11 best vegan Easter eggs that kids will love

Vegan Easter Egg

by Samantha Ball |

Easter eggs often contain surprises like candy, small toys, or money. The anticipation and mystery of what's inside the eggs add to the excitement. And often, they are decorated in vibrant colors and patterns, with the visual appeal of these colorful eggs capturing children's attention and making the activity more enjoyable.

As Easter is perhaps the most dairy-heavy holiday, it can be a particularly tricky time of year for vegans and little ones who are dairy-free. The good news is, your vegan or dairy-free tots have plenty of options, as brands are producing more vegan Easter eggs than ever.

So if your child can't have Easter eggs containing milk, they can still indulge in the tastiest eggs just like everyone else.

Alternatively, you can use this as a fun activity thanks to our guide around how to make your own Easter eggs with the kids.

Check out our guide to the 11 best vegan Easter eggs littles ones will love:

Best vegan Easter egg for dark chocolate fans

Splurge on these salted caramel Easter eggs. Not only will your kids love them, but you will too. These Limited Edition luxury chocolate eggs are made by hand with a Belgian dark chocolate shell, filled with our new delicious vegan salted caramel.


  • Contains 8 handmade chocolate eggs
  • Each miniature egg is carefully decorated by hand with dark chocolate 


  • Not ideal for kids that do not like dark chocolate

Best vegan Easter egg for the whole family

Each PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box contains two individually wrapped, creamy andorganic dairy free chocolates along with a cardboard toy to assemble. The toy is part of a series of six to collect and also comes with its own fun facts educational infomation card.


  • Soy & plastic free
  • Set of six rabbit toychoc boxes


  • Not ideal if your little one is not a fan of bunny shapes

Best vegan Easter egg for design

One happy reviewer said, "Pleasantly surprised with this. I brought as a gift but I tried some of course. If you handed me a piece without telling me it doesn't contain milk, I wouldn't have noticed any difference, I would only be able to tell you it wasn't Cadbury or Galaxy, but it tastes fine."


  • Made using oat milk
  • All packaging is made from fully biodegradable card


  • If you are allergic to oat milk, this may not be ideal

Best vegan Easter eggs for fruit lovers

Free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts, this is a good option for any mini vegans. We love the fruit crunch egg which is unlike any other on this list.


  • NOMO Cookie Dough Egg & Bunny 160g
  • Vegan and free from dairy, egg, and nuts


  • The company has mentioned the actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown

Best vegan Easter egg for its crunchiness

Many children have allergies or intolerances to dairy and other common ingredients found in traditional Easter eggs. This Vegan and bumoy looking Easter egg comes with a great design and crunchy flavour, making it bursting with flavour.


  • Lovely design
  • Great for chocolate fans


  • A bumpy Easter egg

Best vegan Easter egg for its fondant centre

Why not treat yourself to a chuckie eggs are mind-blowingly good, made with oat milk chocolate they are vegan and sustainably sourced.


  • A pack of 5 creamy oat milk chocolate eggs filled with a gooey fondant centre
  • Gift pack contains 5 egg


  • Great for creamy egg fans
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