Davina McCall’s shocking confession about her own labour experience

by Georgina Terry |
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Davina McCall has talked about giving birth to her second child Tilly and she has not spared any of the details.

Chatting to Giovanna Fletcher as part of the author’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast series, Davina revealed all about her home birth. And it transpires that things really got moving when the former Big Brother presenter was on the toilet.

“I was on the loo, to labour for a bit, because the loo’s a comfortable place,” she said.

And that was the moment the midwife told her she needed to get in the birthing pool right away.

“I had to crawl on all fours to the pool because the head was literally crowning.

“Tilly was born minutes later. It was mega,” Davina said.

Davina has three children, Holly. 16, Tilly, 14 and Chester, 11, with ex husband Matthew Roberson. She's proudly kept them out of the public eye.

The fitness guru is extremely positive about all three of her birth experiences, and she believes it’s important to tell first time pregnant women the good stories, and not the bad.

So much so, she’s been known to approach pregnant women to have a little chat.

“God help the pregnant woman who gets in a lift with me,” she told Giovanna.

“I go up to them and say: ‘I just wanted to let you know, I had three great births. And I enjoyed the experience of giving birth and when I gave birth to my third child I was bereft at the idea of never giving birth again.’”

In this way, she hopes to counteract the ventouse / forceps / general horror stories women who’ve had bad experiences love to share.

Davina is all for sharing them – but with women who’ve already got the scars from having children.

“Fear is the biggest blocker of a good birth,” she reckons.

“Fear is the biggest closer of the cervix.”


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