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While Christmas for many of us is a happy and joyous time to celebrate with family and loved ones, it’s important to spare a thought for those who are struggling this winter. Since becoming a parent, you might feel like you want to give to all those children in need this Christmas, after all, it’s a time for giving.

With so many amazing charities doing brilliant work all over the world to help children less fortunate, we’ve rounded up some of the best charities who are helping children, that you might want to donate to this season.

Action for children

As part of Action for Children’s secret Santa campaign, you could give back to a child in need of food, warmth and love this Christmas. There are a range of different gifts and things you can donate to make a child’s Christmas a bit more special. You can choose from things like a present, a trip to see Santa, some warm winter clothes and more.

Alternatively, you can choose to give a one off monetary donation if you prefer. Find out more at

The Salvation Army

Many Salvation Army churches and centres across the UK will be running a Christmas Present Appeal, collecting donated presents until mid-December. All you need to do is take along some gifts and the charity will wrap and distribute the gifts to children who might not be receiving any presents this year.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to donate in person, you can donate on the Salvation Army’s JustGiving page.

Find out more at

Action aid

ActionAid need your help to help get more girls into education. You can set up a regular donation this Christmas that will help get the 129 million girls who are currently out of school back learning again. Alternatively, you can choose to donate an amount that will provide a girl with sanitary care products, or school supplies or tuition.

Find out more about their Christmas appeal at

Plan international

With Plan International, you can sponsor a child to help provide them with education, healthcare, clean water and school supplies to help them reach their goals and dreams. You can choose whereabouts your child is from and you’ll also get the chance to write to them and keep up with their journey.

Find out more about the ways you can sponsor a child this Christmas at

Feeding families

Feeding families is a charity based in the North East of England who work to provide families in need with a food hamper. This year, you can offer to give a family a hamper for Christmas. All you need to do is sign up to be a donor, choose a family you want to match with and create a hamper before delivering it to them in time for Christmas.

Alternatively, you can donate some Christmas favourites such as mince pies or a Christmas pud to a collection centre. Find out more about donating at and find your nearest food collection point at

The Sick Children’s trust

We all know how precious being with family at Christmas is, and this charity works to provide a safe space for parents of seriously ill children to spend Christmas together in their ‘Homes from Home’ up and down the country.

If you’d like to help their work, you can either donate, help decorate the homes for Christmas, or gift an hour of your pay to help support their work. Find out more at

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