DJ and music festival promoter, while her daughter is expecting a baby with her chef boyfriend Alex Key.

Jade’s Dad, Mick Jagger, who’ll become a great-grandfather when Assisi’s child is born, has welcomed the news of his daughter and grand-daughter’s pregnancies.

Speaking to Hello! magazine last year, Assisi said she phoned her Rolling Stone grandfather to tell him she was pregnant.

‘He said, “Well done,” and I said, “I didn't have to try too hard.”’

‘The women in our family just tend to have children young, it runs in the genes,’ said Assisi.

Jade was just 20 years old when she gave birth to Assisi, but believes her daughter will relish motherhood.

‘She'll be a perfect mum. Assisi is a level-headed, sweet girl and I think it will give them both a lot of pleasure. It gives you an amazing purpose in life, to fulfil nature's destiny.’

Would you want to have a baby at the same time as your own child? Let us know in the comment box below.

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