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It can often feel like time is flying by so fast, and if you're keen to cherish those precious memories in years to come, creating a time capsule is a great idea. Not only do time capsules help to capture all of those big moments and memories, they're a lot of fun to make for the whole family.

So, while we're all living in the middle of a pandemic and what feels like a very important moment in history, making a time capsule could be the perfect weekend lockdown project for you and your family.

What is a time capsule?

A time capsule is a container (of your choice) that contains all sorts of memories, possessions and anything that means a lot to you in that moment. It should contain things that help paint a picture of what is happening in your life at that moment. Once it's full, you can decide what you do with it. You could either keep it hidden away to open in years to come in the future, or you could bury it in the garden for people to find in the future. How long you hide it away is entirely up to you, whether it's 10 years, 20 years, 30 or more!

How to make a time capsule

  1. Choose your container. The container could either be a box or tin that's been in your family for a while.

  2. Where will you store it? If you're planning on storing the container outside, you might want to choose a metal, stainless steel weather proof container so the contents doesn't get ruined. If you're planning on keeping it inside, whether it's in a garage, loft or basement, you'll be okay to put everything in an old shoebox or something similar.

  3. Decorate! If you and your family are feeling creative, you could find a plain box to decorate with paper, stickers or paint.

Time capsule ideas and what to put inside

When it comes to choosing what to put inside your time capsule, you'll want to have a good mix of things that are fun and touching. For example, if you're planning to make this for a special occasion, such as your child's first birthday, you might want to include a photo of them on their birthday, a badge perhaps and even a letter for your child to read in years to come. Other time capsule ideas include:

  • Your favourite photos from the past year - Print off a few special photos that really sum up your year. Don't forget to write on the back who is in the photo, where it was taken and some memories to go alongside it so that your future self doesn't forget any important details.

  • A newspaper from that day - Sometimes the best way of summing up what is going on in the world is by looking at a newspaper. Just think, in years to come you could look back at an old newspaper and think, 'do you remember that coronavirus?'

  • Favourite book from the past year - Whether it's a fiction that had you hooked or a non-fiction that helped you through a tough year, your future self might like to give it another read in years to come.

  • One of your child's toys - Is there a toy they used to love to play with but you can't bring yourself to throw it away? Popping it in your time capsule is a great idea as they'll probably appreciate that you kept it a lot more when they're older.

  • An item of clothing that your child has grown out of - Their first baby grow, or first little pair of booties. Choose a special item of clothing they no longer fit into to pop in the time capsule.

  • A letter to your future self - Have you got any goals or dreams you'd like to mention? Or would you prefer to write a letter to your children to read when they're older. A letter holds so much power, so take your time with this one.

  • One of your child's firsts such as a rattle or cuddly toy - Another sentimental item you might not want to throw away.

  • Craft projects - Have you got older children that love to make things? Ask them to make something to go in the time capsule for their older selves to look at in years to come.

  • A small voice recorder recording your baby's voice - Our voices can change so much throughout our lives and often, the sound of a voice is something we often forget. That's why it's such a lovely idea to remember your baby's little voice with a recording.

  • Hand and footprints - use a clay kit or paint to get some adorable imprints of your baby's hands and feet so you can remember just how tiny they once were.

  • A family tree - By the time you open your time capsule, there'll be so much to add to your family tree!

  • Fashion trends from magazines - Trends come and go, and there's nothing quite as funny as looking back at old fashion trends that we once loved - what were we thinking?!

  • Ticket stubs - If you have a drawer full of tickets to bring back memories, a time capsule is a great place to put these to keep them safe.

  • A photo of your home - This is a great idea if you're planning on burying the time capsule in the garden for another family to find in years to come. Not only will they be able to see the family that once lived there, they'll also be able to see how the home has changed over the years.

  • Your favourite sweet wrapper - Let's hope that by the time you open it again, your favourite chocolate bar or sweet is still around!

  • Photo of your car - When we're all in clever electric cars in years to come, your kids will love to see what you used to drive around in.

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