Annabel Karmel’s purple porridge

Purple Porridge

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Annabel Karmel's purple porridge is a great breakfast choice to help enhance your baby's morning.

This super porridge contains delicious oats – a good source in iron and zinc, which supports baby’s immune system - and sweet blueberries, rich with vitamin C, which contain antioxidants to help encourage and assist your baby or toddler's quickly developing brain.

Bear in mind, eating breakfast helps kids get more fibre, calcium, and other key nutrients, which can help your child do better in school, and improve their memory and attention.

Preparation Time

5 minutes


Makes 2 portions


  • 1 tsp unsalted butter or plant-based spread

  • ½ apple, peeled and finely diced

  • 25g porridge oats

  • 150ml calcium fortified almond milk

  • 25g blueberries

  1. Melt the butter or dairy-free spread in a saucepan.

  2. Add the apple and sauté for 2 minutes.

  3. Add the remaining ingredients.

  4. Stir over the heat until bubbling and the blueberries have softened.

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According to Nutrition Coach and Chef, Lisa Marley, "babies can have porridge as a part of their diet. Porridge is a good source of carbohydrates and can provide essential nutrients for babies' growth and development.

"Purple porridge for babies is good because it is often made with purple sweet potatoes or other purple vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. These nutrients can help support babies' immune systems and overall health.

"Babies can typically start having porridge around 6 months of age, when they are ready to start solid foods. It is important to introduce new foods slowly and watch for any signs of allergies or digestive issues.

"Porridge can be a healthy and nutritious option for babies, as long as it is made with wholesome ingredients and does not contain added sugars or unhealthy additives. It can be a good source of energy and nutrients for growing infants.

"Parents can freeze porridge for their babies, as long as it is stored properly in an airtight container and used within a reasonable amount of time. This can be a convenient option for busy parents who want to prepare meals in advance. Just make sure to thaw and reheat the porridge thoroughly before serving it to your baby."

Meet the expert:

Annabel Karmel is a mother of three from London, and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs, after receiving an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for her outstanding work in the field of children’s food. She is the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author, a best-selling international author, and feeding expert with around 50 cookbooks. Find hundreds of children's recipes, feeding ideas and food inspiration on Annabel Karmel's website. She's on a mission to raise the standards of children’s diets and help millions of families worldwide.

Lisa Marley is a nutrition coach and chef. She has also trained as a pastry chef at Westminster Kingsway College, and gained a culinary diploma from Ashburton Cookery School in Devon. She has demonstrated her recipes at The Ideal Home Show, The Sustainability Show and The Fully Charged Show, to name a few, and has recently filmed for channel 5. Lisa is also part of the cooking show on Amazon Prime with Emma Willis, called The World Cook, and has recently filmed with channel 4, for a new property show.

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