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Unlike generations before us, modern day society demands most parents to continue working full-time when they’ve had children. And while it seems some parents have aced the balancing act of their career, childcare, social life and everything else in between (just how do they do it?!), most of us rely on brilliant grandparents, other family members or even nannies to take on some of the childcare responsibilities.

Although the idea of having a nanny can seem like something exclusive to the rich and famous, having some help can allow us parents to achieve more of that work/family balance that we all crave.

If you’re considering hiring the help of a professional nanny, you may have come across Norland Nannies. Founded in 1892, Norland was the first educational establishment to offer any kind of childcare training for children 0-8 years. Norland graduates pride themselves in their professionalism, flexible approach and level of expertise and training which all nannies have.

What are the responsibilities of a Norland Nanny?

According to their website, Norland nannies have the below responsibilities:

  • physical care of the child

  • supporting and providing activities for the holistic development of the child

  • communicating with parents on all aspects of the care of the child

  • completing nanny documentation in order to keep parents informed about their child’s care, wellbeing and development

  • providing well-balanced and nutritious meals appropriate to the needs of the child

  • taking the child to playgroup/nursery/school

  • taking the child on outings appropriate to their age and stage of development

  • taking the child on playdates or arranging these in the family home (prior approval from the employer must be sought)

  • preparing for special occasions, such as birthday parties

  • caring for the child when they are unwell, which may include administering medicine and taking them to the doctor if necessary and with the consent of parents

  • travelling with the child and preparing for holidays, weekend visits, etc.

  • cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom and other areas as agreed with parents

  • cleaning, laundering and mending the child’s clothes and toys

  • being responsible for all equipment related to the care of the child, including the cleaning and maintenance of items such as sterilisers, buggies, car seats, etc.

  • taking responsibility for the nanny purse and making sound judgements when purchasing items from the nanny purse, as well as obtaining a receipt and providing a fully detailed list of weekly expenses

  • cleaning and tidying the accommodation provided for the nanny

You can either hire your nanny on a full-time or part-time basis. You can also hire a specialist maternity practitioner who will be there to help you from the day you get home from the hospital with your new baby.

Live-out nannies work 50 hours per week, usually 10 hours per day 5 days per week with weekends off.

Live-in nannies usually work 60 hours per week, so 12-hour days.

How much is a Norland Nanny?

Their salary depends upon their experience, work history and the number of hours they are required. It’s believed a Norland Nanny working 60 hours a week in London can earn £34,500 to £60,500, depending on their experience.

Norland Nanny uniform

Norland nannies are perhaps most famous for their iconic uniform, and we can see why.

How do I get a Norland Nanny?

If you think a Norland Nanny could be for you, you can register your vacancy here.

Once you’ve been matched up with a nanny, you will be offered a trial. These can be anything from a half day to full day with one mealtime with some 1:1 time with the child/ren.

If you aren’t successful in finding a suitable nanny, the agency fees aren’t applicable.

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