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It’s Black History month and what better time is there to broaden your scope of the world, diversify you feed a little more and share with you my list of black, family focused content creators based in the UK that you will absolutely love.

As a mother and content creator myself, I have to tell you it isn’t as easy as just snapping a photo and uploading it, there’s a lot of planning and preparing that goes into creating content that will inform, educate or put a smile on your audience's face. I mean have you ever tried to get a photo of your little one and they would look, or they’d much rather run off to play? And then, there is a lot of work that goes into communicating, connecting and supporting friends online after content has been posted. Some of these women also delve deeper and share with you some of their mental and physical health struggles which takes a lot of emotional strength to do.

So, with that in mind, if you do go ahead and follow any of these amazing creators please do be respectful of their spaces. I think you’ll love them as much as I do and that is why I’ve included them. If you have any other black content creators you love, please share them with us!

So without much further ado, let’s get right into it. Here’s a list of my top 10 black families, parents and birth workers that I am currently loving.

I’ll start with myself in case you don’t know who I am already.

Chaneen Saliee @chaneensaliee.

Bio: MultiAwardWinning Influencer (of hearts+minds) ✨

Honest Mother✌🏾

Funny af😂

reality in stories👇🏾

Breastfeeding+Self Love


I am a content creator who shares the realities of motherhood, through emotive captions, hilarious reels and bare faced chats in stories. I talk about self love being a priority in order to thrive in your parenting and everything else. I’ve won multiple awards for my content so I must be doing something right. Haha. You are welcome in my space, it is a safe space for all families.

Ola Pelo @olapelo

Bio: 🌟Your Plantain loving,TikToking family

🌟Ola, Darcy, Mayah, Micah-Remi & Dream

🌟TikTok: ThePeloFam


Ola is a fun, family content creator who offers an insight into a happy black family home. Inspiring families to spend time together doing fun Tik Tok dances and she also touches on some of the more pressing topics such as racism and grief.

Illy @mixingupmotherhood

Bio: Illiyin (Illy)

Mama, Midwife & Birth debrief facilitator, Birth advocacy & birth trauma.

Illy runs a very informative safe space to talk about pregnancy, birth and family life. Learn about the importance of self advocacy or book in with Illy as she also offers birth debriefs and over invaluable services for mothers and birthing people.

Tinuke @mumsandtea

Bio: Business Mum

Mama to Ez(4) Eden(1)

@fivexmore_ and @learningwithez 🙋🏾‍♀️

Ft British Vogue, Channel 4, ITV📺

Join Our Online Platform📲

For The REAL Motherhood Tea☕️

Mums and Tea is a page run by Tinuke, she’s also one of the founders of the #fivetimesmore campaign. Tinuke shares the realities of motherhood, and brings women together through her meet ups and online community. She is very passionate about early years education and offers diverse educational resources to help your little ones learn.

Flavia @flaviabenko


Public Figure

Encouraging a Positive and Grateful

outlook on Marriage & Motherhood

Flavia is a quality content creator who shares her mothering journey, which includes breastfeeding advocacy. Flavia shares the joys of marriage, motherhood and womanhood all through a beautiful aesthetic. She has brilliant skincare content and recommendations too. #selflove

Sharlene @curlylittledreams

Bio: Digital Creator| Motherhood | Lifestyle | Boysfashion


👦🏽 👶🏾 Hector & Hugo

Sharlene runs that page Curly Little Dreams, where she shares really fun content around motherhood, lifestyle and boy-fashion; which I’m sure we can all agree is needed. Sharlene and her family go on some fabulous days out too so you’ll be inspired by her kid friendly activities.

Adanna David @adannadavid_fam

Bio: 📸 A Visual Journal of our Family Lifestyle

✊🏾 Creator @earlychildhoodantiracism

Adanna (mama) and David (papa) share a visual journal of their family life, all of their content is high quality and so very endearing, in my opinion. They have recently begun create some of the most fantastical fairytale-like images around their family and lifestyle.

Liz @theblacknurserymanager

Bio: Educational Consultant

👩🏾 Liz Pemberton

📍B’ham, UK


🗣 Anti-racist training & consultancy in the Early Years Sector 👧🏿👩🏽‍🦱👶🏻

Liz shares very insightful and informative content around what anti-racist practices look like. She also offers consultations to service providers who wish to do things right but may not know where to start. Liz’s page, The Black Nursery Manager, is a brilliant page to follow and a safe space to learn more about anti racism.

Chanel Ambrose @chanelambrose

Bio: Lifestyle

Home: @mrsambrosehome

Founder @camellondoncreatives

 Chanel shares lifestyle, family and faith content. She is such a proud mother and shares those joys of motherhood and family life along with sharing about her gorgeous home on @mrsambrosehome.

The Kabs Family @thekabsfamily

Bio: Video Creator

◦ Youtube: The Kabs Family

◦ 1M Subs + Over 100M Views 🎥🎬

SUBSCRIBE & join the family!

The Kabs Family are full, full, full of fun and their videos on YouTube are hilarious. They share content on Instagram and on YouTube and are here to put a smile on our faces.

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