13 Brilliant Bonuses To Being A Stay-At-Home Mum

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From not missing out on any ‘firsts’ to adding great skills to your CV, being a SAHM has a million benefits. Here are our top 13…


13 brilliant bonuses to being a stay at home mum

You can make new SAHM friends1 of 11

You can make new SAHM friends

Sign up for a baby, new mum or NCT group and you’re bound to double your Facebook friends in no time. Could come in handy when you need a last minute babysitter.

You’re there for every moment2 of 11

You’re there for every moment

The first smile, the first laugh, the first step and even the first shower of puke.

You can take it easy when you’re ill3 of 11

You can take it easy when you’re ill

No more do you need to down Lemsip by the gallon in order to get through a working day with a cold – you can chill on the sofa when you’re under the weather. And thank the lord for CBeebies.

You’ll have extra bonding time4 of 11

You’ll have extra bonding time

From cuddles on the sofa, to nappy changing time, to bathtime, you’ll have plenty of one-on-one bonding time with your baby as a SAHM.

You can take daytime naps5 of 11

You can take daytime naps

Ok so lie-ins are out, but being at home does mean that when you need to you can nap when your baby does. Helloooo siesta.

You can enjoy the sun – when it’s out6 of 11

You can enjoy the sun – when it’s out

Forget gazing longingly out of the window when it’s sunny – you can be out there enjoying it all with your tot. Cue lots of playground and beach trips.

You’ll spend lots of time playing7 of 11

You’ll spend lots of time playing

And your toddler’s toys aren’t so bad. You may even find you get weirdly into building Duplo towers…

You’ll get plenty of non-strenuous exercise done8 of 11

You’ll get plenty of non-strenuous exercise done

Don’t worry about fitting in a gruelling (and costly) session at the gym – the running around after your baby you’ll do will be enough to keep you healthy and in shape. Result.

You’ll save on childcare costs9 of 11

You’ll save on childcare costs

Has the extortionate cost of your local nursery or your friend’s nanny made you feel dizzy? You don’t need to worry about that as a SAHM.

There’s no dress code10 of 11

There’s no dress code

Forget digging out your lint roller on a daily basis and ironing your go-to suit – your baby doesn’t give a toss what you wear. So pull on those trackie bottoms if you feel like it.

You’ll have time to enjoy cooking11 of 11

You’ll have time to enjoy cooking

Embrace your inner Nigella and take the time to try out some new recipes. You’ll realised that minus the mad post-work dash to rustle up something for dinner, cooking for your child can actually be fun. You can even enlist him as your sous chefs.

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