10 Top Celebrity Dads (As Voted By Fathers)

Will Smith

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We all have famous people who we think seem like great parents and role models, but a new poll has revealed exactly which celebrity dads are idolised most by UK fathers. The survey, carried out by the Family Matters institute, asked UK dads which celebrity fathers they most admire and while some of the celebrities highlighted are obvious choices, a few are quite surprising. Click through the gallery to see which stars made the top 10…


1. David Beckham1 of 10

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is constantly hailed for his parenting skills and often photographed with his brood of four – Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11, Cruz, nine, and Harper, two. He’s not shy to speak up about his parenting style, previously admitting that he and wife Victoria have strict screen time rules. ‘No more than an hour,’ he says. ‘I know that sounds pretty harsh, but I want my boys to be outside playing.’ [Corbis]

2. Jamie Oliver2 of 10

2. Jamie Oliver

Despite recently admitting that he feeds his children hot chilies to discipline them, dad of four Jamie Oliver has been voted the second favourite celeb dad. The TV chef is father to Poppy Honey Rosie, 12, Daisy Boo Pamela, 11, Petal Blossom Rainbow, five, and Buddy Bear, four. [REX]

3. Homer Simpson3 of 10

3. Homer Simpson

Surprisingly, a cartoon character dad was named the third favourite celebrity dad. OK, Homer may be the world’s most recognisable television father, but he’s still a cartoon… [Corbis]

4. Prince William4 of 10

4. Prince William

Dad to Prince George, 15 months, and with a second baby on the way, Prince William is the fourth most popular celebrity papa. Wills isn’t spotted out with George often (royal engagements aren’t always toddler friendly) but we love it when he reveals what his tot is up to. [REX]

5. Brad Pitt5 of 10

5. Brad Pitt

A dad to six kids, Brad’s big family may not be everyone’s cup of tea but clearly his parenting technique is admired. The Hollywood star has been voted the fifth most popular famous father. [Corbis]

6. David Walliams6 of 10

6. David Walliams

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is a relatively new dad, to 17-month-old son Alfred. David and his wife, model Lara Stone, keep quiet about their little one, choosing to keep him away from the showbiz world they’re both a part of. [Corbis]

7. Simon Cowell7 of 10

7. Simon Cowell

Becoming a dad for the first time at the age of 54, Simon Cowell, who once said that he would never change his son Eric’s nappy, has admitted that fatherhood has changed his life. The proud dad has posted a number of intimate snapshots of his son – who really does look like his mini me. [Corbis]

8. Michael McIntyre8 of 10

8. Michael McIntyre

The comedian has come in eighth place in this top 10 round up – a sign of his popularity amongst UK dads. The dad of two incorporates his sons Lucas and Oscar into his comedy sketches in really relatable ways, which could be why he’s so popular with other parents. [Corbis]

9. David Cameron9 of 10

9. David Cameron

The PM’s been spotted wearing a baby carrier and takes his brood to public events, showing that he’s a hands-on father that other dad’s aspire to be like – despite his high profile job. [Corbis]

Will Smith10 of 10

Will Smith

The Fresh Prince’s two children with second wife Jada Pinkett Smith may be almost all grown up now (Jaden’s 16 years old and Willow’s 14 years old) but that doesn’t stop Will from being voted the 10th most popular celeb dad. Will’s also got another son, Trey, 22, from his first marriage. [REX]

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