The top parenting vloggers you need to be watching

Parenting vloggers

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From their week-by-week pregnancy journey, right through to what’s in their changing bag, these mummy vloggers are sharing the highs and lows of being a parent.

These parenting influencers are great to watch for top tips on day and nighttime routines, mum fashion, family days out and even birth videos!

Take a look through our list of our favourite families and mums to watch right now.

Natalie Bennet

Mum of 3, Natalie Bennett documents her "real and beautiful" life as a mum. As well as videos that focus on motherhood and homeschooling, Natalie is also a lifestyle vlogger, sharing her summer must-haves, and get ready with me's.

Watch Natalie Bennett on YouTube

Louise Pentland

Beauty, baby and lifestyle vlogger Louise Pentland had to be on our list! Previously a columnist for Mother&Baby and part of our very first Mum List, Louise is a mother to two gorgeous girls, Darcy and Pearl. So honest about motherhood and a true inspiration, she even vlogged her home birth.

Watch Louise Pentland ​on YouTube


A relatively new channel, body-positive activist Grace Victory hit headlines after spending three months in a coma a day after she gave birth to her first child after contracting coronavirus while she was pregnant. We adore her vlog channel detailing the highs & lows of Grace, Lee and their gorgeous little boy Cyprus Sevyn.

Watch TheFamilyHood on YouTube

Emily Norris

Emily Norris is one of our favourite mummy vloggers. She captures the life of a stay at home, working mum to her 3 boys, Fraser, Caleb, and Jackson. You'll find mum hacks, deep cleans, routines, day in the lives, and meal prep. She also documented her pregnancy week by week and included her home birth. 

Watch Emily Norris ​on YouTube

Ysis Lorenna

Ysis is a Brazillian mum of three from Wales who is bringing up bilingual children. Featuring parenting advice, fashion and beauty tips and mum mental health help, she's a great mum to follow if you too are bringing up your babies away from home.

Watch Ysis Lorenna on Youtube

Our Tiny Tribe

Vlogger Ebony Day has a channel called Our Tiny Tribe. She has a daughter Daisy and son Hudson. The channel features baby names, family days out, bump updates and more.

Watch Our Tiny Tribe on YouTube

What Mummy Loves

Nigerian mum of 2 Ezi shares a variety of different videos on motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, food, tips and tricks and more. She also scooped a spot on our Mum List 2021.

Watch What Mummy Loves on YouTube

Kate Murnane

Kate Murnane started out with Dolly Bow Bow, her online jewellery and accessories brand, and has brought her community along with her through the big changes in her life. Now a vlogger mummy to her three boys, Archie, Elliot and Finley, Kate is the ultimate glamour mum, sharing all things motherhood as well as best buys and house renovations.

Watch Kate Murnane ​on YouTube

Molly Baker

Mum Molly shares mum parenting honesty on her channel including post partum realities and days in the life with son Jasper as well as her pregnancy with her second baby. Expect developmental updates, baby clothes hauls and insightful vlogs. A breath of fresh air and an ideal one to binge when doing the ironing. 

Watch Molly Baker on YouTube

Simply Allie

Simply Allie is mum to Emmi and Oakley. Watch Allie where she shares all things lifestyle, cleaning and real motherhood videos, good and bad. 

Watch Simply Allie ​on YouTube

The Saccone-Jolys

Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly have four children, Emilia Saccone-Joly, Eduardo Saccone-Joly, Alessia Saccone-Joly and Andrea Luca Saccone-Joly. The Irish vloggers living in London document everything from their proposal video to the births of their children.

Watch the Saccone-Jolys on YouTube


From makeup videos to family life, fashion hauls and morning routines, you'll find loads to watch on Sebinaah's YouTube channel! This mum of two loves to also film plenty of advice and inspiration talks to try and offer some friendly support to mums! 

Watch Sebinaah on YouTube

Katie Ellison

Passionate photographer and videographer, Katie's channel is one for parents of older children. On her varied channel you'll find decluttering, house renovation chat, meal ideas, travel and family vlogs with her three children.

Watch Katie Ellison on YouTube

Haylee Louise

The lovely Haylee shares her experiences as a disabled mum to daughter Isabella. From daily vlogs to parenting tips and loads of fun family meal inspiration, Haylee's channel shows the realities of parenting. 

Watch Haylee Louise on YouTube

Brummy Mummy of 2

Mum Em's channel is full of bargain hauls, home organisation tips and family vlogs. We particularly love her Disney vlogs.

Watch brummymummyof2 on Youtube

Yasmin Johal

We love Yasmin's YouTube channel and as one of our Mumlisters 2020, we love seeing Yasmin with her little boy, Remi. She's also a vegan mum too for any of you mum's looking for some vegan food inspo!

Watch Yasmin Johal on YouTube

The Fat Funny One

Another one of our Mumlisters 2020 and one who has us in stitches, mum of four Jess has lots of great motherhood content over on her YouTube channel on her life with her children, Sophia, Isabella, Jaycen and Theodore. 

Watch The Fat Funny One on YouTube

Lucie Houchin

The lovely Lucie is a mum of two including son Harry, who was born deaf. Follow her story on her YouTube channel for family routines and fun vlogs.

Watch Lucie Houchin on YouTube

SJ Strum

Mum to Freddie, Finn & Evelina, SJ shares life with her family and Swedish husband on her channel. Popular for her baby name idea lists, she also posts videos on how to create a calm and cooperative, peaceful family dynamic through gentle parenting and positive discipline.

Watch SJ Strum on YouTube

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