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There's nothing lovelier than settling down for the evening to watch a film with your kids. We remember doing the same with our own parents as children, and those films are often the ones that bring us the most joy and our fondest memories.

While there are plenty of new film releases each year, sometimes, the classic kids' films truly are the best ones. These films not only give us a chance to laugh, cry and relate, but they're also great for teaching our children some important life lessons, like standing up for what you believe in, not judging a book by its cover and the joy of friendship.

With Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney Plus at the click of a button (plus some good old DVDs thrown in there for good measure), there's a wealth of amazing cinema at our fingertips for the whole family to share.

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How much does it cost?

For a small monthly fee, you'll get a world of entertainment at your disposal. Here are the latest prices:

Amazon Prime

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership (£7.99/month or £79/year), you'll get Prime Video included. If you're a new customer, you can get Prime Video for £5.99/month along with a 30-day free trial to see if it's for you.


You can get yourself a basic Netflix membership from £5.99/month, but there are also Standard and Premium subscriptions from £8.99 and £11.99.


Disney's brand-new streaming service will cost you £5.99/month or £59.99/year.

To inspire your next movie night, we've collated the team's favourite films to watch with their family and, most importantly, films they don't mind watching again and again. With everything from Disney classics to Pixar adventures, iconic comedies and epic singalongs, there's something for everyone on this list.

You could even make the event more special, by turning your living room into a cosy den, investing in a projector and making it a regular night in. Oh, and don't forget the popcorn!

Family classic, Babe, is the uplifting story about an orphaned pig who learns to herd sheep. It will have the whole family aww-ing, giggling and crying the whole way through. Available on Netflix.

Inventor Flint Lockwood's latest creation seems like a waste of time, until it starts raining food from the sky! But when people get too greedy and spaghetti tornadoes and giant meatballs threaten the world, can Flint stop his contraption? Grab this one on DVD or buy it from Prime Video for £5.49.

One to get you fired up, Merida's story is a refreshing take on a Disney princess. After unleashing a dark force, she must journey to reverse the curse and discover the real meaning of bravery. Available on Disney+.

Lightning McQueen is as popular now as he ever wash! This hilarious tale follows the car as he learns a hard life lesson and makes some new best friends. Available on Disney+.

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
Price: $11.72

E.T. is a classic, heart-warming story about friendship, loved by countless generations. Let your kids experience the magic of Elliott and a lost alien, whose adventure will stay with them forever. Available on DVD, or to buy on Prime Video for £7.99.

The record-breaking hit Frozen took over our lives when it first came out, and if someone was to even utter the words 'let it go', there'd be a street brawl. Now, though, we're at the point where we can appreciate it for the brilliant film that it is. Available on Disney+.

Guaranteed to have you tapping your toes, Happy Feet is about an Emperor Penguin who loves to dance, when his family and fellow penguins sing. He embarks on a journey to find himself, teaching our kids to stand up for themselves. Available on Prime Video.

Harry Potter Films 1-8

Rrp: $28.66

Price: $22.39

The tales of Harry Potter have been cherished by millions ever since the release of the books in 1997. Experience the magic time and time again with this eight film collection. Available on DVD and on Prime Video from £9.99.

An oldie but a goldie, HSM is perfect to test how many of the songs and dance routines you can still remember! Available on Disney+.

Hotel Transylvania is as much of a lesson for parents as it is for kids - what on earth will Dracula do when his beloved daughter falls for a human backpacker? Funny and sweet, this one's a keeper. Available on Netflix.

Despite being released in 1989, this film is still totally brilliant. How on earth will Wayne and his children cope when one of his machines turns them into miniature size?! Available on Disney+.

Inside Out will make you laugh, cry, and teach your kids a really valuable life lesson about their emotions and that it's okay to not be okay. Available on Disney+.

Join Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera for one of the best-loved films of our time and learn the bare necessities of life, of course. Available on Disney+, along with the new live action remake.

Kung Fu Panda
Price: $8.07

When Po the panda is chosen as the dragon warrior, he teaches us all to find our inner power in this super-entertaining, hilarious film. Available on DVD.

Madagascar is an adventure jam-packed with a hilarious ensemble of animals - especially lemurs! Available on Netflix.

Moana is a wonderful story about not only the importance of family, but about finding out who you are as a person. Join Moana on her adventure as she tries to save her dwindling island with an epic journey. Available on Disney+.

A bit of an underrated animated film, if we're honest, Shark Tale teaches kids about unlikely friendships and not judging a book by its cover. Available on Netflix.

Got big dreams? It doesn't matter how little you are, they're within your reach! That's what Remy the rat teaches us as he aspires to become a renowned French chef while being up against lots of obstacles. Available on Disney+.

One that will no doubt have kids asking big questions, but an important watch, Pocahontas is the original badass princess story. Available on Disney+.

When a trapped Rapunzel meets the good-hearted thief, Flynn, their adventure begins. This retelling of the classic story is a big family favourite. Available on Disney+.

Luckiyl for us, every single one of the Toy Story films is on Disney+, but there's something about the first one that just makes us feel fuzzy and warm inside. Available on Disney+.

As kids, this one was a big one for us. The original epic Disney film, The Lion King is a story of parenthood guaranteed to make you feel ALL of the feelings. You can also catch the sequel, spin-offs and live-action version, too. Available on Disney+.

One of the sweetest and most heart-warming films from Disney and Pixar, Up is the story of Carl, an old widower, who goes off on an adventure in his flying house. Unbeknownst to him, though, he's not alone on his trip! Available on Disney+.

Price: $13.63

Featuring over 60 songs from some of the biggest artists on the planet, Sing is perfect if your kids love to learn new songs. Join Buster Moon as he hosts a singing competition to save his struggling theatre. Available on DVD or to buy on Prime Video for £4.99.

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