33 vegetarian recipes that will leave the entire family asking for seconds

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Whether you’re a vegetarian and your baby’s a veggie in training or you just want to get clued up on more meat-free meal ideas, take a look at these delish recipes that are packed with all of the nutrients and goodness you need to get you – and your family – through the day.


Lentil stuffed peppers1 of 29

Lentil stuffed peppers

This dish is packed full of fibre and protein to fill you up. Find the recipe here.

Onion and gruyere tart2 of 29

Onion and gruyere tart

The slowly caramelised onions give this tart a slight sweetness to add to the flavours from the cheese. Find the recipe here.

Tomato-y tartlets3 of 29

Tomato-y tartlets

These tartlets contain tasty flavours your toddler will love and they're super-easy to make so your little one can help you out in the kitchen. Find the recipe here.

Ratatouille4 of 29


Ratatouille is a classic vegetable stew, which you can serve on its own or as a side dish and the vegetables are easily pureed for your baby. Find the recipe here.

Vegetable barley soup5 of 29

Vegetable barley soup

This chunky, farmhouse-style soup is perfect for warming up cold days and you can swap or add in vegetables depending on what’s in season. Asparagus, peas, broad beans, sliced runner or French beans, broccoli florets, chard and spinach would all be tasty. Find the recipe here.

Gnocchi6 of 29


The ultimate in easy-comfort food, gnocchi has a lovely soft, fluffy texture making it great for babies and toddlers. Find the recipe here.

Apple and beetroot soup7 of 29

Apple and beetroot soup

This light but filling soup will improve the digestion, support the liver and provide a hit of energy-boosting nitrates. Find the recipe here.

Fresh tomato soup with pasta8 of 29

Fresh tomato soup with pasta

A hearty soup is just the thing for an instant warm up on a cold, winter’s evening. Freeze extra portions for a quick and easy lunch. Find the recipe here.

Mini cheese and potato frittatas9 of 29

Mini cheese and potato frittatas

These bite-sized frittatas are delicious served hot or cold and make the perfect healthy snack for your toddler – and you. Find the recipe here.

Cheese and tomato pizza10 of 29

Cheese and tomato pizza

Step away from the freezer aisle! Nothing beats homemade pizza and your toddler will love getting involved by adding his own toppings to this plain margherita pizza. Find the recipe here.

Wholemeal spinach, feta and potato pies11 of 29

Wholemeal spinach, feta and potato pies

Spinach and feta is a classic flavour combo and they’re packed with healthy nutrients for you and your baby. Find the recipe here.

Tomato basil quiche12 of 29

Tomato basil quiche

Ripe tomatoes and fresh basil give this savory quiche a Mediterranean flavor. Use a firm variety of tomato that does not contain a lot of juice, such as Roma, to prevent the quiche from being too watery. Find the recipe here.

Spinach mushroom crepes13 of 29

Spinach mushroom crepes

You can use your favorite variety of mushrooms in this recipe. These crêpes are also delicious made with 1 cup of feta cheese in the filling in place of the Monterey Jack. Find the recipe here.

Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette14 of 29

Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette

The natural sweetness of the butternut squash and delicious flavours for your baby or toddler. The galette tastes delicious cold, too. Find the recipe here.

Tarka dahl15 of 29

Tarka dahl

The lentils in this dish provide a protein hit that will fill you up. Any leftovers can be frozen for later. Find the recipe here.

Sweet potato, squash and coconut soup16 of 29

Sweet potato, squash and coconut soup

This soup is full of tasty, warming flavours that are perfect for warming you up when it’s cold. Find the recipe here.

Mini tomato and feta omelettes17 of 29

Mini tomato and feta omelettes

Quick snack for your toddler or cute canapé for your drinks party – these mini omelettes will cover both bases... Find the recipe here.

Rigatoni with courgette, tomato and mascarpone18 of 29

Rigatoni with courgette, tomato and mascarpone

You can’t go wrong with a pasta dish when it comes to feeding a hungry family, and this one is quick to put together and healthy. Find the recipe here.

Falafel burgers19 of 29

Falafel burgers

These vegetarian falafel burgers are super-quick to make so perfect for a speedy, mid-week supper. Find the recipe here.

Asparagus and egg pastries20 of 29

Asparagus and egg pastries

Perfect for a light lunch or starter, these pastries are packed full of nutrient-boosting ingredients. Find the recipe here.

Chickpea, aubergine and red pepper casserole21 of 29

Chickpea, aubergine and red pepper casserole

This winter warmer will fill you up and any extra portions can be easily frozen for later. Find the recipe here.

Sweetcorn fritters22 of 29

Sweetcorn fritters

These tasty fritters will go down well with the whole family and are perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch. Find the recipe here.

Rosemary-roasted butternut, courgette, amaranth and barley couscous salad23 of 29

Rosemary-roasted butternut, courgette, amaranth and barley couscous salad

This health-boosting salad combines grains with roasted vegetables and seeds for a delicious lunch – hot or cold. Find the recipe here.

Vegetable spaghetti bolognese24 of 29

Vegetable spaghetti bolognese

Serve this up instead of the meat version – it’s still full of protein, which helps your baby to grow. Find the recipe here.

Indian stir-fried spring veg vermicelli with peanuts25 of 29

Indian stir-fried spring veg vermicelli with peanuts

Noodles are a great food to eat for your baby as they're soft, and also make good finger food for your toddler to pick up. This dish is fresh, quick and easy to prepare. Find the recipe here.

Butternut squash lasagna26 of 29

Butternut squash lasagna

Give your family lasagne a health make-over by packing it with nutritious butternut squash and spinach. Make your life that bit easier and prepare it the day before – it’ll taste better, too, as the lasagne sheets will have time to soften in the sauce. Find the recipe here.

Couscous with seven vegetables27 of 29

Couscous with seven vegetables

You can mix up the vegetables in this tasty couscous dish depending on what your baby or toddler enjoys. Find the recipe here.

Mushroom risotto with gremolata28 of 29

Mushroom risotto with gremolata

This risotto is the ultimate comfort food – add some leftover roast chicken for added protein. Find the recipe here.

Bruschetta with reblochon and roasted vegetables29 of 29

Bruschetta with reblochon and roasted vegetables

These bruschetta make great pre-dinner nibbles or an easy snack for the whole family. Find the recipe here.

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