Thoughtful gift ideas to say thank you to your child’s nursery teacher

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With the end of the school year fast approaching, you might be wanting to thank your little one's nursery teacher with a present for all their hard work over the last year. But what do you get?

Teacher's become a big part of your little one's life and you no doubt want to say thank you in the best way. Everyone will normally go for a box of chocolates or a big bunch of flowers, so why not go for something a bit different?

You could go down the DIY route and make a little something with your toddler, or maybe you want to buy something that's personalised and has a little thought there too.

Whether you're buying from your tot or chipping in with other mums, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to say thank you to your child's nursery teacher.

Thoughtful gift ideas for your child's nursery teacher


Gift ideas for nursery teachers

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1) Classroom sign back to school office teacher name gift, £7.49, Etsy

This lovely back to school gift would be a thoughtful gesture and a lovely addition to the nursery teacher's classroom. And you can, of course, personalise it how you wish.

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2) Personalised Cadbury Miniature Heroes (teacher), £16.99, Getting Personal

Everyone loves chocolate, especially Cadburys. This personalised tin of miniature Cadbury's heroes is a simple gift, yet you know it will go down a treat.

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3) Personalised Teacher Keepsake Box, £9.95, Not on the High Street

This little keepsake box is a sentimental gift for any nursery teacher, containing little charms to go with a little thank you note.
"You took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. You showed me where to look, but not what to see. You lit the path to guide the way. I may forget some of the things you've said, but I will never forget how you made me feel. Thank you for planting the seeds of knowledge- they will grow forever."

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4) Sunflower Sunburst Seeds, £1, Wilko

Another very personal idea is to give your nursery teacher a pack of flower seeds, such as these beautiful Sunflowers and attach a gift note from your little one saying, "You helped me grow." They can then enjoy them at home or plant them at nursery for other children to help grow! Flowers are always a lovely present to receive and this sentiment is sure to pull on her heart-strings.

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5) Personalised Notebook, £7.49, Getting Personal

This ringbound notebook is available in two sizes, A4 and A5, and is a lovely way to say thank you. Personalised with the teachers name, they will love having something special to write their notes in!

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6) Butterfly Garden, £14.49, Amazon

A butterfly garden is a great present, as the whole classroom can enjoy it. Children can watch the caterpillars grow and learn about butterflies and eventually release them into the wild! The hatching kit comes with 5 caterpillars, a reusable and collapsable net and a token to redeem food. Plus, it's the perfect time to buy this present as caterpillars are only available between March and mid-September.

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7) Teacher 'It Takes A Big Heart' Bracelet, £29.99, Not on the High Street

This bracelet is the perfect gift for a nursery teacher and a lovely way to thank her for going above and beyond for your little one. Available in silver and rose gold, it's subtle and perfect to be worn for any occasion. You can even personalise the message to the teacher!

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8) Mug Craft Painting Set, £4.99, Amazon

There's something really personal and thoughtful with a handmade gift. Let your tot decorate a mug for their nursery teacher, either with their name or some pretty patterns. A cuppa tea will have never be better for a teacher with this sentimental gift.

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9) Name a Star, £15.99, Star Listing

This unusual gift idea is perfect if you're wanting to be a little different than chocolates, flowers or stationary products. Simply choose a name for your star, pick a constellation that suits your teacher best and even add a personalised message from your tot.

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10) Create your own pamper box, £22, Not on the High Street

Choose from three products and create a thoughtful, pamper gift box for your tots nursery teacher! After a working hard all year and teaching little ones to grow, what better way to say thank you than getting them something to relax and unwind? Choose from candles, bath salts to soaps, there's a lot to choose from!

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11) Best Teacher Socks, £13.99, Getting Personal

Socks are never a bad present, we always need socks! So add a little personalisation to them and thank your tots nursery teacher for all their hardwork!

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12) Teacher Cushion, £22, Not on the High Street

This geometric apple cushion is a lovely, modern gift to give to a nursery teacher that they can either take home or keep at nursery! You can even add a personalised message onto the back of the cushion to make it even more thoughtful!

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