ASDA BBQ Pulled Pork with Rice & Beans – Tried and Tested!

ASDA BBQ Pulled Pork with Rice & Beans - Tried and Tested!

by Samantha Ball |
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Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea!

In this month's hot seat...

Organic BBQ Pulled Pork with Rice & Beans Tray, 95p, Asda Little Angels


They say: 'Organic. No nasties. Packed with carrots, peppers and sweetcorn. Fabulous flavours and chunky textures, for your little one's final step to family food.'

Hmmmm. Over to you, mums!

Please share your feedback on the taste of the product?

Dalyn - The taste is very good, also have lots of different textures like little carrots, sweet corn, rice.

Sonya - I loved the flavour, it was very authentic homemade tasting and my toddler really enjoyed it. It had a smokey tomato flavour which was rich and is actually how I would expect a homemade version of this dish to taste. This gives me added confidence that the product is well flavoured and tasty. It was great to see all the vegetables and good chunks of pork throughout the dish.

Naomi - Had lots of flavour considering it was a baby product, usually I find that baby food products are quite bland, but this was nice and my son liked the flavour too.

Kyla -  The flavour is good, Mila liked the taste and texture.

What do you think of the tray meal option – was this convenient?

Dalyn - I think the tray is fantastic, very convenient to put on the baby bag and easy to just to put in the microwave and no cleaning afterwards just give a little wipe and put on the recycling.

Sonya - The tray meal option was very convenient as it could be served straight from the dish saving on washing up. It was easy to heat in the microwave with little mess. I would tend to use pouches if my child is going to eat lunch on the go as she will eat these cold and straight from the pouch. However, the tray options are more suited to me when I am at home and require a meal quickly or for the childminder's lunch box.

Naomi - It could be if you’re out and about yes. I put mine into a bowl once it was cooked through as we were at home.

Kyla - It was really handy especially on an evening when we needed a quick meal.

What did you think about the flavours of the product?

Dalyn - I love it as I’m currently trying to give my son different things, I like that he try all kind of different flavours.

Sonya - I have not seen a pulled pork, rice & beans dish before in any baby range, therefore making this product unique in its flavour offering. It was great to see so many vegetables within the dish. When looking at the ingredients, it was great to see some herbs and spices such as chilli powder, thyme and coriander. This gives it a real homemade edge as these are flavours I would add to home cooking and want my baby to try.

Naomi - The flavours went well together and were well chosen, but I feel like the bits of meat and pepper could have been bigger considering it’s for 12 months plus.

How often would you purchase tray meals for your little one?

Dalyn - I purchased baby food quite often, is very easy if we go out or on holiday and just take it with me!

Sonya - I would purchase approximately three tray meals per week.

Naomi - This is the first one we’ve tried, I’d purchase them more often now that I know how convenient they are, and it’s easy for when we’re eating something that my son cant have

Would you buy Little Angels food products again? Why/why not?

Dalyn - I will buy Little Angels again definitely, I really like them, and also the price very cheap.

Sonya - Yes I think the packaging is very attractive and eye-catching. I like that the trays are organic the gives me extra confidence when buying. I trust the brand and the quality as I have purchased many Little Angels baby products and I think they offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. The flavour of this particular dish I would expect from a high-end brand.

Naomi - Yes I would, as my son enjoyed it, it’s quick and easy to make, the flavour was nicer than i expected, and we don’t have to wait ages for it to cool down.

Kyla - Yes definitely and I will look more into the range.

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