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Made in Chelsea alumni Binky Felstead has set up a health and fitness retreat called Mummy Tribefor mothers with children aged from three to 18 months.

The luxurious breaks are based around exercise, mindfulness and knowledge for new mums - all excellent ideals. But they will set you back £795 - £1050 for two nights, which may be just a little beyond the pocket of some mums on maternity leave.

So, can you recreate the Mummy Tribe retreat experience at home?

Binky Felstead Mummy Tribe retreat - accomodation

Your home for two days on Binky’s retreat is a 19th Century converted barn in Arundel.

This isn’t going to happen for us on the budget version, unless you happen to already live in a 19th Century converted barn in Arundel.

On the upside, doing a retreat in your own home costs a very pocket friendly £0 for accomodation.

Binky Felstead’s Mummy Tribe retreat - exercise

The official retreat includes HIIT and circuit, core and glute, and "fun cardio partner" workouts, which sound like anything but fun to us.

Mummy Tribe attendees can also partake in Pilates and yoga classes to improve core strength, which sound much more up our alley.

The NHS has a 45-minute yoga video that is suitable for all new mums, including women who gave birth by c-section.  You don't need any previous yoga experience for this class, which focuses on the muscles of your tummy, back, hips and arms, and it’s free.

You could give it a go when your little one is having their long nap and we know you have 101 things to do in those precious minutes but taking a little time for yourself is important. Trust us.

You could also check out our guide to four easy exercises to do while your baby is awake. They’re even fun.

And be sure to read Davina McCall’s genius idea for exercising as a busy mum.

Binky’s recommended retreat also includes “guided hikes through the stunning town of Arundel” and says “you will have the option of bringing your baby in their carrier.”

Many NCT branches offer weekly or monthly walks around local parks, with a discretionary stop for a cake and the chance to chat to other mums. They’re free, and you have the option of taking your baby in their carrier. Or their pram.

Binky Felstead’s Mummy Tribe retreat – relax

The Mummy Tribe retreat offers morning meditation classes, which sound absolutely lovely.

To create a semblance of this at home, how about downloading the Headspace app that offers ten, ten-minute sessions for free? 

The Mummy Tribe retreat also offers treatments including manicures and a full body massage at an additional cost (yep, in addition to the £795 - £1050 you’re already paying).

This is a bit of a tricksy one to recreate at home, BUT you could buy massage crayons to trick your little one into massaging you for a start.

Binky Felstead’s Mummy Tribe retreat – for babies

The retreat offers childcare from 8am to 6pm, with a listening service from 7pm to 10pm, which is almost worth the money in itself (did we mention it’s £795 - £1050 for two nights?).

They also have activities for your baby including baby sensory, music classes and age appropriate arts and crafts.

To recreate this, not at home but hopefully within walking distance, look into your local children’s centres. These offer baby sensory sessions and age appropriate stay and plays, often with singing, and they are free Free FREE.

Binky Felstead Mummy Tribe retreat – professional help

Binky’s retreat offers the chance to "become a part of the mummy tribe community and meet likeminded mothers; attend parenting talks and workshops; receive expert parenting advice; share your experiences of motherhood with one another and create long lasting relationships for you and your children".

Which sounds invaluable in the lonely days of new motherhood. Sadly, it does come at a price.

For the sweet price of zero you could check out the Hoop app that lists loads of free activities, including coffee mornings and chill and chat sessions, where you could meet other mums while your baby plays.

If you need advice on breastfeeding, you could drop into a baby caféthat offer one-to-one (or one-to-two, if you count your baby) advice on feeding your little one. They’re run by a range of staff including health professionals, midwives, health visitors, or lactation consultants.

And the Parent and Baby Coach, who provides classes at Binky's retreat, offers lots of online advice.

Binky Felstead’s Mummy Tribe retreat – the food

The grub at Mummy Tribe looks lush, but a bit Spartan. 

Here’s an example of their lunch options: Moroccan quinoa with avocado, Thai coconut prawns and leafy greens, super green falafel with turmeric tahini sauce and raw broccoli tabouli.

We would 100% have a multipack of Kit Kats in our luggage.

But how could you recreate such delicacies as super green falafel with turmeric tahini sauce and raw broccoli tabouli at home? LOL. We all know this is never going to happen.

Looking after your health and what you put in your body is super important, especially in the sleep deprived days of new motherhood or when your little one is bringing all the bugs home from nursery. If you have time to whip up an actually pretty nutritious beans on toast you’re doing super well.

And if you really have a hankering for super green falafel with turmeric tahini sauce and raw broccoli tabouli, our best tip on this is to get a friend to make it for you.

In fact, get them to look at all our tips on ways to be kind to your friend with a newborn.

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