Canned fruit can help you and your baby get five a day

Canned fruit can help you and your baby get five a day

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It’s a well-known saying that bad habits are hard to break – but so are good ones.

Getting children to eat their five-a-day can be a struggle for mums, whether that’s down to fussy eaters, busy lifestyles, cost or simply a lack of ideas.

But why wait until they’re older to try and change what they’re eating?

You’ll thank yourself a few years down the line if you get your little ones used to enjoying a balanced diet from a young age, when they’ve grown into healthy eaters all by themselves.

Princes canned fruit with juice can help – did you know it can count towards one of your five a day, is packed from fresh and contains no artificial colours or preservatives?

What’s more, with the chopping, pitting and peeling already taken care of, it’ll save you precious time in the morning.

Meet the expert - dietician Lucy Jones

Award-winning dietician Lucy Jones, who has made regular TV appearances across the BBC and Channel 4, is a real fan of canned fruit with juice for a daily nutritious boost, and has partnered with Princes to provide some fantastic tips and advice to help other mums to make the most of it too.

With two children of her own – including one at just 5 months, Lucy said: “Babies weaning or already on solid food should start enjoying their five-a-day straight away and with canned fruit with juice it’s really easy to do.

“Breakfast is the perfect time to introduce canned fruit with juice to babies and young children and even though it can be quite stressful for families rushing against the clock, it is possible to make it both nutritious and fun.

“As well as boosting your little one’s breakfast, canned fruit with juice can help mums reach their five-a-day too. There’s no need to spend a fortune or top up with fresh alternatives between shops, and it can be a fantastic addition to porridge, cereal, granola, low fat natural yoghurt or even eaten on its own.”

The recent UK National Diet and Nutrition survey revealed that only 27% of us manage to eat the recommended five-a-day, so we’ve asked Lucy for her top tips for mum and baby to reach this target.

Don't skip breakfast

It amazes me how many people rush breakfast compared with lunch and dinner, despite the fact that most parents see it as the most important meal of the day.

Help the whole family make breakfast count, and get your baby into the good habit of starting the day well. If it’s just you and your baby, make this one of your special times to eat, talk and bond.

Organise your shopping list

Preparing varied and exciting breakfasts doesn’t need to take hours, as long as you set yourself up with everything you need.

It all starts with the supermarket shop, ensuring you’ve got a variety of options to cover off all the food groups.

Why not pick up some handy canned fruit with juice - a store cupboard essential which counts towards your five-a-day.

Provide plenty of choice

Try to vary your baby’s breakfast meals so you can provide a range of tastes, textures and nutritional benefits.

Slowly introduce different canned fruits, with new flavours, colours and textures for tasty and nutritious options throughout the week.

When you can, eat breakfast at the same time as your baby and show them how much you enjoy it too. For example top canned fruit with juice onto your favourite cereal or mix it with natural yoghurt.

Make breakfast fun

Help your baby look forward to breakfast time by ensuring it’s a fun part of the day.

Princes Fruit with Juice has done some research which revealed that some parents manage this by making fun faces out of breakfast, using colourful foods and even turning it into one big game. Why not try counting out the fruit pieces together?

Prepare yours in advance if needed

We all know how busy and exhausting it can be to be a mum with a young baby, so why not get ahead with your own breakfast by making it the night before?

Overnight Oats with canned peaches with juice is one of my favourite recipes – pop open the can, drain the juice into a bowl with some oats, top up with some apple juice or milk and give it a good mix.

Add a dollop of low fat yoghurt if you like and add the peaches on top to get one of your five a day. Leave it in the fridge overnight and it's ready when you wake up.

Eat well on the move

Last but by no means least, if you’re busy in the morning and you don’t get chance to prep the night before, canned fruit with juice is great on the go.

Small cans such as Princes Peaches, Pineapple and Fruit Cocktail with Juice are perfect on the move - each can contains a single, pre-prepared portion of your five a day, and there's no need for a can opener.

If you’re a working mum, you can even take it to work to tip onto your cereal or porridge for a nutritious boost - you don’t have to worry about it bruising in your bag, and can even keep a supply in your desk drawer.

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