Asda’s new school uniform helping parent’s pockets and sensory-sensitive children

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Whether your child is starting out at primary school or has outgrown their old uniform, Asda George is no exception when it comes to providing excellent school uniform that meets the requirements of different school establishments.

However, Asda has gone above and beyond this year as the first major retailer to create not just a savings scheme to help parents with free bonuses for the big back-to-school shop, but a new range of uniform that helps make school life more comfortable for those children with sensory-sensitive needs.

We’ve included links to the new uniforms worth investing in below, the ‘hidden’ changes which makes this particular range so important and how you can get free bonuses to spend when it comes to buying the school essentials.

The new Asda school uniform praised by mums

Asda has launched their new Easy On Easy Wear range which caters to all children, including those who have sensory-sensitive needs like autism.

Shared earlier this month on Facebook, it's already been praised by thousands of shoppers and mums who have struggled to find a uniform for their little ones.

Mum Amy Potter wrote: "Brilliant! My 7 year old has sensory issues with clothes and will only wear jersey pinafores with no waistband (so it just goes straight down and not cinched in) but everyone seems to pinch the waist in nowadays."

Jackie Price-Jones said: "Brilliant Asda well done about time someone did something for autistic children 🥰🥰🥰❤️"

And Mary Duce shared: "I’ve bought some of these for my daughter who will start reception in September. She has a lot of sensory issues and these will hopefully help her be able to put her clothes on and off herself. Plus they feel really nice quality."

What makes this Asda school uniform range different?

In its research, Asda George found that 8 in 10 parents of children with specific needs felt that getting them dressed each day was difficult and that it takes twice as long to dress them compared to children without these needs.

Most clothing is designed with neuro-typical children in mind and so tight necklines, waistbands or buttons have become a regular part of kid’s school uniform.

By making small changes to the uniform in the range, Asda has made a huge difference for parents by creating clothing that’ll make the school run easier and extra-comfortable for their kids who have specific sensory needs.

Tom Purser, Head of Campaigns at the National Autistic Society, said: “It's great to hear that George at Asda will be developing autism-friendly clothing for children. Parents often tell us how sensory sensitivities can mean that autistic children struggle with clothing, like an itchy label, a scratchy seam or an uncomfortable fabric.

"Finding clothing their children can wear can make shopping for clothes time consuming and stressful. Many parents have to scour specialist shops for everyday items that other families are able to buy easily.”

It makes a real difference when a major retailer takes this on and as the first major retailer to do so, we’re hoping their actions will spearhead change with other retailers and encourage similar ranges for older children and adults too.

This sweatshirt eradicates having to fit into a tight neckline with the press stud fastening on the left hand shoulder making it easier to pull on and take off. The care instructions have been printed on to remove any scratchy labels and the sweatshirt is made from super soft threads for extra comfort.

Available in cobalt, navy, red and green.

Review from mum Leanne: "Delighted that Asda are doing a range for children with sensory needs and those that need clothing that's easier to get on and off independently. Quality was very good and the seams are soft. Not a label in sight, hooray! What I am most impressed with is that the price hasn't been inflated due to these items being aimed at children with disabilities and special needs. So often us parents have to pay a premium to make life a little easier for our kids. So well done Asda! I've already ordered more jumpers and some trousers."

This long sleeve shirt features soft threads for extra comfort, a printed care label and pull on cuffs with mock-button detailing. The mock buttons continue down the length of the shirt with an easy fastening hook and loop tape instead to make for easy, independent dressing.

Also available with short sleeves.

Mum Lisa said: "Thank you thank you thank you. Today my daughter managed to get herself dressed for the first time. The easy on shirts has been a game changer for us."

This shirt includes the same features as the girls long-sleeve shirt with soft threads, non bulky seams, mock buttons and hook and loop fastening and printed care instructions without the labels.

Also available with short sleeves for warmer weather wear.

Mum Sian said: "My son has SPD and absolutely hates having to wear crunchy uncomfortable school shirts. He also has difficulty with his buttons and usually needs help which can be frustrating for us both. These shirts are definitely a game changer! He finds them really comfortable and has a little bit more independence as he doesn't have to keep asking me for help with buttons as the Velcro is so much easier! It's great that the shirt doesn't look any different so he doesn't stand out too. Getting ready in the mornings has definitely become easier and he is visibly more relaxed and comfortable."

These polo shirts have proven extremely popular and comfortable for school wear. The front planket has three mock buttons with hook and loop tape hidden discreetly beneath. Super soft thread for comfort and without labels, this polo will keep them comfortable all day long.

One parent wrote: "Absolutely fantastic product whoever thought of this design is an absolute genius. My boys have ripped so many buttons off of polo shirts trying to undo them. Look exactly the same as a normal polo shirt and so easy to put on and take off. Great value too highly recommend."

This shirt features the same comfort and care considerations as with the other polo in the Easy On Easy Wear collection, just with a cute scallop trim collar as extra detailing for a pretty touch.

