Asda’s selling matching Elf Christmas pyjamas for the whole family

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Now the spooky season is officially done and dusted, it's time to move onto the real season of the year, Christmas.

Perhaps you're a fan of dressing up festive around this time of the year, especially around your little ones, or you're looking for some inspiration for Christmas presents already.

Well, Asda is ahead of the game with their Elf Christmas pyjamas, including a set for every member of the family, and they might be just what you're looking for!

Matching elf pyjamas


Elf Christmas pyjamas

Tiny Elf Family Christmas Pyjamas1 of 15

1) Tiny Elf Family Christmas Pyjamas, £5

2 of 15

2) Mummy Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

3 of 15

3) Daddy Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

Grandma Elf Christmas Pyjamas4 of 15

4) Grandma Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

Grandad Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £105 of 15

5) Grandad Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

6 of 15

6) Maternity Elf On The Way Christmas Pyjamas, £10

7 of 15

7) Cheeky Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £7

8 of 15

8) Sister Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £7

9 of 15

9) Brother Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £7

10 of 15

10) Auntie Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

11 of 15

11) Uncle Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

12 of 15

12) Mrs Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

13 of 15

13) Mr Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

14 of 15

14) Nan Elf Christmas Pyjamas, £10

15 of 15

15) Elf Squad Christmas Pyjamas, £10

Will you be kitting out your family in elf pyjamas? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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