The top 25 best kids’ films on Netflix right now

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There's nothing better than a family film night with all the family after a long week. But there is always a struggle deciding the right film for your family viewing.

If you haven't yet decided on your next family film, or just cannot choose, have a look through our top 20 films that are on Netflix right now. All of these are perfect for your family get-together.

Best kids' movies on Netflix:


top kids netflix films

over the Hedge1 of 25

1) Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge follows the story of RJ who is a raccoon that needs food. When he finds an animal family, he realises they could help him restore the food from the suburbs.

Monster 2 of 25

2) Monster House

Monster House is about three young teenagers who discover that the house opposite them is alive. Watch to see how the house is alive and how they rescue Jenny from the Monster House.

Boss Baby3 of 25

3) Boss Baby

Boss Baby is about a baby who's in charge. As the baby pairs up with his 7-year-old brother to stop the his parent's own company, Puppy Co, the brothers realise they are meant to be brothers.

Emoji Movie4 of 25

4) Emoji Movie

Living in the digital city of Textopolis, Gene is an emoji who lives inside the phone user Alex. When Alex's crush texts him, Gene panics as he is asked to send an emoji and goes into malfunction, and chased by bots as they decide he needs to be deleted.

Madagascar 35 of 25

5) Madagascar 3

As Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman join a struggling European circus to get back to New York, they get tracked down by an animal control officer who wants to make Alex part of her collection.

Hotel Transylvania6 of 25

6) Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania, run by Count Dracula, is a place where monsters can stay with their families away from humans. But when he finds out a boy has fallen for his teenage daughter, he tries to protect her from falling in love with him.

Beauty and the Beast7 of 25

7) Beauty and the Beast

One of Disney's greatest princess stories, Beauty and the Beast follows the story of a prince who is cursed and is to stay as a Beast for the rest of his life. The only way to break this curse is to fall in love before the rose in the West Wing dies.

madagascar8 of 25

8) Madagascar

New York Zoo has been Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria's home for as long as they can remember. But when Marty decides to break free on his tenth birthday, after finding Marty, they wake up and find themselves in Madagascar.

Wonder9 of 25

9) Wonder

August 'Auggie' Pullman was born with a rare facial deformity and has been home-schooled up until now where he finally gets to go to a private school. The film is a story about fighting for acceptance and compassion as it follows Auggie's friendship with Jack.

Smurfs10 of 25

10) Smurfs: The Lost Village

The Smurfs have been set challenged with a quest to find The Lost Village before Gargagamel, before the evil wizard does. Follow their journey through the Enchanted Forest and encounters with magical creatures along the way.

Gnomeo and Juliet11 of 25

11) Sherlock Gnomes

Gnomeo and Juliet are in need of some help from Sherlock Gnomes and Gnome Watson, his assistant when Gnomeo gets in some trouble in a shop.

Alvin and the chipmonks12 of 25

12) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore find out that Dave is preparing to propose to his new girlfriend and dump them. They try to stop the proposal, as they can't bear to lose Dave or gain a stepbrother.

Bee Movie13 of 25

13) Bee Movie

Barry B. Benson has just graduated and he reluctantly joins the team of bees, where his job is to bring the honey and pollination of the flowers, to see the rest of the world. Barry meets Vanessa and wants to stay outside of the hive forever.

Daddy Day Care14 of 25

14) Daddy Day Care

Two dads have lost their jobs and become stay-at-home dads and run a daycare group called Daddy Day Care.

Charlie and Chocolate Factory15 of 25

15) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There is a competition to win a tour at Willy Wonka's famous Chocolate Factory, and Charlie wins the last Golden Ticket. Charlie brings his Grandpa, Joe, with him, and they both visit the most amazing factory they could imagine.

Shrek16 of 25

16) Shrek 2

Shrek and Fiona are now married and living a happy life in the swamp. But, when they are invited to meet Princess Fiona's parents to the kingdom of Far Far Away, not everything turns out how they expected.

The princess17 of 25

17) The Princess Switch

A baker from Chicago has been invited to compete in a baking competition over the Christmas holiday. When she arrives, she bumps into the prince's fiancee, but they're exactly the same. Watch them swap lives for 2 days.

Megamind18 of 25

18) Megamind

Megamind is a super-villain and has become bored after there is nobody left to kill. When a new foe is created, he is challenged to save the day instead of being the villain.

Wallace and Gromit19 of 25

19) Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

Wallace and Gromit have run out of their supply of Wensleydale cheese, and of course, the only way to solve this is to go to the moon.

Scooby Doo20 of 25

20) Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

The gang are on a mission to save Coolsville from an attack of monsters.

Shark Tale21 of 25

21) Shark Tale

As Oscar is struggling in his work life, one shark is found dead by an anchor after chasing him. Oscar takes advantage of this and calls himself the "shark slayer" which helps him grow to fame.

Flushed Away22 of 25

22) Flushed Away

Roddy is a pet rat in a house in Kensington, used to a life of luxury. However, when Sid flushes him down the toilet, he finds himself in the sewer community of Ratropoli.

Evan Almighty23 of 25

23) Evan Almighty

Evan Baxter has just moved house with his family and started a new job to work on a campaign to save the world. But God commands him to build an ark in 40 days.

Kung Fu panda24 of 25

24) Kung Fu Panda

Po is a lazy panda and works in his family's noodle shop. His dreams come true with the opportunity to join the world of Kung Fu with the idols he's had all of his life.

Mr Beans Holiday25 of 25

25) Mr Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes for his summer holiday where he separates a father and son by accident. His holiday is spent trying to reunite the family.

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