13 celebs who became pregnant in their 40s

celebs who gave birth in their 40s

by Catriona Watson |
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If you're over 35 and expecting, the first time you heard the words 'geriatric pregnancy' you probably felt pretty offended! You're in the prime of your life, you cry!

We often hear about the potential health risks of having a baby further down the line, but the truth is that times are changing. If you're lucky enough to get pregnant in later life, there might even be some benefits of being an older mum.

If you are taking the plunge into motherhood later, and you feel like you're on your own - you're definitely not. Our very own Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is having a baby aged 37.

Check out this list of celebs who chose to have children in their forties (and even gave birth in their fifties!)...

13 celebs who became pregnant in their forties:


Celebrities who became pregnant in their forties

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1) Rachel Weisz

In 2018 Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz, 48, had her second child, a baby girl, with James Bond star Daniel Craig. It was the couple’s first child together - Rachel already has a son from a previous relationship and Daniel has a daughter from his marriage to Fiona Loudon.

Speaking to the Mirror about having a child later in life, Rachel said: "The preciousness of a new life and family means so much more now I’m more mature and older. My son was a miracle and it was an incredible experience. But doing it again now I’m older is very deep and very precious. I am very lucky."

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2) Meryl Streep

Oscar winner Meryl Streep had her daughter Louisa at 41. Meryl and her husband Don Gummer have four children: one son and three daughters, with Louisa being the youngest.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Streep said having kids was “humbling and such a good thing if you're a big movie star” as it keeps you grounded.

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3) Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria Bastón gave birth to a little boy in 2018, aged 43. It is her first child and she wasn’t sure if she would be a mother until she met and fell in love with her husband, José "Pepe" Bastón.

Speaking to HELLO!, Eva said: "he was born healthy, and I had a good pregnancy, an amazing husband and a great support system, my family and my friends, so everything was pretty smooth for me. It's been a really great journey."

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4) Geri Horner (formerly Geri Halliwell)

In 2017 former spice girl Geri had her second child aged 44, her son Monty. Geri already had daughter Bluebell who told her not to give up when she struggled with fertility issues.

Failed rounds of IVF almost forced Geri to accept defeat but she believes a prayer and acupuncture eventually helped her conceive naturally!

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5) Madonna

Madonna has six children: four adopted and two biological. Madonna had her second biological child, Rocco at age 42 with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

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6) Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden was 40 when she gave birth to her second child, Hollie. The Britain’s Got Talent Judge previously suffered a stillbirth in 2011 and she was admitted into intensive care near the end of her pregnancy with Hollie.

In 2013 she said that she had no issues getting pregnant but that she believed women should consider having children earlier than 40 to avoid health complications.

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7) Gwen Stefani

Singer Gwen Stefani was 44 when she had her son, Apollo Bowie Flynn, in 2014. Stefani already had two boys Kingston and Zuma.

Stefani described Apollo's birth as a surprise "miracle" and that the experience put her in "a whole new spiritual place."

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8) Eva Mendes​

Eva gave birth to her second daughter, Amada Lee in 2016, age 42. Eva and heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling already had daughter Esmerelda who was born in 2014.

Even Hollywood stars suffer from mum-guilt: Oh my God, nobody warns you about the guilt that you feel when you do work!”. She added: “I don’t know how I find balance, because I think it is like a day to day kind of struggle, you know?".

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9) Mariah Carey

In 2011, Mariah Carey gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan aged 42. The GRAMMY award-winning icon previously said that carrying twins was a difficult experience physically.

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​10) Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman had two children in her 40s. She welcomed her daughter, Sunday Rose, in 2008 when she was 40 and daughter, Faith, in 2010 when she was 43.

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11) Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman had her daughter Luna, her third child, aged 42. The Kill Bill star said that having children older was easier as she felt more mature and less guilty about being a working mum.

“When I was younger and became a mother I didn’t think I could do anything else and was completely overwhelmed” she explained.

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12) Halle Berry

In 2008, American actress Halle Berry had her first child, Nahla, at age 41. She then went on to have her second child, Maceo, aged 47.

Berry described Maceo as a miracle baby as she believed she was perimenopausal and unable to conceive. She puts the miracle down to Nahla who prayed for him for a year – “Only her prayers could have done this. I didn’t think it was possible at my age, honestly.”

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13) Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson announced that she was pregnant at age 49 - just two weeks before her 50th birthday! She then had her son Eissa in 2017, aged 50, with her husband, Wissam Al Mana.

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