Santa stop here signs for indoors and outdoors

Santa Stop Here Sign

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A ‘Santa stop here’ sign can add some festive funto your home and is a great little activity for you and your child to do together and pop up at the start of December or Christmas Eve. After all, Santa has millions of houses to visit, so telling him where to stop never hurts!

If you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space for that matter then don’t worry as there’s plenty of ‘Santa stop here’ signs that are perfect for indoor use too. So whether you’re after one for your garden, your child’s bedroom or something that will even look pretty on your Christmas tree, look no further as we’ve rounded up the best ‘Santa stop here’ signs below.

Santa Stop Here sign EtsyEtsy

Santa will be sure to stop outside your house once he catches a glimpse of this fun, handmade ‘stop here sign’, which you can personalise with your children’s names too! Although we hope Santa won’t be planning to go head first down your chimney...

Etsy Santa Stop Here signEtsy

These sweet door hangers are perfect for those who don’t have a garden or any grass to put a ‘santa stop here’ sign into. Available in oak or white acrylic, you can personalise these door hangers with your child’s name for that extra personal touch.

There’ll be no chance of Father Christmas flying past your house with this light up ‘Santa stop here’ sign flashing outside it. Simply set the timer and the battery operated LED lights will come on automatically every day for 6 hours, before switching off for 18.

Little Wood Crafting Personalised Little Wood Crafting Santa Stop Here Hanging SignLittle Wood Crafting

We love this rustic sign made from wood, so each one will vary slightly in colour and size, giving it a unique feel. Personalised with your child’s name, it will look lovely hung up in their bedroom window.

This beautiful personalised ceramic decoration is ideal for hanging on your Christmas tree or child’s bedroom door. It’ll be great for getting out every year and something your child can keep with them once they've grown up to remind them of their magical Christmases as a youngster.

A4 Cinematic Light Box SignAmazon
Price: £17.97

Let your child create their own ‘Santa stop here’ sign with this cinematic light up box sign. Not only will this be great for their language development, but you can also create other fun messages for other special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

A great budget-friendly option for those who are after a simple ‘santa stop here’ sign that you can get out time and time again, which will add a festive feel to any home.

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