Teach your kids about diversity with an extra special Pizza event in Walthamstow this weekend

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Did someone say pizza?! Sodo Pizza in Walthamstow are celebrating the launch of their new eight slice pizza this weekend, with a community street party held outside the Sodo Walthamstow restaurant.

The restaurant, located on Hartherley Mews, is a celebration of the eight largest communities living in Walthamstow. Satisfy even the pickiest of eaters with the eight different slices:

  • A Jamaican slice – Jerk chicken on a tomato base, topped with a Julie mango sauce and fresh scallion

  • Lithuanian Slice – Inspired by a Karbonadas which is smoked pig’s ear and smoked pork belly, with ‘Boletus’ mushrooms and Medzotoju cheese

  • Romanian Slice - Chiftele meatballs rolled in sesame seeds and breadcrumbs, on a tomato sauce base and Cașcaval cheese

  • Indian Slice - A traditional Saag Paneer which is grilled paneer cheese studded in fresh spinach, tomato, spices, thickened with cream, and finally topped with green chili

  • Polish Slice - Based on a Polish village dish called a Zapiekanka which is smoked sausage ‘Torunska’, salted cucumber ‘ Malosolny’, onions, pickled mushrooms & peppers

  • Turkish Slice - Inspired by a Turkish Lahmucun which is a spiced finely ground beef, tomato and Capiscum pepper base and topped with sumac, fresh tomato, red onion, parsley, nigella Seeds and pomegranate molasses

  • Pakistani Slice - A Tandoori Bengan Masala, which is smoked aubergines in a masala sauce that contains onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, chilli, spices and is topped with a mint yoghurt and sprinkled coriander

  • British Slice - Bubble And Squeak, which is potato, cabbage, carrot and onion on a sage and garlic butter base finished off with Montgomery cheddar cheese

Dan Birch, founder of Sodo said: ‘The old English for Walthamstow is ‘Welcome Place’ and a love of food is something we all share. Who doesn’t like a good pizza? With this special pizza, I really wanted to bring people together, I mean after all, aren’t we all just pizzas with different toppings?’

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