One mum was pleased to say: "Amazing for my autistic daughter, hope it helps with independent dressing. So good to see an accessible range at ‘normal price'."

Another highly popular uniform piece among parents with sensory-sensitive children, these trousers are pull-on with a mock fly, comfortable stretch waistband and elasticated band for extra stretch and comfort whilst wearing and putting on. Made from Teflon® EcoElite, the trousers are soft to wear and are still as smart with the permanent front crease.

One parent wanted to give these 6/5 stars: "My son has an overactive bladder and has accidents daily due to the panic he feels while fiddling with zips and buttons. Not a single accident in the last week while wearing these, and no irritation from labels."

These stretchy and soft jersey fabric trousers come with a comfortable stretch waistband which makes them much more enjoyable to wear compared to other ranges available. This also makes them more flexible, great for active kids.

One mum said: "Good quality and although my daughter doesn't have sensory issues, having no labels helps with her eczema and itchy skin."

Perfect for PE, these joggers are made extra soft and comfortable with the cotton rich fabric and a printed care label to remove irritation. The elasticated waistband makes for easy wear and the fitted cuffs aren't too tight so the trousers remain comfortable and feel un-restrictive.

One reviewer said: "These joggers are fab for PE at school which was the purpose of them. Comfortable and warm too which is great for this weather! The price is very reasonable and I have gone and purchased more in-store as I was so impressed. Ordering and delivery was easy and prompt - I had them delivered to the local store which was free and then collected them on the day I did my shopping. All in all a great purchase!"

The classic school dress in gingham check is a must-have for the summer, and comes with a pretty Peter Pan collar, a curved shape and with matching socks available to buy too. This dress features mock buttons with easy fastening hook and loop tape down the length of the dress. It's made from a soft, cotton rich material for comfort, printed labels and non-bulky seams.

Also available in blue gingham.

One mum shared: "My daughter has sensory issues and we have issues with clothing being itchy, hurting, tags are a huge no. After trying the zipped Asda dress and another brand's button dresses I was losing hope. Then I ordered this one and she loves and says it’s very comfortable. Well done Asda for including our children."

Designed as a 2-in-1 dress, this pinafore works well on its own or as a replacement to a skirt and polo combo if bulky material around the waist is uncomfortable for your little one. Designed as a polo and pleated skirt, the care label is printed, bulky seams are removed and the placket has easy hook and loop tape, subtly masked by the three mock buttons.

Mum Kirsty wrote: "My daughter loves these dresses, I bought her one at the start of September when uniform was scarce and I could barely find anything in her size (9-10). Now they are her favourites and she loves tricking her classmates that it’s not a “top and skirt”. They look great on, wash up well and it’s one piece of ironing not two, what’s not to love?"

This two-pack skater skirt gives great stretch and comfort with the stretchy waistband and soft jersey fabric. The permanent pleats keep the skirt looking smart for school and falls nicely in the skater skirt style.

One dad wrote: "My three year old wears these for her nursery uniform, they’re a very soft fabric which doesn’t irritate her legs, and nice and stretchy so they move with her as she plays. They are washing very well too, will be buying again when she grows out of them."

These skirts share the same qualities as the other skirt in the Easy On Easy Wear range, just with box pleats that are also permanent. Your child will stay comfortable with the stretch waistband, soft jersey fabric and printed care label.

One mum said: "Good quality skirts. Lovely pleat detail. Comfortable elasticated waist."

Does Asda have other school uniforms?

Yes! As well as the new exciting range making the moves, Asda have a great range of school uniform for neuro-typical children so whatever you’re looking for, they’ll have. Kit your kid out top-to-toe with quality uniform that’ll keep them looking smart, made to withstand the classroom, playground and beyond. Here are some quick links to find the uniform you need:

The Asda School Shop Savings Card

As well as helping to make school prep easier for parents, Asda have launched a savings card to help you save for the big school uniform and essentials shop this year. The more you save, the larger a free bonus you’ll earn to help go towards whatever your kids need for back-to-school this autumn.
To get started, simply order a card online or pick one up in-store. Top up your card automatically throughout the year with the money you’d like to save for your school shopping and depending on how much you’ve saved, Asda will give you a cash bonus of up to £15 to spend.
You can use your savings card across the full uniform range, whether you need the Easy On Easy Wear uniform, shoes, PE kits or even stationery.


The cash bonus will be rewarded on the cut-off date of August 8, so the idea is that you start saving now so you can start preparing for the new school year during the summer holidays.
We think this is a great way of making sure you’ve put money aside to shop so you don’t get a nasty school bill later in the year, and you get a free bonus too that’ll really help.
And don’t worry about your money being locked in - you can spend your savings as you go if you have any unexpected mid-term buys and can ultimately spend the money on anything in-store or online, including groceries, so if you’ve bought all the school supplies you need, nothing goes to waste.

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